Megan Fox does South Korea

June 10th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox promoting the Transformers sequel in South Korea yesterday. If Dreamworks really wanted to score a publicity goldmine, they should’ve sent her into North Korea. Tell me Megan Fox couldn’t have easily disarmed Kim Jong Il. I don’t even own weapons, and I already want to whisper the location of my sharpest butter knife. Next to the sink.

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  1. id hit it. im the assman.

  2. angie

    shes hot no doubt… but i seems like she tries to hard….

  3. I wish i had her body. On me i mean. Damn it, nevermind.

  4. oh wowie wow wow wowzers. the assman was first too. im so ass.

  5. Amy

    Damn I wish I looked like her! Instead, I look like Rachel Dratch…without the funny personality. :-(

  6. A

    She looks ok for a woman I wonder what her brothers look like!!!!!
    Me and my cruising buddies used to find good looking chicks and try to meet their brothers all the time! Boy I love men!

  7. Zanna

    Pic #5 – muy caliente.


  8. Zanna

    Pic #5 – muy caliente.


  9. I don’t like the way she’s looking at me in picture 5… I’m not a piece of meat, dammit!

  10. lizzy

    this woman is FLAWLESS, i can’t even take it. look at her fucking face, it’s ridiculous!

    and #5 — you made me sad don’t say that! i doubt it’s true

  11. bob

    She turns me off.


  12. Fuck U

    Fuck that whore and her stupid fuckin tattoo.

  13. Lain

    It’s all the eyes, people. If they were brown or black, or perhaps even hazel, we’d only find her half as attractive.

  14. Mm

    Didn’t Kim Jong Il step down?

  15. Zanna

    @10 I like the way she’s looking at you in # 5. She wants your carne en her boca.

  16. jenni

    i don’t find her attractive anymore. she tries so hard and her face is starting to look really plastic-y.

  17. Lain

    Also, it looks like she got a bunch of lip fillers! WTH? Perhaps it’s just the unusual grin she’s giving.

  18. Fuck U

    Hey! What the fuck is up with that fags’ suit?
    Are those stains? The whole suit is fucked!

  19. Jim

    I’d fap to that. Wait, oh, ok, I just did.

  20. Zanna

    Fuck U……why so angry, man?

  21. Jorge "No Chin" Posada

    She would be able to negotiate the release of those two reporters in North Korea had she done the press junket there.

  22. Thanks Z… if this keeps (ahem) up, the buttons on my fly will become high velocity projectiles as they fly across the room…

  23. JustJess

    Picture 6 = bad skin….

  24. J

    Oh my fucking god, I am so sick of this talentless skank!

  25. nun

    I love her.


  26. nun

    I love her.


  27. Kevin Bacon's money

    I think I’m turning japanese, I think I turning japanese, I really think so…

  28. alex

    The coverage she gets is starting to be a little much. Every day it’s 3 or 4 articles about her. I can’t keep Beating off at that rate. This time the redness and burning is from too much tugging and not just from the herpes.

  29. Funeral Guy

    I’m getting tired of this bitch. Let me know when she starts doing porn. (In about 6 months.)

  30. ___

    #24, what does talent have to do with anything? Seriously.

    Besides, she’s a 9.5. About 2 whole points higher than any woman you ever got.

  31. Alex

    She is seriously SMOKING HOT. But check out the first pic again. Look closely at her face. You can totally see where the wrinkles and leathery-skin will be in about 10 years. She’s going to have, “Janice-Dickinson-face.”

  32. minty

    i actually find her to be quite boring. i don’t think that she has much talent, her look has been done before, and i think that she has definitely had some “work” done. i don’t think we’ll remember who she was in 5 years from now.

  33. Vince Lombardi

    Does anyone else appreciate the karma involved that Shia LaBarf has to spend the rest of his life with his hand shoved in his pocket for photo ops? Gonna make those drunken weekends on the beach in Tijuana a little more awkward now.

  34. dmmd8686

    from now on i will only date women who are as attractive as megan fox.

    in related news, i’m going to die alone.

  35. Sheena


  36. Parker

    I want to twist my dick into her tight ass and blow a load in it.

  37. Montana

    In other news, Kim Jong Il has announced that Megan Fox’s selfish refusal to “Do” North Korea is considered an act of war.

    “I would mercilessly tap that ass in defense of our dignity”
    the dick potato was quoted as saying…

  38. Kelley

    I think her cheek implants are too big.

  39. J

    #30, seriously…here’s hoping that the rest of the world is not as vapid and dumb as you obviously are.

  40. Lloyd Johnson

    Kim Jong il is not really north Korea’s leader anymore, his son Kim Jong-un is but they haven’t made any official announcement. I think because he’s not quite up to the task of leading the country, considering their terrible economy and the fact the entire world is very uncomfortable with their nuclear program.

    oh wait wrong blog…

    I would hit that like Nick Hogan and a tree.

  41. Zanna

    @40 – I thought Kim Jong-un said he was not interested in being his father’s successor, let alone politics?

  42. shankyouverymuch

    Pic #5, sucking on that club-thumb – Yikes, those things are scary- don’t clubbies at all- :O(

  43. Courtyardpigeon

    #11….it’s because you’re gay

    This woman is one of the most striking creatures on the planet.

  44. lori

    Nice smirk and fake tan combination. I guess when you don’t have any real talent, you’re prone to overdo it in other areas

  45. lori

    Nice smirk and fake tan combination. I guess when you don’t have any real talent, you’re prone to overdo it in other areas

  46. Lloyd Johnson

    41. Zanna – June 10, 2009 4:52 PM

    @40 – I thought Kim Jong-un said he was not interested in being his father’s successor, let alone politics?

    Nope Jong-un already has a position in the government and was being groomed for the position since last year (I think).

    Kim Jong-chol was considered too fruity
    Kim Jong-nam was a shoe-in but after the Disneyland fiasco he was out.

    So it came down to one who was probably gay or one who tried to say he was Dominican so he could meet mickey mouse or the 25 year old. For this reason alone democracy kicks ass.

  47. pics

    just proves that this trailer trash bitch is ugly.

  48. mskittyvixn

    She’s cute, but she just tries too hard. For someone as pretty as her, it shouldn’t take so much effort.

    Kudos, Megan– ya look good girl! Lay off the cutesy act and stop talking about being bi (which you’re probably making up for attention anyway). Try being yourself for once and then see how far you go…

  49. Rich

    Picture 5 explains why she has a stub thumb

  50. sella

    I’m starting to not find her as hot. I mean sure, she’s hot, but.. I donno. She is just kind of blah. There is nothing strikingly interesting about her, she is just simply a pretty looking girl and thats it.

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