Megan Fox attends things

September 17th, 2008 // 92 Comments

Megan Fox attended the LA premiere of Shia LaBeouf’s new movie Eagle Eye last night. I thought I’d offer these pics as a comparison piece to yesterday’s post featuring a Photoshopped Megan Fox in a bikini. So what do you think, is she still hot? I guess I’d have sex with her. Maybe. It all depends on if we could connect on a spiritual level, you know? Hold on, my editor is telling me I’m confusing “spiritual level” with “a Denny’s restroom.” That’s embarrassing.

Photos: Splash News

  1. you know it

    this chick is near perfection, tattoos and all. imagine seeing her in real life. i know i’d be staring. sure, maybe she’s a little leathery. but a month away from the spray tan should cure that.

  2. jlylec

    hahahaha…she’s fucking ridiculously hot (other than the tats)…what do you guys want? i love this site and these boards cause he could throw the hottest girl to ever live up here in the sexiest bikini ever made and she would get DESTROYED for having split end hair or something…hahaha…love it.

  3. John

    5. Tom Leykis – September 17, 2008 1:24 PM

    I’ll take hot and cheap over frigid and expensive any day!

    Are you talkinb about my wife?

  4. John

    5. Tom Leykis – September 17, 2008 1:24 PM

    I’ll take hot and cheap over frigid and expensive any day!

    Are you talkin about my wife?

  5. rayban

    Why is she wearing a wedding ring?

  6. Deva

    Can someone please tell me how McCauley fucking Culkin can be hitting that and I’m still jerkin’ it to Transformers? What the hell is the world coming to?

  7. Cookied

    Why do hot chicks get STUPID fucking tats. Especially on their forearms.

  8. Finest. Chick. Ever.

  9. dude_on

    She just has a certain look about her that radiates when she has water dripping from her chin. I thought her story about the stripper was as touching as anything I’ve ever read. It is a shame about the street hooker tats, but still, a lovely girl.

  10. eyepopper

    A nice piece of Yankee-doodle arse.

  11. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    trashy tattoos on an angelina jolie wannabee, beautiful but not interesting or original. Love her necklace though.

  12. GoForGold

    I don’t believe that she’s only 22 years old… she looks too washed up and used to be that young. Imagine what she’s going to look like at 32 – yikes!

  13. Megan Fox

    Dammit! Note to my publicist:

    I said make up a story that made me sound sexy, not like some dumbfuck asshole! Russian stripper? Nikita? GEEZ did you stay up late on the internet watching russian porn or something! Fix this QUICK!

  14. poon tang

    she’s engaged to that 90210 cunt Brain austin Greengo

  15. Kelly

    Is this 2008 or 1909? Why is everybody so uptight about tats on girls? Trashy? wtf! Sorry, but i’d rather see Megan’s Marilyn Monroe tribute and literary quotes than butterflies or tribal art or flowers or other played out shit. I think Megan’s tats look clean and they are well placed. I’m tired of the sexist bullcrap that women can’t pull off multiple tats. Megan’s tats seem well thought out as opposed to getting something unoriginal like a rose on her lower back or something. I think she is gorgeous and those pictures of her promoting lipstick where she is wearing practically no makeup and you can see her cute freckles prove it! I can’t be the only one who thinks she always looks amazing on the red carpet and i love the fact in her off time she’s a jeans and t-shirt wearing girl!


    she’s hot but tatts on woman are gross.tattoos are for retards and sailors not hot broads.


    she’s hot but tatts on woman are gross.tattoos are for retards and sailors not hot broads.

  18. norton

    Daddy issues. ’nuff said.

  19. pat

    good trend, more Megan Fox, less Palin.

    Being attractive is subjective. Therefore if people think you are attractive, then you are attractive.

    And if a girl has more people thinking she’s attractive than other girls do (such as jumping from out of nowhere to #1 on MAXIM’s poll) then she has to be considered very attractive.

  20. L

    as a girl- i think this girl is the hottest girl i have ever seen- all the negative comments are incredibly rediculous.

  21. i passed third grade grammar

    it’s ridiculous when people spell ridiculous ‘rediculous.’

    and she looks like a dude.

  22. Mike

    #4….I almost died laughing!!!! Thank you!!!

  23. jo

    she is hot & could be beautiful actually. she reminds me of Jennifer Connelly but with alot less talent and probably a much lower IQ etc etc. She obviously has a nasty attitude but since when does that make a person physically ugly? She is GORGEOUS

  24. Kelly

    She was beautiful and had full lips years ago. Back in 2004 with not that much makeup on!!!!

  25. yayay

    are her lips real????? please tell me lol.
    also, are her boobs real????

  26. yayay

    are her lips real????? please tell me lol.
    also, are her boobs real????

  27. duckie


  28. unableunwilling

    #31 said it best.

    Her tan is awful. She’d look a million times better if she were pale.

  29. The nailbeds on her thumbs are freeeaaaky!

  30. asshat

    just not that hot. sorry. if she were hotter, she wouldn’t cake on the makeup like a theater extra.

    /trying too hard to be hot

  31. I think your “MENTAL CASE” must be pretty healthy to deal with this woman, folks!!

  32. Nobody wants to deal with her…they just want to bang her cross-eyed!!! I’d punch my mom in the face with brass knuckles just to give this hawt little bitch the dirties 35 seconds of her life….SPURT!!…then off to bed. SCORE!!

  33. Megan

    Christ, put some clothes on…

  34. yo

    amazing. she is amazing. so hot. i’m pretty straight, but i would absolutely love to make megan the exception to that rule.

  35. Seriously.

    I read each comment, waiting to see if anyone noticed her mutant-scary thumbs. I am always shocked at an attractive woman who has freak hands and ruins it all. How did everyone pick apart her arms, legs, knees, stomach, nose and mention something about the thirty-four pounds of jewelry she is wearing and not see these awful hands??

  36. Phil McKracken FTW

    #4 – you are the man

  37. brittany

    Seriously that’s awesome that they went to the premier together, she is awesome and he has been my favorite since even stevens haha…. They both are amazing and super cute… and people really need to quit saying the tattoos “cheapen” her…I think that is what seperates her from the other chicks in Hollywood because she isn’t afraid to be herself… plus marilyn Monroe was amazing!!! I am off of my soapbox now!!!

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  39. Ibe

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  40. gmgm

    For the person who wrote about her thumbs: she doesn’t have bad looking hands. Her thumbs may look a little different (look up ‘clubbed thumbs’). It’s nothing more than a genetic thing, and many people have it as well. There’s no reason to put her down like that for it, honestly. No one is perfect.

  41. holyfukcina

    tattoos or not, trashy or not, this Megan is fuckinsmokin hotttt!

    to #2 – why stop at the nuts? hell, i’d just eat her shit! yeah..i’d let her sit on my face and use my mouth as a toilet. then after squeezin out a big log of her shit into my mouth, she could go have wild-hot sex with that tool she’s dating/married to. whateva.

    she’s THAT hot!!!!!!!!

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