Megan Fox Is Too Good For Marilyn Monroe’s Face Now

August 23rd, 2011 // 111 Comments

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic Hollywood actress who appeared in several timeless films beloved the world over before dying a possible drug-related – or Mafia induced – death in 1962. Megan Fox showcased her navel and fake tits in a movie about fighting robots that turn into cars which we now know greased Shia LaBeouf‘s entry into her noonerhole, so take a wild guess which one thinks her shit stinks less than the other. Via Us Magazine:

The 25-year-old star confirmed to Italian fashion magazine Amica that she is in the process of removing (via laser treatments) the talked-about portrait of the Hollywood legend from her famous body.
“I’m removing it,” Fox says. “She was a negative person, she was disturbed, bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.” (Indeed, the notoriously troubled Monroe died in 1962 at age 36 of a drug overdose.)
But the Transformers bombshell has plenty of other body art staying on — with over nine other tattoos, including a quote in honor of her Passion Play costar Mickey Rourke on her ribcage, a tribal tattoo on her left wrist and another quote on her shoulder.
“Who knows, maybe I’ll remove the others too, but the laser hurts.”

“She was a negative person, she was disturbed, bipolar,” says the actress who got herself fired from a career-launching franchise by calling the director Hitler. For her next trick, Megan Fox will criticize Katherine Hepburn for saying crazy shit in interviews before denouncing everyone in Hollywood with fake tits. “I just don’t want your negative energy, so let me help you wash those puppies off,” is what I’m imaging her saying, as she realize her feelings are new, yet scary to her. But a good scary, a good scary.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News


  1. Cock Dr

    Good choice to get rid of huge stupid tattoo. It really does look terrible on her.

    • DavidH

      Good call about the tattoo, It’s look like kind of trashy.

    • Dan

      It is a good choice for her… I don’t like tattoos like this either.

      Additionally, she seems like she would be pretty high maintenance in a relationship. I am not sure her looks make up for it.

  2. Bob

    As long as she keeps dressing like this, bitch can say anything she wants.

  3. It was the dumbest thing she ever did, no-one would hire her when her arm is like that, it just doesn’t ‘fit’ with movies.

    • TomFrank

      Yeah, that’s probably the real reason she’s having it lasered off. But she’s so full of herself, she can’t admit that getting it was a mistake in the first place if she ever wanted to be a model/actress. So instead she’s going this, “Now that I know more about her…” route.

      • Yeah. And she’s not demanding the Mickey Rourke tattoo be removed because he’s so balanced and full of positive energy. And also someone who has so much silicon in his face that you could make a DD breast implant with it.

      • Jillia

        “So instead she’s going this, “Now that I know more about her…” route.”

        Which doesn’t make her sound any smarter considering she got a tattoo before really knowing and understanding what she was getting in the first place.

        I mean really, why the fuck would you get someone else’s enormous mug tattooed on your forearm?…

    • they have this stuff called make up now. It magically covers over tattoos.

  4. Venom

    Sweet Jesus she looks fucking hot and amazing again.
    Welcome back super hot Megan, we have missed you.
    And that tattoo was hideous.

  5. Can someone help me understand how Marilyn Monroe’s face on your body is worse than David Silver’s penis in your body?

  6. all she has to do is do a ton of coke,driving and drug violations and she’ll be viva la Lohan.

  7. TheSupFan

    Isn’t this typical. This skinny little bitch gets all the love and attention from men. What’s wrong with spreading a little love to the fatties of the world. Fat bitches wanna fuck too.

    • DavidH

      Bring them, you know the old saying “more cushin for the pushin” xD

    • Drew

      Yeah, but they gotta pay.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        And bring their own bag of flour, so we can roll them around on the floor in it to find the sweet spot. Oh, and money for a tip for the pizza delivery guy on their way out the door when we’re finished with them.

        Yup, “Mr. Sensitive”, I am.

  8. Mickey0123

    People need to stop treating this stupid skank like she is something special. I have to think the entire world is about fed up with her shit. How would you like to have to listen to that mouth every night.

    • Henry

      You’d keep that mouth busy in other activities then, Ahem…

    • polly

      With a smoking body like that, she’ll get all the love and attention she every wanted or needs. That may upset the fatties, but personality matters little when you body is built for fucking.

      • That’s why Anna Nicole Smith is doing so well at present, right?

      • Dan

        “personality matters little when you body is built for fucking”

        You might all call me gay, but that is totally not true. No set of titties in the universe is worth putting up with typical skinny white bitch BS. I won’t do that… ever again :)

    • Fletch

      Sorry, I wouldn’t screw this skank with the Hoff’s dick. Her attitude would not make the body worth the effort.

  9. MrsPlant

    Wait, so the writer supports Marilyn Monroe? He does realize that she is a pathetic talentless whore/addict just like the people he enjoys reviling today. Also, she was ugly before the plastic surgery.

    • blueberry

      Have you ever watched Marilyn Monroe when she started to break out of being typecast? She really was a genius and you really are an idiot.

