Megan Fox is Your Angelina Jolie Now

June 18th, 2010 // 122 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox at the Arclight premiere of Jonah Hex last night where she couldn’t look more like Angelina Jolie if she pulled Brad Pitt’s testicles out of her purse to entertain a small Vietnamese child. To put things in perspective, I noticed the collagen way before the implant balls hanging out of her chest. Now either I’m drunk or *passes out on the floor*

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  1. Ego
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    OMG, what I want to do to her!

  2. francesca


  3. claire
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    wow, how much work has she had done?!

  4. claire
    Commented on this photo:

    and might i add, FIRST MUTHAFUCKA

    • Janice

      That’s because you can comment on every individual photo you fucking retard. Why don’t you go write first on every single photo if it makes you feel better. But you can’t change the fact that you already look like a dickhead.

  5. jenna


    Oh, and WTF did she do?!

  6. cmyk

    Why, God, Why?! She was fine with real tits!

  7. Pander Smirk


  8. Mike Walker

    Check out the enormous skull vein in pic 5.

  9. ROUGH? his got an edge! totally.

    I hope B.A.G. made her get on (Yes, I she was the one who asked him) her knees during the proposal…

  10. FrankNfrtr

    Anything clothing put on by Ms Fox that covers up the tattos but allows the boobs to fall out is OK by me.
    Fluff up your hair some honey……you have what appears to be a receding hairline & your skull looks like a bobble head on top of that scrawny body.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Umm. FAIL.

  12. psycho
    Commented on this photo:

    look at the gap between them titties

  13. Douchariffic

    In the other pictures her lips are the same they’ve always been. In the main one she’s just sucking lipstick off her teeth. It’s an awesomely funny picture, but she hasn’t had any work done on her lips.

    And she’s been trying to look like Angelina for at least three years now.

  14. Stu Gavin
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    I love the sexy black fingernails.

    Honestly are we really bothered by the fact that she’s obsessed with making her lips the biggest cocksucking lips on Earth?

    Am I the only one who is strangely aroused at how she is basically turning herself into a brunette Barbie doll to become the object of every male’s ideal fucktoy fantasy?

  15. ROUGH? his [sic] got an edge! totally.

    Wow! Maybe Fish is right! I see she got a giant blood vessel on her forehead too. Although. On the right side of the temple, maybe it will take full transition and move to the middle in a few month…

    I wouldn’t check her basement for an Angie shrine, because she doesn’t look insecure to me at all…

  16. That one guy
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    Stephen Baldwin in drag?

  17. Megan, you’re looking amazing with each passing day, maturing into a woman that turns heads and causes whiplash in men. Radiant blue eyes and soft kissable lips surrounded by nice brown locks of hair. Angelina could only wish she was as beautiful as you are back in her day.


    • Howie

      Back in her day? Randal you are strange, strange troll.

    • Christy Exclusive

      You mean Megan would be wishing to be half beautiful as Angelina is!She copies her all the fucking time! Plus she had all the surgeries in the world to look like this! I was watching some pictures of Megan’s through the years and i count about 5 different noses so stop the natural beauty idiocity! We all know how fake she is! Mila kunis is real and much prettier than her! Plus she played the small jolie at Gia! Angelina Jolie & Mila Kunis forever! The others can just copy! Period!

  18. Jav
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    I would totally mix her beans up

  19. Jamie
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    Love those sweet titties!

  20. Ivor
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    I’ve NEVER commented on this site…but CHRIST!! Utterly gagworthy. Give me the quiet elegance of a Lindsay Lohan over this.

  21. Aidan
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    idiot. everyone who’s trying to be someone else is an idiot.

  22. fornarina

    did the superficial writer change? cuz he’s no longer funny. sounds like those other gossip sites “try too hard” jokes. i guess the writer changed with the new lay out.


    in the quiet words of lil’ wayne, “Don’t u fix Ur lips , unless U ’bout ta suk my dik” lmfao

  24. Christina Spears
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    She looks awful!

  25. pimp

    she needs her asshole sucked on…by me…

  26. Anonymous

    Can’t wait for this movie to tank. This is her last big budget film. From here on at its a TV series or obscurity. Since she can’t act, I say obscurity.

