Megan contestant escaped to Canada

August 20th, 2009 // 52 Comments

According to U.S. Customs, Ryan Alexander Jenkins has been bumped up from “person of interest” to “potential suspect” in the murder of Jasmine Fiore, but he’s apparently already slipped into Canada on foot. TMZ reports:

Here’s what we know straight from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Dept. in Washington State, which is just over the border from Canada:
- Yesterday evening a witness reported seeing someone matching Jenkins’ description driving a black BMW SUV (we know he owned one) with a boat in tow in a marina which is extremely close to the Canadian border.
- A short time later deputies found the boat and the SUV abandoned.
- A manhunt then began for Jenkins by land, sea, and air, conducted by federal agents, deputies, cops, and Canadian authorities.
- They were unable to find Jenkins and now think that he literally made a run for the border — crossing over by foot.

Jesus. So far this guy probably banged Megan Hauserman on her reality show, won a quarter of a mil on I Love Money 3, murdered his stripper wife of two months for texting her ex and successfully eluded law enforcement officials in a foot race for the Canadian border. Sounds like someone’s having the best year EVER!

Photos: TMZ

  1. devilsrain

    This sucks

  2. What an ass! I can’t believe he’s ruined two shows!

  3. Ain’t Reality TV grand?

  4. Viv

    The plot thickens

    Publicity stunt?

  5. Name No

    Close the borders! No more crazy Canadians!

  6. Al

    I think all this is part of a reality show he is doing. “The working title is The Fugitive.” O.J. Simpson is the host.

  7. Sneaky

    Yeah, close the borders…. we’ll keep our water, gas, electricity, and other valueble resourses for ourselves!

    Name No…. You’re a RETARD!

  8. Mimiron

    At least he has chicken…


  9. Barking Bud

    Let’s turn this story into a movie starring: Matt LeBlanc!!

  10. Josh

    RUN, MAN. RUN!!!!

  11. Name No

    It was a JOKE a*hole. Man, you Canadians are Touchy!

  12. Al

    Sneaky –

    After Celine Dion, Canadians are lucky we haven’t shut down the border entirely.

    We will make you a deal. Take her back and we will allow you to import spell check programs. Deal?

  13. sweete like salsa

    the man killed a stripper…. so what?

    i think we should be thanking him. the dumb btch and stripper population is getting out of control anyway.

  14. elk

    A true national hero to the masses if there ever was one, eh? Maybe not. Hopefully he’ll wander onto the property of some woodsmen and they’ll beat his face in with a rusty pipe and feed him to their pet bears. Bears are our greatest threat, you know? If he made a run for the border before he literally made a run for the border, you can probably find him taking a dump somewhere or shopping for new pants.

  15. Wes

    lol i mean really… who care’s? jus one less bimbo i gotta hear about on the news

  16. Crusty

    I love visiting Canada and have many Canadian friends but you’re right, Name No, they’re a touchy bunch. I believe it comes from having an inferiority complex for oh, about 100 years.

    Anyway, this tool of an escapee managed to walk across one of the most porous borders in the world. No need to gives him props for that. Many of us would unknowingly wander back and forth between the U.S. and Canada if we were hiking along several points of that border.

    They’ll catch him and when they do, he’ll be brought to justice.

  17. Name No

    I have full faith that the Mounties will catch this poser/murderer. Go Canada!

  18. Jon

    Canadians arrrrrre really touchy, it comes from wanting to be American so much and not willing to admit it. Oh and yes Im a canuk for the insane assholes who will try to distort or deny my true statement. As for this guy, we’ll catch him and send him back (its not like escaping into mexico, like I said, we’re basically unofficial states) but sadly we don’t allow our citizens to be executed so this assclown will spend the rest of his life in jail on the taxpayers dime.

  19. Peanut head

    Hey Cananda, lock up your strippers! They have to be prettier than ours! Keep them safe!

  20. Schmeeky

    I’m pretty sure we extradite from Canada for murder. Who cares if he crossed the border?

    Heck, the FBI will cross the border and arrest you if you are mail ordering wacky weed seeds. This just means the FBI can get a really good deal on maple syrup while they’re hauling this asshole back to the States.