      • Oh please. MM was a shit actress who skanked her way to the top. She only tried to become a serious actress after the fact and in the end was average at best. She was famous because she was hot and slept with the right people, not because she had actual talent. If you think otherwise, you’ve apparently never seen actual acting talent.

  10. Face Seat

    She’s just fine for my face, and can sit on it all day.

  11. Rick

    She forgot to mention that MM was a sloppy fatass, too.


      Right, because anyone more than 90 pounds is FAT right? Typical stupid modern american non-thinking, as usual. Marilyn Monroe had a body like women naturally have: curvy. Not rail thin, boy-assed, tattoo covered and shaven like they haven’t hit puberty, like most american skanks.

    • MM’s weight went up and down, dummy – aside from that, the ideal woman of the 50s and 60s wasn’t supposed to look like Madonna with a gunshow. When she filmed “Some Like It Hot” she’d just had a miscarriage and was pretty zaftig. I defy you to look at her in “Bus Stop” or her final photoshoot and call her a “sloppy fatass” – not unless your idea of curvy is Callista Flockheart.

    • “polly”: code word for MORON

    • vandal

      MM was waaay hotter than this fuckwit. It’s called curves, it sexy. Look at this tarts legs, I’ve seen better on a coffee table.

  12. Zabine

    What a disturbed negative bitch! Being bipolar is nothing to make fun of someone about. Shame on her and her entitled attitude!

    • mike

      Definitely! I mean, I’d only make fun of marilyn monroe for bipolarity after working my way through “pill-popping”, “no-talent”, “white trash”, “bimbo”, and “gold-digger.” Then I’d start in on the bipolarity.

      • The Eye Roll

        Shows how much you know. Marilyn took pills for endometriosis, painful menstruation & insomnia. She took more pills to counteract the effects of the other pills so she could function at work. She was an exceptional model, good singer, good in comedies. She rented apartments most of her life and later owned a modest 1 story, 3 bedroom house. She had mostly costume jewelry & borrowed fancy gowns from her studio for public events because she owned little formal wear. She wasn’t a gold-digger. She wasn’t materialistic. That was just a character she played in films. Your ignorance is showing, mike. Better remedy that by watching some documentaries and reading a few biographies before posting another fool comment.

      • Artofwar

        ….If Mike were to do as you instructed above, it would indeed mean Mike is a homosexual—not that there’s anything wrong with that of course (cough,cough)….Artofwar

      • The Eye Roll

        @Artofwar: Was that your attempt at wit? LOL, try harder. So, someone who watches documentaries and actually READS about a subject to avoid making ignorant statements is gay? What a simplistic, absurdist, narrow definition of gender you have. Oh and BTW, I’m female, but I guess my being informed and willing to do research instead of pulling lies out of my ass a la mike makes me a lesbian in your eyes, huh? Bitch please.

  13. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    so hot.

  14. it had to be said

    I’d tattoo her ass. Does that count for something?

  15. bing

    Yeah, it would have been smarter not to have that tatoo in a first place, stupid airhead ! People deciding to get a tatoo usually think a lot before having one and you are so dumb you went straight to get one for now removing it. How intelligent !

    • dudette

      your liberal use of exclamation points gave you away, “Zabine”

      • I would have gone with not knowing how to spell “tattoo” in the first place, then segued into the rather garbled phrasing of, “you are so dumb you went straight to get one for now removing it,” but the overuse of exclamation points – with the extra spacing, of course – works for me.

  16. Not so fake tits

    Her tits are too small to be fake. Unless she was flat and implanted at best a B, those are real.

    • Jillia

      Yes, some people, believe it or not, actually get modest sized implants as opposed to giant grapefruit bolt-ons. Shocking, I know. But you know what, she strikes me as the superficial kind of bitch that would get some boobs, but still wants to be taken seriously. Look at some of the candid pictures of her scrawny ass in a bikini and tell me those aren’t bolted in.

    • Jack Ketch

      Duh, they’re fake … look at some “before” pix … nothing but tiny droopy beaver tails. Do your homework, mate !! Lots of women get small implants … not all of ‘em go for Pam Anderson or Coco tits.

  17. hmmmm

    Well- her personality is VILE once she loses her hotness, I expect she will have a Lohan grade meltdown.

  18. Sledman

    Good move as that tat looked terrible and Sweet Zombie Jesus she’s looking hot!

  19. Frank Burns

    Megan, honey, those lips of yours are for sexy pouting, and other fun things, but not for talking.

  20. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    I got’s to make love to that.

  21. well

    To be fair to her, Michael Bay is actually way worse than Hitler.

  22. Good. That tattoo (actually all of hers) is/are wretched. I’m so picky about tattoos on women, they either look amazing or trashy and hers look trashy.

    • Jack Napier

      No tattoo looks amazing on anyone. The human form can’t be improved on with graffiti.

