Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green are still f-cking

June 24th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Now that Transformers had its premiere stateside, Megan Fox can stop pretending she isn’t having sex with Brian Austin Green. Here’s the two of them getting coffee yesterday morning, and I’m pretty sure I’d be grinning like a fool, too, if I was in this bastard’s shoes. How he’s not spiking a football and ordering a cup of “Fuck yeah, I banged Megan Fox!” is beyond me. Whatever happened to chivalry, dammit?


  1. wendy



    I SAW THEM DO IT!!!!!!

  3. wendy


  4. Dealer

    I wish they both would buy their drugs from me.

  5. Ren

    I would fuck Brian Austin Green so hard, he’d have a heart attack. I don’t care that he’s almost 40. In fact, if Megan Fox would like to join, I’d have no objections….

  6. Randal

    Summer always has that romantic tendency to bring old hearts back together again and it shows with Megan and Brian.

    Brian, you’ve always worn your heart on your sleeve since you first appeared as a star on 90210 and continue to do so even as an adult star, which makes that very hard for Megan to resist.


  7. Dark

    I like how they aren’t walking next to each other in any of the pictures. One is always behind the other lol

  8. Rhialto

    We’re just pretending like we didn’t see this.*Covering the eyes with the hands but looking through the fingers.*

  9. Anon123

    Who cares? Its not like she’s gonna drop everything and fuck any of the nerdy guys spending their days posting on celeb gossip sights anyways

  10. Nero

    I’m covering my glass eye with my hand and point my good eye all the way to the left!

  11. Salem

    Love the hat Megan…. *snicker*

  12. nunyobidnez

    I thought she said guys were dirty and nasty and that is why she would never do a bi-sexual woman. Why is she still banging some guy?

  13. I just wish he’d go back to makin’ hip hop classics…

  14. A bitter woman

    She looks fat. Hi, fatty.

  15. uh

    Brian Austin Green is HOTTTT!!!!

    I’d be doing him if I were Megan Fox.

  16. Bill Chunkey

    what is the Michelle-Braun story??

  17. Marketta

    I get a strong sub/dom vibe from these two.

  18. Stuey


    Anon123, hahaha, good one.

    Ren, he is 35….that’s not almost 40. You can’t round up until he hits 36. I am trying to hang on to my lower 30′s age myself.

  19. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Bastard, that was supposed to be my pie next.

  20. Christina

    Megan is a fox? Does that mean Paris is a Weasel? And Kim is a Walrus?

  21. dang, he looks pretty good. never thought i’d say that.

  22. superfluous

    This bitch ain’t that hot. What’s the big deal about her?

  23. missywissy

    He looks hot. He definately ended as the one with the looks from all the 90210 people. I don’t care if he was a dork. Poor baby, he can come to mama anytime.

    I googled her before pictures and what a difference a bunch of surgery makes. Even makes her pose way different. Like she picked out the Angelina Jolie microchip and had it implanted in her brain while they were working on her nose. Before she looked bubbly and down to earth. Now she’s just a carbon copy of somebody else (need I say who…. coughinghehehheAngelinaJolieheechcchhhhhhhh).

  24. missywissy

    He’s like a straight Ricky Martin. yummmmmmmmmm

    (sorry, but guys come on here talking about what they would do to girls if they could. I’m not even gonna go there)

  25. Oliver

    MegMAN Fox is a manky piece of shit.

  26. Zee Brat

    Well someone watches Make Me a Supermodel. Nice hat Megan.

  27. alfalfa

    How do you know they were fucking? Maybe they were discussing the pros and cons of the Federal Reserve system

  28. Sammy the Shank

    Didn’t realize that Fox has a fivehead or maybe even a sixhead, as the first photo shows (as opposed to a forehead). We almost have billboard space there.

  29. Not a fan of teh Brian…

    Megan on the other hand, spectacular!

  30. ….”I’m currently what you would call single”…..

  31. titsonsnack

    She is pretty but not worthy of the amount of insane attention she is getting lately. I see girls just as pretty/prettier than her every day.

  32. dude

    ass shots please…..pointless spread without em….

  33. hmmm

    whoever wrote this story sounds like a 12 yr old..”ordering a cup of fuck yah”???
    yah u need to get laid buddy

  34. sarah

    anyone else remember “one stop carnival”? aaaaaahahahhaa brian austin green u r a clown!!!

    and so is ur “girlfriend”

  35. suckerpunch

    sorry, but I think that Meagan Fox is just nasty. and not in the good way kind of “nasty”..

  36. Max Planck

    Megan, Sammy Davis Jr. wants his hat back.

  37. Pilatunes

    She’s hot but in a totally skanky way. Hideous tattoos and always sticking her tongue out.

    @36 isn’t that Bing Crosby’s hat?

    Anyway, motherfucker should eat a steak and hit the gym. I could have kicked his ass when I was 12 (in and out of bed).

  38. RaraAvis

    She’s fucking him because he’s very, very good at it, not because they have a “relationship”. She’s made that pretty clear.

  39. Martina

    I think Megan likes it in the ass, otherwise why would she bother with Brian?

  40. I like how they aren’t walking its so romantic…

  41. Jeff

    The tongue thing is old, Meg.

  42. captain america

    ask him!!

  43. I hope a giant robots falls on them both.

  44. She’s always wearing funky hats – her style is soo different at movie premieres, where she wants to be as sexy as possible.

  45. She’s always wearing funky hats – her style is soo different at movie premieres, where she wants to be as sexy as possible.

  46. jayla

    BAG is ridiculously hot, think he could pretty much bang Megan, Ashwira Rae, Angelina Ho-lie, me, and whatever other chick is deemed hottest, and he still would not be fazed.
    You can ice my cake, Brian.

  47. Shamoo

    Who the fuck is Brian Austin Green?

  48. Happy

    Fox on the Green

  49. jc

    In response to bitterwoman about Megan being fat….get a fucking life asshole she is probably a size two while ur probably a size TWENTY sitting at home with ur fat ass eating Ben and jerrys. so hi idiot! shut the fuck up. she is a human being you don’t need to say ridiculous hurtful things for no reason. GET A LIFE.

  50. Randy Orton

    why does she date this bum?

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