Guys, I’m Pretty Sure Megan Fox Wants To Bang Shia LaBeouf Again

August 8th, 2014 // 17 Comments
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Earlier in the week, Megan Fox made it a point to let the world know she’s not having sex with Brian Austin Green. On top of that, she made a passive aggressive jab that he wants more kids because “he doesn’t have to do any of the work” and then followed that up by naming Shia LaBeouf her favorite on screen kiss. The same Shia LaBeouf she hooked up with while filming Transformers and is now openly defending despite a series of douchetastic shitamaroo. The New York Daily News reports:

“I’m not worried about Shia,” says Fox. “I love my Shia. He’s perfectly fine. I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years, but I don’t worry about him. He’s a brilliant kid, talented and funny. … There’s no reason to worry.”

And in case that’s not enough evidence she wants to leave Brian Austin Green for The Beef, here’s an even bigger bombshell that proves their marriage is a sexless dungeon of passive aggressive hate and death. E! News reports:

I watch all of the Housewives,” Fox tells me. “Brian watches them, too. They’re addicting. And we talk about it. We’re like, ‘Could you believe Teresa did that?’ They’re like drugs those shows. It’s my worst vice for sure.”
And they really never miss an episode. “We watch them together and we record them if we’re going to be out of town,” Fox said.

So she makes him watch Real Housewives with her and then still doesn’t have sex with them? Jesus Christ! That’s not even wrong. That’s evil. That’s Satanism. Does she slaughter a goat during the commercials then swear allegiance to the darkness? Holy shit, lady.

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  1. lulubell

    jeebus. do you think she looks at her old pictures and wonders who that person is? she looks NOTHING like herself anymore.

  2. Cock Dr

    After reading this it’s obvious that BAG & Fox truly do belong together. I know it’s crazy but a very few celebrity couplings do seem to having staying power, this seems to be one of them.

  3. Short Round

    Well, bat-shit-crazy is as bat-shit-crazy does. Can’t wait for her and Jenny McCarthy to find each other. We should get on that.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I’ll bet fifty bucks he’s got something on the side.

    He’s been banging girls for the past 20 years on recognition alone. Someone getting that much variety and quality isnt the marrying type to begin with, let alone to a cold ass bitch.

  5. JC

    “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that mentally unstable doucheclown,” said the mentally unstable doucheclown.

  6. I bet they had hot sex, tho.

  7. buzz

    When her career was tanking big time, she was quick to get married and have kids with BAG and stop rocking the boat.

    Now’s it kind of back on track, with some inevitable TMNT sequels upcoming in the next few years, she’s back to looking down on everyone and talking her shit.

  8. ‘I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years, but I don’t worry about him. ‘

    What a true friend. /fucking sarc

  9. Anyone see her on Conan last night? Let me put it mildly: M-Fox is a complete unadulterated utter moron weirdo new-age crazy quack. Going on about astrology and all sorts of idiotic bs – apparently dead seriously, too! I thought Conan was supposed to be smart yet he didn’t call her out on *any* of her crazy crap.

  10. Michael

    Is there someone I can pay to ensure this bitch gets fuckin’ flattened by a Mack truck? Why is she even still around, she’s a waste of time on this planet.

  11. whatever

    she cant be serious about religiously watching the mental headcase women who’ve got nothing else to do in life than create nonsense drama amongst themselves, UNLESS she wants to make a bid to be ON one of those shows, and that husband of hers must be an idiot too, a guy with normal intelligence could not stand to be around that ditsy brainless woman no matter how hot she was, and him watching that crap with her – five minutes and your eyes roll back in your head from exhaustion, wtf is WRONG with those mental bitccches?????

  12. I don’t care if she is a silly twat. She is a rare beauty and what she’s got going-on would work wonders for this old fuck.

  13. Megan Fox Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    I feel like I know what her skull looks like.

  14. “Why, gawd, oh why? Why Shia LaPoof? Why not me? I’ve been a good person all of…most of my…some of my life. Why don’t you pimp her to me? This is some great sick cosmic joke, isn’t it? Oh the humanities…”

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