Megan Fox does Comic-Con

July 24th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Megan Fox made an appearance at Comic-Con last night to promote her new movie Jennifer’s Body, and I can’t even imagine what that must’ve felt like to all the geeks in attendance. Kind of makes me wish I bought stock in Underoos because I guarantee several became immediately unusab- What in the? *looks down* No, not my lucky Silverhawks pair. MOOOOM!

Photos: Getty, WENN

  1. Quinn

    nice tongue… who the hell told her that was cute.

  2. Viv

    So…we’re stuck with her “hotness” till another one comes along….when will that be?

  3. will

    Does she ever not have that, “I’m just soooo sexy and sensuous” look on her stupid face? What a retard.

  4. Steeevil

    Best… actress… ever.

  5. dk

    I love these dumb ass hot bitches that are so empty headed they have to tattoo sayings that have ” special ” meaning to them on their bodies because their to dumb to remember them. * hails short bus *

  6. Deckard

    I have it on good authority that Comic Con is actually a replicant meet-up.

    This particular skin-job is clearly malfunctioning. She thinks that stupid tongue thing is actually sexy. No need for the Voight-Kampff or even the Boneli Test to confirm that.

  7. Rachell

    I think Will is right. The thing that annoys me most about Megan Fox (and angelina jolie to some extent) is the squinty eyed, lips slightly parts, teeth out look which screams “I;m so sexy! Check out how I give the camera smouldering looks!”
    I wish she would just look normal instead of posing like this, it’s so irritating. And wtg on recapturing the creepy anna nicole smith snarl in pics #8 and 13.

  8. Every Male on the Planet


    *looks around blinking eyes*

    “Megan Fox?? She’s still around? I’m going back to sleep.”

  9. mi

    she tries so hard to be hot… ok she is sexy for some people, but for me….she is not cute and really beautiful….i don’t like something in her face

  10. anon

    still with the tongue thing?!? WHEN WILL SHE STOP??

  11. bakinmycake

    Sorry, there is no WOW factor here…

    any girl that gets a tattoo is missing something therefore in an attempt to make herself different gets a message tattoo.

    Here’s a message: You are just an average attention whore.

    She has a f-ed up thumb….

  12. JO JO

    she just tries to hard… if she would just be herself then i would have no complaints….but you can totally tell the practiced that face in the mirror all day.. not genuine at all… that just takes away from her attractiveness.. she is a poser .. an off ther rack … wannabe version of Angelina Jolie.. No Comparison….

  13. Cash

    That’s the best outfit she could find for this event? Huh… kinda phoning it in, weren’t ya Megs?

  14. Darth Retard

    There was a time when Lindsay was considered as hot as Megan. Let’s hope Megan’s career doesn’t go the way of the Lohan.

  15. Mandy

    Once again her foundation is too pale for her skin. Can’t she afford a makeup artist that can get it right?

  16. Can you believe these cunts that sleep out overnight waiting in line to see movie trailers? Camping so you can watch an ad before everyone else. On the fucking list.

  17. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Damn this girl just looks good.

    @15 There was never a time when Lindsay was as hot as Megan Fox. You need some serious “f@ck me up”drugs to imagine that one.

  18. Kim (not Kardashian)

    Definitely not as pretty when she smiles! Stick to the sultry stare……

  19. Maximus

    Not enough skin.

  20. Bobby

    Wanna see a crazy ass video of this bitch?

    She’s fucking insane. I’m getting bored.

  21. Sasquatch

    notice how in every photo she is covering her thumbs??

  22. Parker

    I want to stick my weiner in her butt and blow a load in her poop.

