Megan Fox Was Serious About Not Showing Her Breasts Anymore

December 13th, 2012 // 19 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox at last night’s premiere of This is 40 which makes two red carpets in under a week where she’s kept her breasts under wraps because she’s a mom now and doesn’t want to give her son’s future friends future boners. Which is probably the most narcissistic thing I’ve ever heard in my life because how does she know women in the future won’t be awesome and finally have three boobs like Total Recall promised? Not to mention I may spend a lot of time hurling radiocative waste in malls yelling, “Grow my third tit children! GROW.” You’ll never prove it in court.

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  1. fanfi

    whatever the fuck she’s done to her face has made her look like a 40 y/o botoxed zombie

  2. TheSufFan

    come on, you think her kid’s friend’s won’t think she’s hot?? you allude to this future like it’s the fucking year 2300…but realistically it could be as soon as 10 years from now (5th grade boys can be little scumbags). at which time megan fox will STILL BE FUCKING HOT. if it was minka kelly saying that stuff you wouldn’t call it narcissism, you’d agree with her, call her respectable, and then ask to kiss her shithole.

    • Schmidtler

      yeah, but Minka hasn’t publicly threatened to stop showing her tits off, so we still like her.

    • Doooofus

      Eh. I very highly doubt that she will still look good in 10 years….especially not good enough for 10 year old boys to be interested in. But they will still enjoy her photos of when she was in her prime, from a couple of years ago.

  3. Moo Cow Hunter

    Kanye West wonders if she rents her ego out on weekends. He’s looking for a big enough place to party and Kristen Stewart, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s egos have all RSVP’d.

  4. JIM


  5. alex

    Its not her fault shes impossibly gorgeous. I would bury my head up her ass and settle in for the duration.

  6. Billy Bob

    I’d bang her then kill her cause that’s all she’s good for. Everything that comes out of her mouth is pure stupidity. She should be seen and not heard. Her next piece of plastic surgery should be to have that mouth permanently closed (she still has two other useful orifices). Idiot.

  7. Emerson

    Yeah, be pissed that she’s trying to be more classy because she’s a parent. How dare she?!

  8. judgingyou

    So…. her face? What the hell is going on with that? She doesn’t look human. That face in 10 years won’t be turning anyone on, it kind of scares me now, at best they’ll be looking at her in her prime…. or before she made herself too deformed. The damage is done to your kid and BAG is the father FFS.

    Maybe she isn’t getting offered those roles anymore and is trying to save face, that makes more sense to me.

  9. kery

    she shouldnt have done that to her face , she was very pretty before ;)

  10. Where do they find these assholes? Her and Kristen Stewart should be best of friends. They both over-estimate how attractive they are and suffer from chronic verbal diarrhea. Rooney Mara will join the club soon.

  11. Ever meet a pretty girl and think “She’s pretty cool.” Then she opens her mouth and out flows some of the bullshit Megan’s pushing and she drops from a 10 to a 4 instantly.

  12. Not

    She’s still starving herself, she’s still talking shit, she still has a huge adam’s apple, she still has painted on eyebrows, she’s still hitting the botox, she still has toe thumbs, she still poses like she’s a porn star but still defends the whole “I’m so insecure” shit. yawn, next.

  13. Megan Fox This Is 40 Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    A baby = 10 years more! Yes!! This is 40!!!!

  14. Megan Fox This Is 40 Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    brian austin green has really downgraded-from beautiful vanessa marcil to this big nose, big forehead, loud, stupid bitch. what the hell.

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