Megan Fox is in Her Underwear Again

June 17th, 2010 // 104 Comments

Armani has released their Fall/Winter 2010-2011 ad featuring Megan Fox (above) which will be plastered all over billboards in New York, Japan and Milan next month, according to the LA Times. I’ve also added Megan’s previous Armani campaign because- wait. Why the hell am I explaining posting pics of Megan Fox in her underwear? That’s like rationalizing why the sun shines. Or Mel Gibson denies the Holocaust. Some things just are.

Photos: Armani


  1. Mike Iksard
    Commented on this photo:

    Average Where? Im just as bored with her as the next guy, but if she is average where you live, I’m moving.

  2. she is so beautiful …..

  3. captain america

    this is an ANTI-WOMEN’s BODY!!(skinny)
    including those sickmaking TATTOOS!!

    • Maddy

      I wish people would stop getting so hung up on slender women being not ‘real’ or not ‘womanly’ enough. What about skinny men who, due to genetics, cannot put on bulk? Are they not ‘real’ or ‘manly’ either? What about the men who take steroids to bulk up and put on unnatural amounts of muscle? No one is accusing them of not being masculine enough.

  4. her shoulders are so much wider than the rest of her body. either photoshop made mistakes or she has some messed up proportions

  5. malabala

    Naturally beautiful, which is why it’s a pity she didn’t let her natural face rocket her into fame. As for these and the bikini pics the other day, she’s been looking duckier and duckier lately — she’d better slow down on the lip injections because at this rate she’s going to look like a freak show in ten years.

  6. joho777
    Commented on this photo:

    Even with Photoshop, Megan Fox’s cosmetic surgeries show through.

    Pass. ( Hove you ever seen photos of Megan without her makeup?)

  7. Stephanie

    Because everyone loves photoshopped abs. Eh..It’s not the brains people pay what can we really say? *spanks fish for even knowing who Carrie Bradshaw is..let alone that she is obsessed with shoes!!* wtf.

  8. Fati87

    She is too skinny… And overall, I really don’t think that all the fuss over her alleged hotness is justified. Sure she is attractive, but nothing extraordinary.. Well, in my taste anyways.

    • Sigma Pi Ass-Paddlers

      UR fucken crazy bro! U must be an total fag to think shes not hot! I bet you dont even like beer and pussie, what a homo! you probably couldn’t not never even get a sweat piece of ass like her you’re just pissed because yuou can’t hahahahaha! yeah that’s must be it hahahahaha! You are stupiod and gay, you fagging gaylord join a frat and be a man!!!!!!1!

  9. Maddy

    Her stomach looks terribly photoshopped. Her navel has odd placement and they’ve definitely taken a huge chunk out of her thigh. Yawn.

  10. Fuckston

    Generous shoop job wasn’t generous enough. Fox still looks like a typical, plastic piece of Hollywood gutter slop and that Marilyn tattoo is one of the most ridiculous eyesores I’ve ever seen on a girl.

  11. tc

    Interesting bulgy pudenda.

  12. raging boner
    Commented on this photo:

    girl knows how to work the pussy.

  13. Eggscutter

    Why she isn’t topless at least?

  14. Darth

    Damn! My gaze followed her curves and ended up trapped in the corners of my screen!

  15. Nero

    *Sweet voice* Who is this ravishing creature?!

  16. Minty
    Commented on this photo:

    She paid a lot of money to make her face and body look like that. And I’m sure she works really hard to maintain her skinniness, she is prob starving herself to look that way. Megan has clearly put a lot of effort into her appearance and I give her props- she does look good. Too bad I have never seen a movie with her in it because I only watch good films. I predict reality tv and/or Dancing with the Stars in her future.

  17. Bunny

    She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous! I love her looks kinda like CZJ a little in the face.

  18. Mr. Nice Guy

    Boring, Bay kicked her to the curb in time!

  19. fun shower
    Commented on this photo:

    Average?! I don’t think so! She is beautiful, however her beauty detracts from her talent shining through. She is not a great actress so I suggest she keep modelling unless a director or producer give her a chance to play a serious/respected role.

  20. kitty
    Commented on this photo:

    Megan fox is fuckin hot. end of story.

  21. goon
    Commented on this photo:

    if that was in my house, I could die happy. well, after some boning.

  22. Davinci
    Commented on this photo:


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