And Now 8 Seconds of Leslie Mann Giggling While Fondling Megan Fox’s Breasts

At the 1:34 mark you’ll find eight wonderful seconds of Leslie Mann giggling while fondling Megan Fox’s breasts in the just-released This Is 40 blooper reel and I’m going to stop because no one read a single word past “breasts.” Seriously, I can write anything down here and no one will even notice. Case in point: Jesus is Santa Claus’ closet gay twin brother, and that’s why they have the same birthday. But on a serious note, I’d like to dedicate this post to loyal reader Scott who’s going through some health issues right now, or at least was until he watched the video below and was instantly cured. Tell your doctor this is how it’s done, Scott.

[Ed. Note: Us Magazine’s embed code wouldn’t play nice with our pretty video widget up top, so here’s the only reason you clicked on this post. Love always finds a way, kids. Love always finds a way… – SW]