Megan Fox Joined Twitter, Okay? Are You F-cking Happy Now?

Megan Fox launched her Twitter account last night, and naturally she did it in the bitchiest way possible via a Facebook post where she makes it abundantly clear she’s above all this shit but, GAWD, if she has to…

Against my better judgment, I have finally joined Twitter. Every possible version of my name is already in use so for now my Twitter handle is
See you there.

Even better is her bio which really makes you wonder why more people aren’t casting her in movies. She seems so down-to-earth:

Megan Fox
Lover. Healer. Mother

Just to put things in perspective, Charlie Sheen has done enough blow to literally believe he’s a military aircraft and even he looked at this and went, “Jesus Christ, lady,” before trying to figure out how much it would cost to have sex with her. “Only a billion? Wow, you’re making this easy on me. Check the couch cushion then meet me back in the bedroom. Bring coke.”

Photos: GSI Media