Megan Fox attends things

September 17th, 2008 // 92 Comments

Megan Fox attended the LA premiere of Shia LaBeouf’s new movie Eagle Eye last night. I thought I’d offer these pics as a comparison piece to yesterday’s post featuring a Photoshopped Megan Fox in a bikini. So what do you think, is she still hot? I guess I’d have sex with her. Maybe. It all depends on if we could connect on a spiritual level, you know? Hold on, my editor is telling me I’m confusing “spiritual level” with “a Denny’s restroom.” That’s embarrassing.

Photos: Splash News

  1. surlywench

    The tattoos really cheapen her.

  2. Spanky

    Don’t like the tatoos but I would still eat the nuts out of her shit.

  3. Barak Obama

    Surlywench, I agreee. Some tat’s are not too bad, but these make her look cheap.

  4. Phil McKracken

    I’d drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie-talkie.

  5. I’ll take hot and cheap over frigid and expensive any day!

  6. bayma

    How can you say the others were photshopped? The tats are an exact match. She’s just one of those chicks who likes to cake on the makeup…unfortunately.

  7. nipolian

    #3 – Her jewlery makes her look cheap…..the tats make her look easy.

  8. Not That Guy

    Damnit I need to soil her.

  9. surlywench

    It’s too bad because she’s a beautiful woman who, without the tats, could have marketed herself as a “classic beauty” in Hollywood…but instead comes across as the brunette reject from Hugh Hef’s collection.

  10. songofkali

    You can see a faint bruise on her arm in the 9th picture. Looks sorta like a thumb print bruise you might get if somebody was grabbing your arm while plowing you from behind. My girlfriend has that type of bruise all the time.

  11. MCcains tumor

    I need to give her a nice pearl necklace followed by a nice fudge packing.

  12. CaptainMorgan

    Ya, I’m kinda thinkin she’s not as hot as she thinks she is. Attitude will only get you so far…

  13. Since when is she married? That’s a pretty hefty wedding band/engagement ring for somebody who just got rid of a fiancee not too long ago.

  14. Lola

    I’d let my dog rape her….
    Nothing special about her. Just another dirty talent-less “HOE” in “HOE-llywood”
    Fuck this fame hungry skank. I wonder why she never takes her pimp BAG out to premieres with her… Hmm, might she be afraid he might use the pimp-hand of justice against her “HOE’ antics?

  15. havoc

    Fucking HAWT…….


  16. lol @ mckracken

    #4 – that was actually the funniest thing i’ve read all week.

  17. meh

    She has pretty eyes, and a nice body, and thats about it. The tatts, the collegen injected lips, the look on her face like she is the hottest chick anyone has ever seen…. please… give me Charlize Theron, or Kate Hudson, or Diane Kruger, Cindy Crawford, anyone except this attention craving Anjelina Jolie wanna be… she can’t even act!

  18. *Cue jealous women and gay men commenting on her tattoos and jewelry*

    Oh, wait, that was a late cue. Damn!

  19. Golly Im Gully

    Your crazy Lola, she has been the hottest piece of ass since she popped on the scene. I would pop that pussy like a 5th grader in R Kelly’s bedroom.

  20. F2

    I just checked in to see whether anyone mentioned the knees. Dudes, what’s with the knees?

  21. A hoe is a gardening tool…

    That’s as far as my opinion goes.

  22. pistolita


    well, not “fat”… but definitely too big for the rest of her body. makes me wonder if she got lipo on her thighs or stomach.

  23. meh

    Alex, I doubt anyone is jealous, just tired of looking at women that think their poop smells like roses cuz they are the hottest piece of ass to walk to the earth. I love seeing beautiful women that are also humble, and know they are a dime a dozen, so they also portray a… wait for it… ahem…. PERSONALITY. Being sexy is easy, but being beautiful is a much harder thing to be.

  24. pistolita

    and her face looks all bloated now…

  25. jingle bell mother fuckin rock

    Gee golly wow. Alex sure is on top of his game today. Brilliant Alex! Brilliant.

    *cue Alex not picking up on the sarcasm*

  26. Ryan

    Well, she is fuckable. I find her as hot as my 4th grade Math teacher. I was constantly erect in class….the carpet by the concrete makes me think it was a movie Premiere in Wpg. Manitoba….or Altona…..

    Is she still getting tapped by the Austin David Green 91846 dude?

