Megan Fox: Because I love America

March 22nd, 2009 // 73 Comments

One time Megan Fox went out in public without flashing her cleavage. That day was September 11, 2001. (If you ignore all pertinent facts about her age, career and international terrorism.)

Have YOU forgotten?

Photos: Fame, Flynet

  1. lio


  2. bb

    Fucking whore!

  3. bb

    Fucking Whore!

  4. .

    She has annoying flaring nostrils and awkwardly placed, ugly tattoos. Shes still very pretty though, and nobodys perfect :D

  5. genny


  6. Obi Wan

    It’s sad to think that she left her house thinking that that outfit actually looked good

  7. dmmd

    good god, she’s so gorgeous.

  8. Alexandra

    Her fashion style is so confusing. It’s like on 1 hand she wants to be a conservative granny-sweater wearing lady, yet on the other she wants to be a tattooed biker bar stripper.

  9. FIRST!!!!


  10. HalifaxDave

    Why is this slag doing in “real” films She has PornWhore written all over her . She can’t act for a shite and I think the comment has been made that shes a poor mans Angelina Jolie I think shes more of a sad copy of Laura Angel or any dark haired Eastern European porn slut

  11. Alonzo

    I would still tear her anus to shreds and unload a massive jizz bomb into her eyes before shitting into her puffy botoxed mouth

  12. Large Black Man

    She reminds me of one of those Czechs pornwhores who like to take it up the ass from a large black man

  13. Megan Foxy!!!

    If I was a lesbo – i would do her… She is such a hot bitch, Foxy MAMA!

    I’m always being told that I look like her but a hotter version…

    “Megan, don’t you wish you were hot like me???.. Don’t you wish you were freak like me???…”

  14. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’m glad to see this hottie back! And her wallet has even grown bigger! *Gasp*

  15. Sauron

    Holy crap! Check her sexy legs!

  16. Minge

    I wanna splat her tattoos with fire.

  17. Darth

    One shot inside this hottie is good for at least a twin! No special treatment is needed!

  18. GROAARH!

    I bet this smoothie is regular with healthy meals!

  19. Gando

    She looks like a very balanced girl to me! She’s even with both hands keeping her wallet in balance!

  20. HalifaxDave

    LOL 12 Get your ass over to Prague LBM there’s tons of these girls in all the clubs and bars. I would nail her till she fucking cries, but I still don’t get why she has a legit career. I thought you needed a nit more then looks to make it in Hollywood.

  21. Sauron

    It will be some pushing and wriggling but quintuplets is a good possibility!

  22. Oh so what, we’re waiting for her to impress us with her insightful commentary vis a vis foreign relations and the economic recession? PLEASE. She’s working what she has.

  23. Heidi

    Oh my… it looks like her implants are about to pop. Yuck. Get a shirt that fits.

  24. Rhialto

    This is the kind of girl you’re taking serious! Not the kind for only dinner dates or something! Though there’s nothing wrong with these dates!

  25. Gando

    Yeah i agree about these dinner dates! Who’s going to visit a restaurant all alone for fun!?

  26. Dillon


  27. Galtacticus

    I’ve to see the newest movies for my job! But do you think i’m going all alone to the cinema!? Ofcourse not! It’s more fun if you take somebody along!

  28. She’s had a bit of work done hasn’t she

  29. Jacque Louie of Orange II

    She’s a perfectionist! There’s nothing wrong with that!

  30. Sauron

    You can say what you want about the average American! But despite all they are financial optimists! Which is a delight to me!:)

  31. Yuck!!

    THAT TOP AND SHAWL IS HIDEOUS. It’s like something that was in fashion 8yrs ago and is currently sitting in a fucking Kmart bin somewhere. And whats with the ripped jeans? Oh…look at me….white trash!!!! Covered in tatts-Angelina Jolie wannabe-pale-gaunt-flared nostrilled-I cant act for fucking shit if I tried-SLUT. I see hotter, and I’ll bet you WAY FUCKING SMARTER chics at the local mall that should be basking in the (fake) glory of Hollywood, not this two-bit skank. You watch….in 4yrs she’ll want to prove she’s not some trailer park whore and adopt a kid and do a psychiatric/crazy person role to be seen as ‘serious’. Pathetic, isnt it???? Angelina all over. Dont you just lovvvve people with no identity but for someone elses???? C*nt.

  32. Gando

    Especially in times of crisis,attitude and mentality are important! It’s always the folks who have to carry that big heavy cross in those pyramid shaped societies!

  33. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Tell me about that huge heavy cross! It’s not always fun. . !

  34. missywissy


    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get what’s so great about this gal. Angelina wannabe.
    There’s lots of pretty women in this world, she doesn’t even stand out as a natural. Looks pretty much store-bought.

  35. missywissy

    Fish, if this is what you do for America, maybe you should reconsider your citizenship. At least post someone that doesn’t have a stamp on their ass that says “made in China” (Angelina doll sold seperately)/

  36. Wowgirl

    Wow, she is tooooooo sexy!Then it is not strange why her naked photos were posted at the forum of …..”C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M”….., the poster said he was her neighbor, she always enjoy in dating to different men.

  37. AirMail

    She is one of those rare girls that looks good all the time. Consider Jenna Jameson; Put her in regular clothes with no makeup, and you will walk right past her. Megan Fox is like in Jaclyn Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones, she looks good waking up. Shame about the tats.

  38. sin

    Tattoed slut. Nuf said.

  39. sin

    Tattoed slut. Nuf said.

  40. She’s a’ight, but I don’t go ga-ga over her like so many do.

  41. Candara

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  42. Richport's Ghost

    Ewwwww….. a woman. Gross.

    Anybody seen my 12″ black dildo? Oh there it is, in my ass….

  43. Pretty

    She has a very bad taste about clothing: if she wasn’t so pretty, she would look like a skank 98% of the time. She has NO SENSE OF STYLE WHATSOEVER, and she should actually hire a designer that could help her put a decent style together.

  44. jBiGGs

    Gooooooood BLESS AMERiiiiiCA!!!! & Megans’ arse.too

  45. GG1000

    She’s very pretty, but she seems very stable and it’s so tedious! This is basically what she’s doing in every picture – walking somewhere in the daytime, going grocery shopping, getting a coffee. C’mon, we like our starlets doing lines and barfing in the back of limos after a busy night of Red Bull&vodkas chased with three packs of Marlboros, 3 nipple slips and a full no-pants crotch flash to the paparazzi.

  46. jBiGGs

    ^gg10000^ virgin boys need not comment on this page , Megan Fox is for grown folks eyes ONLY!!

  47. love white womens

    Man thats one beautiful white girl!!! She’s a 10 in my book!!!


  49. iAreMe

    #20 “I thought you needed a nit(sic) more then looks to make it in Hollywood.”


  50. Rhialto


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