Megan Fox does Toronto

September 11th, 2009 // 105 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Jennifer’s Body – the movie where she DOESN’T get naked, but yet still garners her a huge bash. Goddammit, Canada, how is she ever gonna learn? I swear, if it wasn’t for your delicious beer…

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Tim

    She seems like she would be a great fuck.

  2. Pat

    WTF did Diablo Cody do to her hair? Now she looks even more demented than usual.

  3. Chantalle

    i wish i was this hot

  4. havoc

    Damn, this chick is smokin’ hot…..

    Toe thumb and all…



    Always with the gaping mouth and dead eyes. Trout face.

  6. amoi

    She is soooooo drop-dead gorgeous.

  7. Vince Lombardi

    That is one butt-ugly lamp shade she has on.

  8. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Get out of Toronto you bitch! We don’t want you here.

  9. KIKI

    Picture #5 is a crack up. She is doing the Megan while she is signing a autograph. Self obsessed. I guarandamtee that she is a dead lay.

  10. You mean like she screwed an entire city?

  11. Art

    The curtains she is wearing are so short that you can almost see the rug.

  12. andy7171

    Nice thighs!

  13. Pencil me in

    Are her eyebrowns drawn on? She has enough spackle on for 4 hoes.

  14. It's Me Fuckers

    you think the beer is good? Try the whiskey. ;-)

  15. ROUGH daddy

    What is that professional C-tease doing to this kid?

  16. Geekie

    She has scars from her implants and lipo, hence the no nudity policy.

  17. whatever

    Her thumbs scare me.

  18. Somethings missing

    Where is her stupid Butterfly’s are free tat?

  19. KELS

    #13, this skank screams FAKE from her drawn on eyebrows, dyed hair, fake nose, tits and god knows what else. She’s so overrated. Next please.

  20. Bi redhead who loves M Fox

    Sooooo gorgeous! Yet she keeps saying she doesn’t see it. Well I guess that’s good news for me, if she’s blind maybe she wont’ notice that I’m not hot enough to be with her. Worked for Brian Austin Green!

  21. Bi redhead who loves M Fox

    Sooooo gorgeous! Yet she keeps saying she doesn’t see it. Well I guess that’s good news for me, if she’s blind maybe she wont’ notice that I’m not hot enough to be with her. Worked for Brian Austin Green!

  22. I hear she does the hiney dance in this movie.

  23. Mama Pinkus

    There’s something really off about this gal – she has a grand total of, oh, two expressions – she seems like a one-dimensional cardboard cutout trying to impersonate a human being – there’s not an ounce of warmth or character there. It’s like her entire personality is wrapped around how hot she feels she is.

  24. blah

    she is pretty here but needs to stop trying look sexy and seductive at the cameras. It should come naturally not forced.

  25. marie

    who the fuck is the guy she’s air-french kissing?
    Diablo looks INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait for the movie

  26. Burn

    @ Mike Walker: What the hell is the hiney dance? Are you a strange person or what?

  27. Bob

    I am tired of her, says too much stupid things and she´s not a good actress, hot hot hot, but nothing more…


    wtf is wrong with this robot? Act normal? She’s trying to be Angelina Jolie/Marilyn Monroe, but they just naturally look great. Megan is trying to hard, and the funny thing is it’s obvious to anyone that looks at her photos. She’s a big joke to everyone and doesn’t even realize it.

  29. I say no!

    You’re seriously gonna tell me that from the look of picture #22 this girl is hot? Thank God for make-up, surgeries and drugs…this chick is stoned out of her little to non-existent mind and has no talent whatsoever! My grandmother is better looking than that! Honnestly.

  30. Faberrr

    Who’s Toronto?!

  31. Name No

    @ 28, my feeling exactly. She is one of those people who makes me to want to see her fail, and fail hard, and I am so not jealous of her. She just acts oh so cool.

  32. LOL

    Dumb as a rock, trying to hard, not that pretty. Megatron should have squashed her to the sidewalk. Beeing frozen for so many years and waking up to a little skinny punk accompanied by a I wanna be hot but I push it too much skank!!! Might as well go back to sleep.

  33. Crabby Old Guy

    She wishes she was as pretty and as talented as Jennifer Connelly. Not even close. And Jen showed her sweater puppies several times and her muff.

    That’s a Grand Slam for Jennifer.

    This babe ain’t even in the batter’s box.

  34. Wikipedia

    one boring dude!

  35. Gary

    @ 29. Got any pictures of your Grandma? Want some??

  36. I say no!

    look in the obituaries from 1994

  37. cherry

    god her “look at me I’m so gorgeous I can hardly stand it” faces are starting to annoy me.

    she really gives off the impression of being an arrogant self-obsessed bitch in every pic. not attractive.

    I’m bored of this stupid media-whore.