    • FrankNfrtr

      She will always be able to get modeling/video jobs & make appearance at the comic book conventions.
      Remember, tens of thousands of young boys have been imprinted with her image as that of the ultimately desirable female. So parents of America, in a few years when your sons start bringing home tattooed, skinny, neurotic women for Thanksgiving, it’s your fault for giving them the $9 to see that stupid movie(s).

  27. Slappy Magoo
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    I’d say “she looks like Jolie and the Octomom had a kid” but I don’t want to give any one of those three any ideas that would a: defy God’s will and b: haunt my boners.

  28. None
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    I don’t think she has implants because her boobs changes with how skinny she is.. right now she is really skinny.. she had to fit into an 18″ corset. so her boobs look smaller but early this year when she had a fuller figure people speculated that she had D’s..

  29. penisboot
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    I have no idea what you are talking about.
    I’d do her.
    and over
    and over

  30. Richport's Ghost

    Those lips were made (enhanced?) for sucking, no two ways about it.

  31. Casey
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    Don’t insult Angelina Jolie. She looks waaaayyy better. Megan Fox is starting to look too plastified for me.

  32. skippy


  33. lawdy

    real tits ??? lol maybe for bozo they’re real …
    her & AJ gots the big punkin’ head with the said veins poppin’ out ..
    hot man !
    yeah the short spindly lergs & plastic tits are REAL hot..
    keep tellin us enough times & ramming them down our throats until we believe it ..
    but we don’t all like autistic skanks ..
    sorry..c ..
    i been dying laughing with AJ’s new wig !
    ahahaa could it be any heavier ? like a rug to cover that big ‘ol bald head & horizontal ears …ewww lawwwwd ..
    these are some ugly humans ..

  34. Jade
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    I have to say it’s really obvious she’s had her lips done. too bad, because I think she looked fab before. I doubt she had her boobs done though, because she always had a chest. Check this vid: she was 17/18 in it:

    • eline

      that’s because she was 15 pounds heavier, plus she was on birth control which makes ones’s boobs bigger. it’s extremely obvious that she’s had her boobs done….i mean….look at them. they don’t look natural at all. i saw recent pictures of her at the beach and her breasts were much too far apart to be real. they looked like lumps on her chest. she was pretty before she had lip injections, a nose job, collagen/botox (idk what she did to her face) and of course her boob job. it’s sad that she has such low self-esteem.

  35. lawdy

    ps- fuggin danielle from
    realhousewives new joisy has a better bod ‘ than these fugs ..ahaha

  36. Jade
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    Oh my god, megs I hope your lips deflate back to their normal size soon because this looks bad.

  37. classydirtychick

    her face is beyond plastic now. . it’s so smooth and shiny and symetrical and uninspiring. plastic and dull.

    where’s Marion Cotillard when you need her?

  38. gal
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    too much messing with her face she looks liks a doll now..she is still perfect beyond words but doesnt look real anymore.. something unattractive about that.. i obviously still am looking at her pictures but i miss her old face :(

  39. stinky mcpoop
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    At least Angelina Jolie uses her smarts for evil.

  40. gal
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    face started looking a bit done here lips etc

    and this is bad.. the worst face i’ve seen on her yet.. tight in spots.. puffty in others too much lip on a skinnnnny face …. oh well.. its just looks . shes still pretty just after a few years and all the injections it will only get weirder.. stop while your ahead girl

  41. This little jizz wrangler always wished she was Angelina Jolie. Now she’s resorted to surgery at only 21. Just run along and live quietly with David Silver already.

  42. BiJenni
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    Said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d do her any time, any place. Just gimmie half a chance! Gawd wish she was into gurls!!

  43. Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a RealDoll.

    Those shoulder pads make her arm look so twiggy.. looks like a fembot or something.

  44. E
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  45. s.
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    omg is there any facial muscle she hasn’t raped with botox + that upper lip … what has she done

  46. Trickster
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    She looks so much like Angelina Jolie! She even has the whole vein in the jead thing going on just like Angelina LOL

  47. Jon

    Hahahahaha the Jolie comparison.. no wonder I don’t find this girl super attractive like most other guys seem to.

  48. SATAN

    That first picture is by far the worst picture I’ve ever seen of her. It’s like she has BITTER BEER FACE!!!!!!!!!

  49. Chris
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    if she stands to close to a lamp, she will melt

  50. Fati87

    She even does her hair and make up like Angelina. What a loser… It’s pathetic to want to look like someone.

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