      • Schmidtler

        Oh c’mon now – tattoos are always CLASSY! what about Miley Cyrus’ mom, with those giant angel wings on her back, or Rihanna, with the gun on her side, or Hayden Panietierre with the misspelled french phrase on her back? Tattoos are the mark of a wise and classy lady, for sure!

  23. edamame

    Just wait and see.

  24. Katie

    Well, at least she can walk down the street, so shes got a new job now. So what, big deal.

  25. Rocky

    My guess is that she gives hand jobs that would make homos convert

  26. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    Ohh say can you seeeeee…..

  27. Mr Obvious

    Wow, you’ve been waiting for that UPS truck for a long time. I don’t think it’s coming dude. Just like anyone who might be dumb enough to fall for this fake site.

  28. dontkillthemessenger

    Someone give this bitch a job so she can focus on something/anything else in her life. It’s a tattoo you buffoon.

    Oh, and slow and painful deaths to all spammers.

  29. See Alice

    She is so super hot . Glad the head case tats going .
    Now who was saying she would going to be a homeless loser for telling M Bay to
    F Off ?

    • Michael

      I think that was SternFanSince97. But he goes in raw, which is more than I can say to the rest of the people who leave the same old comments over and over.

    • Michael

      Oh, she will be a homeless loser. And how do people like Judd Apatow and Sasha Baron Cohen get mixed up with her? They’re gonna have a wake-up call when they see this girl snorting up lots of cocaine and throwing a tantrum because she needs her fix. Then they’ll watch as their movie fails. They deserve it if they’re as stupid as this twat.

  30. 1,000pt. bonus for “noonerhole”.

  31. sc4play

    Guy next to her (the one about to have a spontaneous orgasm) is thinking, ‘Oh shit, I can’t wait to tell the guys I was walking next to Megan Fox!! They’ll be all like NO-WAY and junk!’

    • Jack Napier

      He looks more confused. Like he’s thinking is that a white girl trying to become asian through surgery or vice versa.

  32. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
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    she’s getting chunky.

  33. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Vicenzo Boskipatolini
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    Datta is a saucy a meatballs!

  34. forrest gump

    Ít’s a shame these people get paid for just being slim and wearing clothes of an whore…….

  35. Arzach

    I just want to fuck her stupid

  36. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
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    Memo to the paparazzi: Get some good low angle stuff. Don’t make it too obvious, but I wanna see fur and early morning dew.

  37. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
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    She’s gonna have to open wider, if she’s gonna use that mic for deep throat practice.

  38. Angus

    I agree while Marilyn was certainly fuckable for her day– she’s about the stupidest heroic symbol for chicks worshipping her today.

    However, last time I checked Megan Fox’s lastest job was for Georgio Armani’s new fragrance which involves her sitting down with some random guy’s cock directly in her face. She shouldn’t talk.

  39. Kaycee enyinnah

    She reali got what she ever wanted, and can as well do away with it at anytime! Really acting like the only girl in the world.

  40. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF is up with those knees? I can look past those jointless stubs that she calls thumbs, but those knees? Man!

  41. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Lets not forget that 8-head!

  42. Veronica

    If I recall correctly, David Silver was also bipolar. Maybe she should get rid of him.

  43. Dave

    If Marilyn Munroe were a celebrity today, goofs like the guy who run this site would make her out to be more crazy than lindsay lohan and britney spears combined for teh things she did back then.

  44. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
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  45. Parker

    Say what you want about her but I’d still be happy to slip my greased up hog into her noonerhole.

  46. Jack Ketch

    Oh look at ME, I’m sooooo hot …. *barf*.

  47. Adam

    That f#ckin’ “Fat Chick Principle”. Have you noticed in every candid shot of a hot woman there is inevitably an ugly fat chick in the background ruining the experience. Here is Megan Fox in something that would make her look proud on Sunset Blvd. I’m practically licking the screen and then I see that fat chick. Now that’s all I see… AAAAA!

  48. abcdefghijklmno

    She is full of shit. The only reason why she is removing it now is because so many people called it stupid and flat out said she would look way better without it. She used to say she got that tattoo because she didn’t want to end up like marilyn monroe (it was a reminder of how megan fox herself could end up), which means the demons that haunted marilyn monroe were the very reasons fox got that tattoo in the first place so her explanation as to why she is removing it now makes no sense so not to sound like an idiot now, she is trying to put a positive spin on removing the tattoo is all. She will probably take it a step further and say, “well, i wanted to be a role model to the young women out there. Do not surround yourself with negative energy” Anyway, she is your typical impulsive idiot. She got those tattoos because she was going through a brief transformation and wanted to look tough and bad ass… jolie. Dyed her hair black first so tattoos were the next step. From day 1, i said, “it seems like she just wanted to ink her body for the sake of it and did not put any thought into her tattoos”. Good to know I was right.

  49. Megan Fox Cleavage Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    this woman is nuts, i hope her husband can sleep with one eye open cause she is dangerous

  50. Dagens24

    People, people; surely, at least, we can all agree that that guy on the right’s shirt is fucking AWESOME!

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