Megan Fox available for Show & Tell

February 26th, 2009 // 120 Comments

Megan Fox stopped by the school of Brian Austin Green’s son this morning. She also spent the night at his house, but don’t worry, she’s still single. This is the classic Goodbye Sex then Stop by the Kid’s School for Show & Tell maneuver. I’ve done it a hundred times myself. – - Okay, not really, but just once it’d be nice if somebody asked. I’ve got feelings too, you know? And a penis. I mean *sniff*

Photos: Flynet

  1. roxi

    shes pretty!

  2. roxi

    shes pretty!

  3. Show & Tell? What she showed off her fake tits and skank tats?

  4. Richard McBeef

    Tattoos are ugly.

  5. California Red

    She is in Transformers movie about robots. He is in Terminator TV show about robots.

    You just can’t mess with a twist of fate like that.

  6. La Bella Vita

    hate her clothes :S

  7. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  8. madmex

    very hot but whats up with her migit thumbs???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. juniper

    i think the idiot needs more tattoos.

  10. Yes Please

    Who’s the dude in the third pick?

  11. Darth

    yummy yummy i would marry her

  12. Darth

    yummy yummy i would marry her

  13. JJ

    she’s looking pretty damn thin

    almost Lohan-esque

  14. Obi Wan

    Those fuckin shoes with that outfit….. seriously?

  15. ellie

    is that a little 5 oclock shadow on her stache area in the last photooo??

  16. kitty

    I think she is the most sexy celebrity, so there are so many men are talking about her at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ forum, they are interested in posting her naked photos and private news.

  17. Maximus

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the excessive tattooing, but I do like the natural look and don’t think I’ve seen her looking as pretty as she does in these shots.

  18. cowgirl

    this may sound crazy but has she always had that beauty mark above her lip? (like Marilyn Monroe)

  19. Chris

    She shouldn’t go out en pointe like that.

  20. Fat Chicks Suck

    She has such a hot body and face…it’s too bad she has all of those nasty tattoos. It just makes her look trashy. What a waste…

  21. Delgo

    Isn’t it sad to know none of us will ever get to f uck her.

  22. Thor

    Worst tattoo and placement ever!

  23. damnstraight

    Women should not get forearm tattoos.

    No woman is hot enough to make it work. Case in point: Megan Fox.

  24. Anon-E-Mouse

    This girl makes me want to turn into a lesbian. Ugh! When is she gonig to dump Brian Loser Green?

  25. vanessa

    pretty face, ugly outfit.

  26. Gary Fuckbuttons

    Is Brian Austin Green’s son Korean or something? What the hell kind of school is that?

  27. wtf? she’s so cute but that tattoo sucks!

  28. Darth

    O la la,this is one tasty looking hottie. . . I like coffee in big cups.

  29. Ali Knievel

    She’s hot but her boob job is lousy. They look really fake when their not pushed together.

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  31. Photoshop Police

    I figured it out!

    She hasn’t caked on the heavy racoon eye makeup!

    That’s why she looks better than usual!

  32. Mr.Anderson

    Now, I don’t think I have high standards at all but let’s suppose that I was at this party just hanging out with my friends and all of a sudden Megan Fox walks in and starts flirting with me.

    I would flirt back of course but that’s about it. Even if she tells me she wants to make out/have sex I wouldn’t accept.

    She’s highly, overrated, has an average face with weird eyebrows that she plucks the shit out off (or has gotten laser hair removal) and she has short stubby legs.

    No ty.

  33. Holyfuck

    She’s so hot those tattoos don’t even matter. I can barely even see them.

  34. caligrrl

    Who the fuck goes to their boyfriend’s kids’ school dressed in platform shoes with their lace underwear and hip tattoos hanging out? Yeah, she’s hot as hell, but she has no frigging class. This is the kind of chick who would tell cock jokes at the dinner table the first time you brought her home to meet the parents.

  35. Androo

    Creeper principal in pics 3 + 4

  36. bop

    I don’t like her but I like tattoos. They dont ruin anything.

  37. bop

    I don’t like her but I like tattoos. They dont ruin anything.

  38. insomnie

    She looks like she has the shortest legs on earth

  39. @35

    HAHAHHAHAH that guy is totally creeping.

  40. b

    there are so many sub-par girls that are trashy hot because of skinniness, dyed hair and tattoos. does not age well.

  41. Funeral Guy

    She’s hot, but boy am I getting sick of fake plastic titties.

  42. tanya

    She should have gotten a leg transplants instead of those horrid looking fake tits.

  43. Valerie

    I didn’t think much of it except her shoes, but now that you all mention it, she IS trashy! Good thing she’s good looking otherwise she’d be fucked! Maybe she does it on purpose, ya know, when people say “I [do this unattractive thing] otherwise I’d have to beat them off with a stick”?

  44. Adam

    She wore that to the school? Did she show them her tits as well?

  45. First Tim

    the boy is Korean or something? Why the school door has signs written in Korean?

  46. MsPriss

    Y’know I think her tattoo’s look great and I think she looks hot. Also a little side note here: I can bet money and win that none of you pathetic losers would ever get a girl half as pretty as Megan. So before you say tattoo’s suck, I would rather be a hot chick with tattoo’s instead of anyone of you judgmental M.F’s.







  49. Harry

    Gotta love just a hint of a thong showing. Nice, Megan. Wish you’d get rid of the ridiculous Marilyn Monroe tat on the forearm. Hideous.

  50. p0nk

    @46 – i’ve had hotter. you lose.

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