Megan Fox does Paris

June 12th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox in Paris today as she continues the international promotional tour for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Does Shia LaBeouf even need to attend these shindigs? There’re only two things people care about in this movie: Giant robots fighting each other, and any scene where Megan’s character doesn’t speak. No, really, Shia’s part could’ve been played by a hamburger, and no one would be the wiser. In fact, I just wrote the third film right there: Transformers 3: Megan Fox Seductively Eats a Hamburger While Riding a Cement Mixer that Eventually Kickboxes a 747. Someone better get me a producer credit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. seymour

    she looks so trashy with her orange skin and tatoos. shes got a pretty face but i hate the way she presents herself…and would it kill her to smile more?

  2. xoxo

    Does she get botox?

  3. anonymous

    It seems in every pic i see of them together………..her body language says she is totally into him. His body language says are we done yet?

  4. cindy

    HAHAHHA. She has “toes” for fingers. Since she’s all plastic/botox surgery…why not get fake nails! HAHAHHAHA

  5. captain america

    I’m sorry, WE CAN’T BLAME THIS MONGOL, folks!!

  6. Bob

    She is so gross.

    She looks like a man. How much are they paying you to overexpose this useless cunt?

    She is an oaf.

  7. jeff's dick

    @ 47

    Yes, she is astonishingly unattractive and orange.

  8. Pilatunes

    Her tattoos really are hideous and skankorrific.

    BTW would anyone mind if I kick the shit out of Shia LeBeef’s pansy ass?

  9. Parker

    something’s wrong with me. I want to buttfuck her…mouth?? She’s a devil!!

  10. I wonder if her and Shia ever …………

  11. Alli Watermelon

    LOL@ people actually worrying about her THUMBS. Get real. Talk about tearing someone apart hahaha

  12. Uh Yeah

    Did she have horrible acne? Pic 13 looks like she has crater face.

  13. Uh Yeah

    NM… she currently has acne. You can see the zits all over her face in the other pics. Maybe she can do some Proactive commericals when it clears up?

  14. Silly

    picture 13 is quite unflattering. bad skin.

  15. donna

    To the women, little girls who get crazy defensive and accuse anyone critiquing a celebrity of being jealous. I have this to say, Highschool is over..and defending her or them or whoever, doesn’t make you special or the pretty girl. capisce?

  16. God

    Megan Fox > Angelina Jolie, no contest.

  17. gibrone

    @ 67 you mean the size of her dick, than yes.

    MegMAN Fox= yuck,

  18. msanthropist

    She has two-tone teeth. Too cheap to get both sets done.

  19. She just keeps getting more and more beautiful. I just hope she keeps her act together and doesn’t become another Paris Hilton.

  20. steve

    The bright orange skin makes the nose candy in pic 11 really shine out of there.

  21. yeh ok


    anyone here talking shit and resorting to the thumbs and bad tattoos thing is really ridiculous and cannot handle all the beauty that is megan fox.

  22. This all photos look so nice and beautiful Megan is my favorite actress .she is really hot.

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