  23. Green Mandingo

    They make an appearance at these comic cons so quickly, the vast majority of the attendees don’t even see her or even know she’s there, it’s all just a photo opp to pony on the San Diego show. Hell, wasn’t Love Hewitt there one year? And didn’t Eve Mendes go and walk out after 30 minutes? San Diego is such a corporate joke now. In the old days it was actually a real comic-convention – now it’s all Hollywood. Oh well…

  24. yo

    jealousy isnt very becoming. there is no denying megan is fucking gorgeous, its obvious. yes she tries too hard to be sexy, yes she has fake tits and wierd thumbs and her tattoos are retarded. we all know this. but come on, shes gorgeous, not perfect. the chicks on here are hating cuz they look at megan and know they arent and never will be that beautiful and the only dudes hating on her are the ones that know they could never get a girl like her. so dont hate on megan hate on ur ugly ass gene pool.

  25. dude

    they should have a ‘con’ just for megan’s ass!

  26. rah! rah!

    “Yo”…seriously. Stop making your stupid fucking overarching generalizations. You DO realize that other people exist outside of Hollywood and they DO have the ability to be hotter than Megan Fox.

  27. Charlie Caligula

    @ 28


  28. Concerned Parent

    Why does this tranny always look like she’s smelling a rotten egg fart?

  29. Concerned Parent

    Why does this tranny always look like he’s smelling a rotten egg fart?

  30. set your bar higher

    yo @28 crater skin and plastic parts were never gorgeous in my book. in yours may be but not in mine. I like NATURALLY beautiful girls with FLAWLESS skin. MF is a doctor’s creation. and not even a good one. a dime a dozen.

  31. megathumb

    check out pic 13. wtf? is that what u call beautiful now?..
    on pic 12 she looks about 38 years old.
    other than that she is an OK hooker

  32. advice

    yo @28 go to any strip club you’ll see plenty of prettier girls than MF

  33. Parker

    yeah @36 but you wouldn’t want to buttfuck any of them.

  34. Vicki Gizzle

    nice adams apple

  35. Sassy

    Covering up those big toe thumbs hey, Megannnnn??!!

    Ha….If I ever see another magazine article where she says how ‘perfect’ she is I’m going to laugh, look at my perfect thumbs and say, ‘You fucking dumb, made-up, fucked up tattooed bad acting skanky NOTHING with munted thumbs’….Suck on that.
    Fucking hell….she tries so hard it’s disgusting. At least Scarlett or Angelina or Charlize can stand there in front of the cameras and not have to stick their tongues out or hide their thumbs or smile like fucking MR ED to get an amazing picture!! This slut is riding on the waves of Angelina like nothing else….
    @ 28….Why if we hate Megan does that mean we’re jealous?? Sorry, but some people like gorgeous, NATURAL, flawless women WITHOUT the trash makeup and tattoos….NOT trannys who we wouldn’t be surprised was hiding a dick between their thighs. So….fuck off. Save those comments for Sunday School.

  36. Jose

    Yes Yes, very hot girl this one.

  37. yo

    haha dayum. didnt mean to cause a stir. i didnt say she was THE most gorgeous girl out there. but she is gorgeous point blank. #34 good luck finding someone with flawless skin. pretty sure that doesnt exist but hey what do i know, apparantly im overarching generalizations.

  38. yo

    oh i forgot #39 what i was trying to get across was if u put all that shit aside about her tattoos and whatever else you find wrong with her, shes still a beautiful woman. come on i know you know i know we both know its true.

  39. heres the video of some very asking megan fox a very sexual question and being taken away

  40. jolie is the best

  41. EuropeanGirl

    she’s pretty and young, she would be so much better with less makeup and a natural look.
    All this diva attitude is just akward, even more if you are the girl claiming to dream about a “normal person” lifestyle.

  42. oscar

    The best actress ever is Madonna, followed closely by the endlessly talented and versatile Jessica Alba. Megan Fox is a distant third.

  43. mg

    I know that she’s trying to make herself look like Jolie, but she resembles Jennifer Connelly a lot more. Jolie looks far more ethnic.

  44. mike

    Overrated…………Megan Fox be thy name.

  45. shane

    Is anybody in Hollywood naturally beautiful? This girl had so much work done that she doesn’t even resemble her former self. Nose, teeth, lips, tits -everything man made. Is there really such a shortage of beautiful women in the world that somebody with $100,000 makeover gets this much attention.

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