Megan Fox gets chesty for the kids

August 10th, 2009 // 95 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox taking a spill in the press room before last night’s Teen Choice Awards, and the face she makes afterward is absolutely priceless – if you’re attracted to goddamn Succubi. Which I happen to be and would like to point out I’ve been marinating my soul in A-1 all morning. Megan?

NOTE: Added a pic of Megan and Vanessa Hudgens pretending they’re not competing to be the first woman to turn Zac Efron straight.

Photos: Getty, WireImage

  1. don’t even wanna know what’s been in that hole of he

  2. josh

    they look like dudes.

  3. shits real

    I’m pretty sure that Megan was once a Maurice.

  4. Zac Efron

    I gave Vanessa Hudgens AIDS. She tpromised me if she put on a wig and men’s clothes it would be just like banging all the dudes i fuck and suck off at truck stops. Sigh…it just wasn’t the same.

  5. Lowstandards

    This bitch actualy looks like a sweet chick.

  6. Cody

    What the fuck?! Was she drunk?

  7. Tatiana

    Megan Fox is so bland, and looks like a Tranny, only thing I like about her are her eyes. Vanessa on the other hand is so fucking cute and hot.

  8. lizzy

    it’s so sad to admit that she really is just overusing the ‘i’m so sexy and i know it’ bit. i mean, you’re at a teen choice awards show, and you can’t pretend to be a little playful and smile more? she seems so stiff all the time, like she can’t relax because she’s just constantly making sure she looks perfect at all times. #43, i agree with you.

  9. vito

    #38…Thank you, Obi Wan!

    You’re as full of shit as a Christmas goose.

  10. joe carola

    Hate to be picky here, but it looks like Megan has a big toe where her thumb should be

  11. joe carola

    Hate to be picky here, but it looks like Megan has a big toe where her thumb should be

  12. joe carola

    Hate to be picky here, but it looks like Megan has a big toe where her thumb should be

  13. joe carola

    Hate to be picky here, but it looks like Megan has a big toe where her thumb should be

  14. Cody

    @59: Fuck. Remind me never to eat Christmas goose. o_O

  15. john

    Megan, why have you not had your acne scars treated? Or have they not found a treatment that would cover such vast areas of your face?
    I would, only from behind or else I’d see her skin and be sick. I don’t like pepperoni, or pizza and I imagine her to smell like both.

  16. Olpol

    If I could somehow laser zap all those nasty tattoos off her and use UV radiation to kill off all the STDs, I’d hit that for a week non stop.

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  18. mae

    megan fox’s hair is what makes her look like such a white-trash whore. it’s disgusting and it looks like she hasn’t washed it in days. it just hangs there limply, like she’s trying to vamp up her greasy face. it isn’t working. the whole i-just-rolled-out-of-bed-with-yet-another-guy look is SO OLD, megan.

  19. Nasty Tranny

    this girl has so much botox in her face — that IS HER SMILING LOL.
    the fake lashes, fake hair, fake nose, fake boobs, fake face.. she is truly vile. she looks like Demi Moore in these pix, too bad DM’s like 30 yrs older than her.

  20. clpierced

    its sad im a hetero girl, but i would love to bite her nipple? eh whatev shes hot and i would go lesbo one nite with her. now im wet thinking about it

  21. Dogless

    Breast implant scar, anyone?

  22. taz

    id let her big toe thumb jack me off anytime

  23. av

    she looks funny. is she drunk? that lady is grabbing her arm, too.

  24. Well, She’s great ,…I think She’s in a full battle gear,…..loaded with big awesome jug,…I’m not a maniac just admire her sexy body.

  25. dude

    ass shot/upskirt??? hello?????

  26. yuki

    so shes workin her shit at a kiddies award show.
    impressive AND classy.

  27. Galtacticus

    It’s almost like she’s reluctant to go on stage? Or are there other priorities? Remember it’s a kid’s show,ok?

  28. Long Range Cock Master

    I would mount that in golden swathes of sinew bathed in red wine and exotic herbs. The gods would mourn in a melancholy stupor yearning for times past when their fathers scorched the heavens with their irreverant passions. Ribbons of diamonds would pour from her eyes while my love muscle pulsated her to raptous dellight over and over. Finaly after days carnal celebration she would rise naked to the world, walk into the kitched and make me the mother of all sandwhiches.

  29. Darth

    Is she looking for the restroom? That was the other door.

  30. Yeeech, i’d rather fuck Madonna.

  31. beanersurprise

    lawl. i like how majority of ppl posting are chicks whos saying shes ugly. dont hate becuz u ugly, real talk

  32. BMWIS

    I would totaly eat her shit if it meant I got to fuck her.

  33. MyNameWas

    Megan is an android. A clone face.

  34. Fuck everyone that hates Megan Fox i met her

  35. Amii

    Okay, def. in the first few pictures she looks like she’s drunk/high… and the dress is a little short. haha. But oh well.

    Honestly, I like the movies I’ve seen Megan Fox in but you know, no one really KNOWS her personally so no one can judge HER. You don’t like her acting, okay. You don’t like a few comments, okay, but you don’t know who she really is, so knock off the bullshit.

  36. Vicky

    There are a whole bunch of jealous ass people in this website. Before talking shit, try getting off your lazy fat ass and doing something productive with yourself. You bitches are all insecure. Go read a book or something. Talking shit about beautiful girls ain’t gonna fix how ugly you are.

  37. bunch of liars

    i know for a fact that most of these guys would sooner drop Vanessa to go at Megan at any party. I ‘ve seen it. Just to get popular status with their peers. truth hurts…….

  38. I’m surprised that Fox would even allow herself to be photographed with Huygens because it’s definitely harmful her sexiest girl ever image.

  39. I’m surprised that Fox would even allow herself to be photographed with Huygens because it’s definitely harmful her sexiest girl ever image.

  40. Dwayn twat;)

    I thought it was really sweet of her to get chesty for the kids. shes obviously a generous person to do that for the youngsters and lets just say dwayne here didnt mind to much either;)

  41. Jeff Wilson :)

    I completly agree with dwayne. two thumbs up man. i know a few kids whod like to see those titties.

  42. Jeff Wilson :)

    even though theyre kind of saggy and not to mention mine are better…… an hard right now too;)

  43. She looks so sexy and its seems she feels so good to photographed with hugens.Anyways so cool snap.

  44. Steven

    She may be hot, and be in a fake sex tape pasted in almost everyone’s mind, but she really cannot act and is basically good for eye candy, not to be rude, but it is true, heck, all of the films base around her sexuality…XD
    And Vanessa Hudgens is also hot, but they’re both the same in that term (Although Vanessa looks WAY hotter than Megan in that photo) Either way, eye candy, that’s pretty much it.

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