Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Who the hell knows?

March 9th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Despite calling off their engagement, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have still found time to have sleepovers and meet each for lunch like in these pics taken yesterday. Judging by Brian’s face, things didn’t go as he planned because that’s definitely the look of a man who’s got some masturbating in his future. And trust me, I know that look all too well; I roomed with Paul Reubens.

Fun Fact: The secret word was always “KNOCK!”

Photos: Flynet

  1. steve kalhorn


  2. steve kalhorn


  3. steve kalhorn


  4. steve kalhorn


  5. Hmmmmm

    Whenever I eat cucumbers, I shit them out undigested. No Joke. My doctor says its a rare and uncurable phenomenon. If you don’t believe me just google “shitting undigested cucumbers.” There’s more of us than most people realize.

  6. eric


  7. Ryan the Canadian

    I can digest cucumbers.

  8. ekki_skila







    HER IS EWWW!!!

    there, I think that about covers the usual repetitive comments whenever she surfaces here.


  9. Randal

    Transformers certainly hasn’t transformed Megan Fox into anything at all and I think her ego can’t handle the fact that Austin Green is a bigger star than she.


  10. the_prestige

    EKKI, who would say she’s too skinny? She definitely is not. She could afford to lose a few pounds from what I can tell.

  11. Arioch

    holy shit that guy in the background in pic 10!!!!

  12. Richard McBeef

    She might be the hottest chick on the planet… when she wears long sleeves.

    #5 – Are you sure that you actually ate cucumbers prior to shitting them out undigested? I think your dad probably stuck that cucumber up your ass and you just pushed it out whole.

  13. Pee Wee's Playhouse

    I LOVE the reference to the secret word! You’re showing your age Mr. Fish, but I don’t think that half the people who post on here will get to appreciate it

  14. Vegetable

    #5, #7 – I am still laughing as I type.
    And perfect for this post, as # 8 points out.
    We need a new topic when it comes to Megan Fox.

    So, #5, have you tried seedless cucumbers?

    Cucumbers are banned from family gatherings in my family, because they make my Grandmother fart. And, believe me, nobody wants that.

  15. Lowlands

    Well,since sauron is claiming the superficial Sweetie. . . That means. . That i’m free to bang the shit outta this chick! Unless the superficial sweetie is claiming me ofcourse. . .

  16. Gando

    Thou broad shouldered man with slim hips! Blessed are thou!

  17. Lowlands

    Sadly i’ve to admit,sauron has more power than me. . . Girls are literal suckers for powerfull men:(

  18. Sauron

    @17 Isn’t there any other huge different??

  19. foraz

    Also at this point, after all the rest of the crap, who the hell cares?

  20. Tom K

    I really wish this woman would stop associating with this little Jewish fag!!!

    It seems the more and more she dates him the trashier and more used up she looks. It must be all that dirty poison kyke penis that he’s giving her!

    She is becoming a complete Jewish woman……………totally and utterly unattractive, just like that Jew bitch Chelsea Handler that this site keeps advertising for! How much is E paying you guys to advertise for her shitty show?

  21. meee

    i think you mean “paul reubens”

    pay attention

  22. CaptainMorgan

    #5 – I hope they aren’t “second growth.” If they are, you might want to try the seedless ones, as per #14′s suggestion.

  23. Was the secret word Knock or actually knocking. I mean aren’t you just supposed to put something on the doorknob. She’s so hot though, i wonder who she traded up for.

  24. Darth

    Feminine hips,cup c,long hair and a big purse in her hand.She’s perfect for me!

  25. Jose Pistola

    she’s borderline gobbler.

  26. stephanie

    That man in the background of pic 10… hilarious.

  27. jt

    mother of god, she’s hot.

  28. jt


  29. friendlystoner

    lets be honest, she is so fit thats you`d kill anyone to fuck her till she bled. only problem, she fucking knows it

  30. vegetable

    Hey ‘Fish, #21 is right, you know…


    Megan Fox

    There once was a beauty named Megan
    Who’s boyfriend was gay as Clay Aiken
    She yanked and she yanked
    Trying to plump up his frank
    But, alas, it just hung there like bacon

  32. HITLER

    I wish I could transform into a cucumbers.


  33. HITLER

    I wish I could transform into a cucumbers.


  34. HITLER

    I wish I could transform into a cucumbers.


  35. HITLER

    I wish I could transform into a cucumbers.


  36. Mungbean

    She’s so hot it actually hurts to look at her.
    Also, the guy in pic #10 is awesome.

  37. RichPort's Ghost

    I changed my screen name away from RichPort’s Ghost because you guyz wuz bein’ mean to me.

    Fux yallz, just cuz I can dish it out butt I can’t take it (in the ass, or anywhere else), don’t mean I ain’t a nice guyyyyy…..

    You Fuxxxers….. stop being mean to me. That’s my job, being mean to people. To spread dripping, condescending hate, sarcasm and bile all over this site. I’m a no-good lowlife parasite with self-esteem the size of a neutron, that’s why I’m always putting down other people.

    Also, when I get home, the first thing I do is kick the dog. Then masturbate furiously.

    Now where is that noose & that stool…

  38. alicemo

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    I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a rich man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  39. he had a fit

    I didn’t know that Hitler was epileptic…

  40. vegetable

    Thanks for changin’ it, ‘Fish. I’m sure Mr. Reubens is proud.

    Hey #21, he does pay attention!

  41. vanessa

    what a beauty.

  42. love

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  43. Fat Chicks Suck

    What a hot body – if she didn’t have those damn tattoos she’d be close to perfect.

  44. lola

    SHE IS GORGEOUS.. but her face is very bland to me. I would never want to look like that, though a ton of people would. As long as she is happy that is all that happens.

  45. anna

    i think megan is pretty, much more than angie. why people be saying she’s an angie wannabe i don’t know. it’s not like she got surgery to make her face look like angie or anything. i don’t know why people compare, she doesn’t look anything like ugly angie in my opinion. y’all just jealous.

    i do wish she stayed with brian. he’s a cute and nice guy. i think her ego got too big. oh well, he can do better.

  46. Curtis Rasmussen

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. She has nothing to do with photos and videos at ___Imadouchespammer . c o m___
    I also found my computer virus there.It’s I sit around in my soiled underwear spanking, thinking she’s my GF ? This is definitely true!!!

  47. I’m hoping his wallet is FULL, folks!!
    (she’s american, REMEMBER?)

  48. BEtty

    She seems to be losing weight. Maybe it’s stress.

  49. I would bruise her uvula.

  50. Jrz

    Tool F0cker

    I know Dr Phowstus

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