Megan contestant escaped to Canada

August 20th, 2009 // 52 Comments

According to U.S. Customs, Ryan Alexander Jenkins has been bumped up from “person of interest” to “potential suspect” in the murder of Jasmine Fiore, but he’s apparently already slipped into Canada on foot. TMZ reports:

Here’s what we know straight from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Dept. in Washington State, which is just over the border from Canada:
- Yesterday evening a witness reported seeing someone matching Jenkins’ description driving a black BMW SUV (we know he owned one) with a boat in tow in a marina which is extremely close to the Canadian border.
- A short time later deputies found the boat and the SUV abandoned.
- A manhunt then began for Jenkins by land, sea, and air, conducted by federal agents, deputies, cops, and Canadian authorities.
- They were unable to find Jenkins and now think that he literally made a run for the border — crossing over by foot.

Jesus. So far this guy probably banged Megan Hauserman on her reality show, won a quarter of a mil on I Love Money 3, murdered his stripper wife of two months for texting her ex and successfully eluded law enforcement officials in a foot race for the Canadian border. Sounds like someone’s having the best year EVER!

Photos: TMZ

  1. If he made a run for the border before he literally made a run for the border, you can probably find him taking a dump somewhere or shopping for new pants.

  2. This is awful! this poor girl & her family. I do agree that maybe you should get to know someone before you marry them. Its still extremely sad tho. Is it just me or does this poor girl resemble a Bratz doll?

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