Megan Fox does Paris

June 12th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox in Paris today as she continues the international promotional tour for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Does Shia LaBeouf even need to attend these shindigs? There’re only two things people care about in this movie: Giant robots fighting each other, and any scene where Megan’s character doesn’t speak. No, really, Shia’s part could’ve been played by a hamburger, and no one would be the wiser. In fact, I just wrote the third film right there: Transformers 3: Megan Fox Seductively Eats a Hamburger While Riding a Cement Mixer that Eventually Kickboxes a 747. Someone better get me a producer credit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Zanna

    I don’t see Paris Hilton in ANY of these pictures.

  2. Karri


  3. Amanda


  4. mudflap

    Some somebody once blogged that she had freak thumbs on ths iwebsire and now I am fixated om them.
    They are stubby….

    Everything else makes my stubby hard.

  5. Jack Bauer

    What’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Falen.”? Is that how it’s said in French?

  6. mudflap

    Some one once said on this blog that she had freaky thumbs.
    I am now fixted on them
    they are indeed stubby.

    they rest of her makes my stubby hard

  7. lizzy

    she’s fucking flawless! really, who cares about her thumbs?


  8. alex

    Don’t get me wrong, If given the chance, I would do horrible unspeakable things to that ass, but I’m trying to remember the last day that she didn’t have a post about her. Also, I’m still going to defile these pictures of her, but it gets a little less special every time.

  9. Lee

    Yup she’s flawless…..except for that giant tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her forearm…that thing is bogus.

  10. Bosco

    I would have done her till I saw her thumbs…ewwwwwwww

  11. megansuxcox

    Flawless… hardly… she’s got awful legs and she’s covered in body grafiti.

    Someone needs to force her to have laser tat removal.

  12. Prentis

    Well she would be perfect if it wasn’t for all those ugly tattoos.

    The one usual benefit of tats is that they mean a girl is more likely to take it in the ass. But we know that about Megan anyway…

  13. BEN

    she’s “flawless” because she’s had a small boob job (small A cup to a large B), she thinned the bump on her nose, and she’s also had lip injections. She’s always been cute, but she wasn’t “hot” until she had plastic surgery.

    but I agree w/ #3, enough with M.Fox already! We know all the men in this world are drooling over her like a bunch of puppies (pathetic) and there are plenty of beautiful women out there anyway…

  14. ….I’m relying heavily on a “hunch” here, but I have a feeling that Shia’s going to kill himself.

  15. mudfiddle

    She might be perfect without the tattoos, the oompa-loompa colored skin, and her man-bitch personality. Overall forgettable.

  16. The Bisexual

    She actually looks less trashy in these photos and more grown up. I can deal with her looking like that! Not bad!

  17. Memo to Shia: she may be out of your league in transformers, but in real life she should be kissing your feet! stop it with the “brand new sis” postures….

  18. Disgruntlordd

    Orange you glad I didn’t say Angelina?

  19. Kathleen


  20. p0nk

    who hasn’t been in Paris…. oh you mean the city?

  21. sarah

    #19, that’s my sentiments exactly for all things relatied to fugly Robert Pattinson! Zzzzzzz!

    Megan is a hottie and she knows it. Gals that are insecure, bitter, self-loathing,etc. are of course, going to attack the “hot girl.” It goes without saying, that misery does in fact, love company.

  22. Dan

    Is it just me, or is there a bit of nip popping out on that next to last shot?

  23. SALLY


  24. SALLY


  25. assman likey.

  26. the balter dirl

    I think I am over it….Is there any Jon and Kate news

    Thank God for Japanese Porn

  27. Valerie

    She finally got the stylist!! :D

  28. I’m afraid that’s already been done: Carl’s Jr. commercial???

  29. OnlyGayEskimo

    Holy orange skin, Batman.

  30. shankyouverymuch

    Poor girl seems to be all thumbs at the moment- CLUB BIG TOE THUMBS, that is … :O)

  31. dink squeeze

    Evil radiates from her pores. She’s not a nice person.

  32. Funeral Guy

    Stop, Fish! I’m running out of ways to say that I’m sick of this bitch.

  33. dink squeeze

    Why do her thumbs look like a stubbed toe?
    She should wear false nails and try to cover those pork rinds up!

  34. enough already

    Okay, Okay, enough already. We get it……the bitch is better than everyone. She wants to be a high class hooker…..what a way to start your career…or end it….either way, who fucking cares about this trashy, self-centered, brat anyway. Jesus walked on water, NOT MEGAN. NEXT!

  35. .

    Its not jealousy to say shes had facial surgery, she just has, unless she has one of those morphing faces you can change at will. Shes pretty but its not all natural. Theres nothing really wrong with surgery, but what if your children inherit the traits you get corrected? are you going to tell them to fix it too?

  36. Spinnacer

    Haha Shia’s like: When’s this gonna stop…. he looks bored out of his mind.

  37. Czar

    I wonder if she has ever had her ass eaten?? Because I would totally do it.

  38. vito

    I would go down on her like a submarine and suck on her pussy until her tits imploded!

    Fuck she’s HOT!

  39. .

    #38 at least come up with scenarios that make anatomical sense.

  40. lori

    Why are these women so insanely obsessed with being Angelina Jolie? First Octomom and now Smirky McOrange, here. It’s pathetic!

  41. Dimit

    Somebody please tell this woman that she never gonna be like Angelina Jolie……..Angelina es so beatifull and she is so patetic!!!……….give her a mirror, she not look like Angelinaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  42. Jaxon

    She’s as hot as Angie? Please. She’s The Budget Jolie. Or Angie Light

  43. RtSS

    I would have to think that she likes her dirt tunnel probed. I’d really be obligated to pack her poopchute, however, those beautiful eyes would require that I give her a bit of an oral inspection whout my schlong. I would have to provide her with a “10 cc” protein shake. Those eyes, that one picture with her lips in a “ooooh” shaped pose. What is she ‘suggesting’?

  44. wow!


    superficial, you post about this girl wayyyy too much but i can’t deny she is very very pretty. i’m a jealous girl and i’ll admit it.

  45. cookie

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  46. She’s looking better and better these days. Yay for a stylist. I hope.

  47. Gando

    Wow! Like usual she’s astonishing!

  48. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I want that carpet what’s shown in the 4th and last picture.Get it for me!

  49. Nero

    @48 Incl. inventory?

  50. Laura


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