It’s Megan Fox Pregnant In A Bikini

June 29th, 2012 // 72 Comments
Masters of Stealth
Megan Fox Pregnant Hiding Behind Umbrella Brian Austin Green
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You may have already seen a few of these on other sites throughout the week, but while they may have more money than we do, we possess a complete lack of both urgency and competitive drive which allowed us to eventually buy the entire set in bulk on the slowest traffic day of the week, so they can suck it. On that note, here’s Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green in Hawaii debuting her glowing pregnant stomach which explains why he’s been walking around shielding her with an umbrella indoors like a goddamn idiot. Because seeing Megan Fox pregnant in a frumpy T-shirt will make the Internet not want to look at her engorged breasts in a bikini a few days later. You might as well toss her in a dumpster.



  1. Deacon Jones

    I’m leaving for the beach, otherwise Id do it myself, but someone needs to link in the sound of a balloon deflating to symbolize her career based on this news.

  2. Twizlah

    Aaaaaaw, I bet she’ll have her mother’s thumbs.

  3. Rico Jones

    I did not need to see this. Why don’t women realize this is a turn off?

    • MIA

      She’s already pregnant. She’s not trying to turn you on. DUH!

      • thespiral

        LOL @ poor Rico Jones thinking women give a shit about turning men on once they’ve gotten the ring and been knocked up. Why do you think wives get fat? We’ve already accomplished our primary objective.

      • Oreona

        Even if she bothered, I doubt she would give a shit whether a Rico Jones, may be 10 years without sex if you don’t count that ugly whore he paid, is turned on or not. His assumption just shows how pathetic he is.

  4. virginia

    I still don’t get the hype about Brian Austin Green, and Megan’s acting is crap

  5. someone

    when did she become such a huge famewhore?
    she was always this huge gimmick, angelina jolie wannabe and people actually bought her shit
    Now the truth shows, she’s just like Heidi and spencer

    • that is common for a lot of actors.not all but a lot. they try to get as much attention as possible hoping the public will want to see them in a movie.this is one of the last ditch efforts to get bck i the success to last ditch effort to success would be a divorce for them. usually last ditch is a “stolen” sex tape orposing for playboy. remember the producers choose someone due to looks, acting ablity and popuariy with the public. Megan Fox has or had looks. her acting was so so to bad and her popularity went downhill after she opened her mouth.

      Now as far as her being an Angelina Wannabe. my guess was they thought there was such a high demand in the Angelina look in which Angelina could not do all the projects even if she wanted to. especially a mid or a low level project. stuff like that was done for years. years ago Daryl Hannah was the high level hot one and you had Lori Singer as the one for mid and low level projects.

  6. Boy Blunder

    Holy catface Batman!

  7. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
    Commented on this photo:

    these pics are so fake lol

  8. Caps Lock

    Well, she’s off my “To Do” list. Next on the list, rearranging my closet. I need more space for my Snooki shrine.

  9. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
    Commented on this photo:

    “Incision made? OK, suck the fetus out.”

  10. Dick Hell

    Megan decided to film her own Transformer movie. It’s 9 months long with no plot and a sloppy ending. Pretty much like all the other Transformer movies.

  11. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    ^_^ She looks cute

  12. Emily

    These pictures are so ridiculous. Obviously staged- who just stands there like that?! Without a career, I imagine it’s easier to have the paps take your maternity pictures than to hire someone.

    • What the fuck…of COURSE they’re staged…or posed, if you prefer. Do you really think they’re trying to put one over on the public by implying these are candid photos? Do you think other people have photogs sneak up on them when they order family pictures? Sweet Jeebus…Take a few deep breaths. I think your brain is running a bit oxygen lean.

  13. Cock Dr

    It is pretty amazing that these 2 are still together.
    Good luck with that reproduction project. I’m sure it will turn out JUST FINE.

  14. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Kiss the money bag, sughah.

  15. She HAD two things going for her…she was super-hot, and she wasn’t pregnant.

  16. Megan Fox's formerly sexy body

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look at your ass…again

  17. El Jefe

    Watched him on Charlie Sheen’s new show Anger Management last night which is excellent by the way and he played a douchebag tool really well, too well. I wonder if he is like that in real life?

  18. DonDrapersDad

    She’s gonna have to do more than wash Ferrari’s now.

  19. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Is that a vein or rippling of implants?

  20. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Her face looks so puffy :(

  21. guest

    He was actually pretty good on the Sarah Conner Chronicles.

  22. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    SOOO DAMN CUTE!! she looks great preggers..

  23. Confusus

    OT: Totally not gay Tom Cruise and totally not a beard Katie Holmes are getting a divorce, which totally has nothing to do with the expiration of a five-year contract or anything.

  24. Kassi

    That is some Heidi and Spencer shit….never thought they’d stoop to their level with the “staged paparazzi photo shoots”…..oy.

  25. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    they look really happy. good for them! she looks really beautiful pregnant!!!

  26. MIA

    Vanessa Marcil is prettier.

  27. The Royal Penis

    It’s too late to cut the wrecking ball out of her stomach now…hope she/hubby have saved for that rainy day…which is their case happens to be the rest of their lives.

    • Jay

      Sad is that the kid is probably a crack baby. Knowing Megan, she does so much cocaine in that white trash town.

  28. Archie Leach

    She WAS a real looker as late as 2009, but she couldn’t give up on the surgical “enhancements” and done gone and turned herself into Megan Frankenfox.

  29. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    “How much you think we can sell these pictures for?”

  30. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    It’s funny that Megan pregnant is smaller than most non-pregnant chicks on vacay.

  31. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    she is so pretty its ridonkulous

  32. MyCoworkerIsHot

    She’s barely pregnant how can she look so swollen already? Or does she always look like that?

  33. BAG and Fox better get crackin’ if they’re looking to cash in on the preggo celeb fetish sex tape market. At this point, it’s looking like their most viable source of income.

  34. Blech

    Jesus, you can crack a walnut on those cheeks.

  35. Claire

    she looks great. I know these pics are obviously posed but it’s nice to see her body doing sometihng natural for once… she is a beautiful girl whom i seems has become wrapped up in celebrity image culture, however who are we to judge her relationship with BAG… why should she care what we think of him, she clearly loves him and he seems to be good to her. Good luck to them.

  36. Claire

    sorry for spelling mistakes – * something *whom it seems

  37. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Good for her.

  38. Jay

    Tard alert, tard alert!

  39. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    I’d put a 2nd baby up in that! ….too soon??

  40. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    What I like to do with pregnant bitches is fuck them in the pooper, because vaginal is kinda weird. I still perform cunnilingus though. And golden shower.

  41. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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  42. GhostofBAG

    His little money machine working days are numbered. I hope she’s happy because this is going to get old real fast. Raising a baby on the seedy side of Hollywood when you are divorced and working the casting couch isn’t much of a future. What can she possibly see in Brian Austin Green for God’s sake? Dummmmmmmy.

  43. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    interesting..great family

  44. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Why doesn’t he have hair on his legs??? 0.o

  45. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    She is not hot.She always makes such ugly faces.Wait til that bitch is nine months pregnant,she won’t be posing then

  46. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    This looks so casual and unplanned.

  47. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    He is irrelevant. She is soon to follow, once she craps out a kid and has a fucked up body. Byeeeeeee!

  48. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Funny how she always denied trying to look like Angelina. She even got the exact same tattoos as her.

  49. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    so cute! she looks great pregnant

  50. Megan Fox Bikini Pregnant Brian Austin Green
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    Some of the sexiest pictures I’ve ever seen. Great work. Such a loving sensual pictation

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