  21. Name No

    Schmeeky, wacky weed seeds? really? are they not native to Cananda?

  22. dunno

    I wish he would’ve won the Megan Wants a Millionaire show (or whatever the fuq the title was).

  23. dunno

    I wish he had won the Megan Wants a Millionaire show (or whatever the fuq the title was).

  24. brian

    This guy is camping North of Jasper, Alberta at a place called Celestine Lake. He has a gps emegency registration, and a signal was picked up there two days ago for anyone that is in the area.

  25. cc

    Typical american… you think the world wants to be you.. News flash… America is not so popular anymore..

    We may have Celine Dion (ick)… but you have Bill O”Reilly

    Define: arrogant

    having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride; “an arrogant official”; “arrogant claims”; “chesty as a peacock”

  26. Chesty as a peacock

    America is #1 !!!!!

  27. Google this

    27. Why are they waiting? Get that male model! He is going to go over real well with the boys in prison!

  28. mupp

    Jesus you couldn’t make this shit up……..if this was a hollwood movie we’d all say the plot was cliched and rediculous and not realistic, but fuck me here we are.

  29. abby

    good commentary, very funny

  30. an arrogant official

    Well, I see that our boys in blue are going to have to go on up there and catch this preditor. Do we have to do every damn thing?

  31. abby

    good commentary, very funny

    So when is the show going to run again, and what about ‘I love $ 3′ ? What’s the point in watching if we know he is going to win, I guess they wont play that either?

  32. arrogant claims

    USA ! USA!

  33. Overbearing pride

    I think they should stick his ass in WOMENS prison and let the Laaadies take care of him.

  34. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Well whadda ya know

    A reality show, a murder, a stripper and a bear

    say it again

    A reality show, a murder, a stripper and a bear

  35. jim eh


  36. spinal

    See, now I’m mad they pulled this show. I’m curious about this guy now, most reality actors are a bunch of prissy douchebags but he sounds awesome!

    VH1 would keep it on the air if they were smart, ratings would be sky high.

  37. eew, that means he was in my home town. booo!

  38. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 28

    Typical touchy Canadian.

  39. Fati

    Hey, get that murderer the hell out of our country. Keep your trash, America!

  40. Fati

    Americans are a funny people. Yeah, Canadians want to be American. Who wouldn’t want to be an arrogant horse’s ass of a nation that’s despised and hated all around the world, as opposed to a neutral peaceful nation that’s respected everywhere? Yoy better be nice to Canadians, because they are about the last nation that still tolerates you somewhat. And I make that statement as a Russian Canadian.

  41. suzeeee

    ahh Crusty, as a Canadian, I actually feel superior to Americans, as do most other people in the world. I have no dreams of running across the border to live in your country. Maybe it looks good to Mexicans but for me it would be a step back to the life I am living. Clean air, beautilful mild winters & hot sunny summers, high paying job, 6 weeks vacation, 1 year maternity, health care, beer that will actually give you a buzz, yep I could go on and on and .

  42. Jamie's Uterus

    Why couldn’t of it been Megan instead?

  43. Megan sucks

    #45 you said exactly what I was going to. It would have been awesome if he did it on the air, just grabbed the scissors out during elimination and cut her the fuck up.

    …why is this voice in my head asking me if I’m crazy?

  44. Anaconda Deuce

    The worst part is that there is no f’n way a millionaire should get caught with murder. Shove her in a suitcase and throw her in the garbage. Retarded!!!! A real millionaire would have called in a guy like the “Wolf” in Pulp Fiction. He’s just a dumb ass.

  45. Jimmy Jim

    He looks like a Douche too….

    And why do people get so heated on a message board to strangers, whose mood or expressions you can’t see, and turn a joke into a pointless argument.

  46. Denver

    Haha… I’m getting a kick out of reading all of the nationalistic comments being made by people who think they know much more than they really do, courtesy of insecurity and an inflated ego. If it weren’t so amusing it would be rather pathetic.

  47. Real Canadian


    You don’t count as a Canadian. Most immigrants who take advantage of us (a practice we should STOP) don’t even think of themselves as canadian as you just did when you called yourself russian first. In other words, go home to russia, you’re no canadian and we don’t want you or your opinions here.

    Suck on that ass!

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