  27. Lola

    @ #19
    To each it’s own ya know? I stated my opinion… Everyone else is entitled to their own also.
    I just don’t see anything special about her. She has looks… Way to go. Lets see in a couple of years when she’s a little older, if she’ll be openly discussing grabbing her old ass boyfriends dick in public and being a carpet muncher when she was a teenager. This day and age, HOES come in packs. Look at every corner or Hollywood, there’s a HOE there. And she’s just one of them.
    I can’t stand that whore Angie Holie in no way, but shit look at her. She went from being some big-lipped freak, who’s proud to be sucking off Billy Bob in a car and wearing around his HIV infected bllod around her neck, to a Goodwill Ambassador and at least a caring, compassionate, respectful woman and mother.
    So if this dirty bitch wants to carry on being the HOE she is, more power to her. She’ll never be nothing more than another HOE on the cover of magazines and a D-list no talent actress who can only offer “looking good” to any role she gets

  28. TetterkeT

    God I want to fuck her.

  29. Rick

    She’s a very beautiful and sexy meth-addicted hooker.

  30. Boring

    She tries so hard to be interesting and edgy and just comes across as tiresome and boring. We’ve been here before, right? Also, not a very natural beauty. She probably looks like hell without make-up and I’m sure that is extra fun when you are listening to her ramble on about how awesome she is.
    As for hottest girl in the world comments… Seriously, you think she’s even playing in the same league as Marissa Miller?

  31. I kinda agree with Lola.

    But somebody tell me what to eat for lunch. I’m thinking motor oil..

  32. Bubble Fuck

    I’d turn her into a twinkie by pumping her full of chunky cock cream.

  33. Boring

    Also, check out pic 8, the one with her head tilted back, Is that an adam’s apple?

  34. Thighhighs

    Kinda trashy…doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I am a fan of tats and I do like hers..maybe just not on her?

  35. speedo gonzalez

    El puta queres mucho attencion

  36. Lola'sDog

    Please Please Please…I’m so horny

  37. Dwayne

    She looks like hot trailer park trash

  38. Blowup Doll Lover

    My blowup doll has no tattoos and is very young and innocent looking.

  39. e-rock

    #38 said it best. There are sooo many gorgeous women out there, and many of them actually care more about being funny, or smart, or ACTING than just being sexy. This chick gets her lips plumped, and tries waaaay tooo hard to be sexy, and the sad thing is, many men just eat it up. Fish, show us some sexy shots of an ACTRESS (good job on Mila Kunis, she’s hot!) with more to offer than just good looks. Thanks!

  40. veggi

    Not motor oil FRIST!!! Vodka maybe?? And does this chick and Miley Cyrus look alike?? Or am I just high??

  41. Koz

    Yes #16. Couldn’t agree more. Nice work McKracken.

  42. Three Little Kittens

    Is she wearing white gloves in the first picture, or did she just forget to get those sprayed in the tanning parlor.

  43. jmo

    Lola and #12, are right on the money. A short strapless black dress on a real bombshell would make jaws drop, but she’s not really a jaw dropper. It’s not just the tats it’s a overall hot-mehness. She’s hotish but very meh and she clearly has a big ego, confidence is one thing but vanity and ego really ruin it. The makeup is caked, the necklace is gross and the dress doesn’t fit her properly it should fit like a glove and look barely leagal but it just doesn’t. She just looks cheap and dirty, closeup face pics show that she has hiedi Montag skin, google and you’ll find them and her chest is so weird and old lady looking, she has small implants and they’ve aged her chest skin badly.

    She could have been so much hotter but she kills it and the nose has been so jobbed that it’s pointy and whitchy.

    I just think Hollywood women are trash and I’ve met and seen so many gorgeous girls in my life that far surpass the fakes. Why does everyone act like the only hot girls are models and actresses in my experience the really really hot girls are far too intelligent and respect themselves too much to be part of the sick seedy fame world. I know several girls who could stand next to this girl and basically make her disappear.

  44. agree

    She has that skeevy inbred look, me thinks her mother knew her cousin a little too well.

  45. sixpack

    I’d let her pee on me.

  46. Blowup Doll Lover

    My blowup doll always looks classy and elegant.

  47. Ok, I will get the vodka and brandy, for my lunch, and the motor oil for my car.


    Hey, Megan Fox…wanna help me put oil in my car??

  48. MonkeyMan777

    Ugh. She’s a skinny-fat chick. Get some muscle tone and then get some more pictures taken. Although I do like the “i’ve just been fucked” facial expression she has in every photo. Much better than the Montage-whore’s “Insert Penis here” facial expression.

  49. pistolita

    she has the neck of a 35 year old woman. i don’t believe that she is 22 yrs old. i think she and her “people” are lying about her age to the public.

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