  38. anon

    There are so many actresses way hotter than her (for example, Marion Cotilliard). Megan Fox has terrible skin, a weird nose, and she packs on waaay too much makeup.

  39. MamboJams

    WORD TO THE HATERS: Megan Fox is stunningly beautiful. Who gives a crap if she has a weird nose and what not. I’m pretty sure she looks better than most of you females that ALSO have funny looking noses. And to the women that state: “My grandmother is better looking than that! Honnestly.”, or related sentiments, please do us all a favor and post pictures of yourselves. I can guarantee that the ones hating on Megan WISH they looked even a bit like her, b/c the majority are probably ugly-stick material.

    #5 TROUT FACE???? Ha, Megan’s trout face is more than likely a million times hotter than your normal face, lol.


    Again, I challenge you haters to post pics of yourselves. YOU all would be eaten alive here!

  40. Chef

    If she hot, keep the light on and shut up! If she not, turn the light out and shut up! Her? I keep the light on.

  41. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck.

  42. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    #39 why are you defending this talentless braindead skank? It’s not like she’s going to read these comments, see your comment defending her, and decide to demonstrate her gratitude by sleeping with you!

    Yeah, she’s VERY hot but her looks is all she’ll ever have going for her. Her dumb fuck expressions, dead eyes, always parted lips and “Oh my god, I’m so hot look at me!” look really starts getting on my nerves. That and everything that ever comes out of this girl’s mouth is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. My god.

  43. cherry

    #39 I’m sure everyone here is more or less normal looking. in fact I’d probably find quite a few people here I find more attractive than her.

    the reason everyone here doesn’t post pics of themselves is because we have not deliberately made a career out of whoring ourselves to the media. her job is first and foremost selling herself and her image. she knows she’s going to be on sites like this. it’s up for our scrutiny. so we scrutinize.

    I guess our standard of beauty differs in that, you judge vapid media whores to be hot, and me and the rest of the people complaining here do not. not sure where you came up with the idea that we should be or want to be anything like her though. if empty-eyed arrogant bitches are “stunningly beautiful” I’m glad I’m not.

  44. Fartz

    I challenge you haters to post pics of yourselves. YOU all would be eaten alive here!
    Where is your picture sucker? I think this is the same person who claims to look like Jennifer Connelly and Veronica from the Archies. hehehehehe

  45. Well Done!

    We are all different and are allowed opinions just as much as you’re allowed finding her pretty.
    If looking empty, brainless and fake is what’s in right now…I’m definitely out and always will be!
    tell me to be Charlize Theron…now you’re talking!
    Do you seriously think that by defending her we’re all gonna bow and appologize?????? lollllllll

  46. sam

    I know she is young, but do you think she’s had botox? The upper part of her face seems like it never moves AT ALL.

  47. Dr. Fil

    She’s no Kathy Griffin, but she’ll do.

  48. Notahater

    At #39,
    not because people don’t like her mean they are “haters”. I am so sick and tired of this stupid word…oh you don’t like my dress, oh then you’re a hater! Oh, you think my hair doesn’t look good? Ahh, you’re a hater!…Chris Brown said to people that they are haters just because they though he was a bit of a jerk for hitting Rhianna…Yep, I guess any kind of asshole can use that word.

    Honestly, If you don’t know how to use a word in a sentence darling, there are dictionaries you can look into and even sometimes, they will give a sentence as an example on how to use that word but if you don’t know, then don’t use it… I should stop now because I guess you will call me a “hater” as well.
    By the way, I like Megan Fox, I think she’s great but I will not starting to call out people because they don’t like her…that’s people’s business, not yours.
    Oh and by the way, I guess you’re the hater for calling everyone hater!

  49. MamboJamS

    Listen, people here are commenting on her looks, expressing that she is not attractive and what not. Fine, we are all entitled to our opinions (thank you, America), but it is quiet obvious that for those that state she is downright UGLY, it IS a case of HATERADE.

    Where is my picture? Ha, seriously, did you miss the whole point of my rant??? I think she is an exceptionally beautiful woman. I am a female giving another female props. I do not care about how “vapid” or “shallow” that may seem since MY career does not consist of being in the media 100% of the time and looking good while I’m at it. After all, you and I along with every one else here took the time out to see her pictures and comment on her :-) I am not saying that she is an outstanding citizen of the world, just that she is hot.

    #45 Who says I was looking for an apology? Please point out where I asked for one. And no Fatz, I am not the one who claimed that I looked like Jennifer Conelly, though it would be interesting to see that.

    Have you guys ever thought that any of the celebrities we yap on here post comments and try to fuck with us? I always wondered…


  50. Hey Tard

    Have you guys ever thought that any of the celebrities we yap on here post comments and try to fuck with us? I always wondered…
    You are an idiot. +
    She is gross and stupid.
    You suck.

    The Black Community

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