Megan Fox in Her Underwear: Vol. 3

January 20th, 2011 // 156 Comments

And it’s that time again. Here’s the newest Armani campaign featuring Megan Fox in nothing but a bra and panties because let’s not pretend this couldn’t sell a bagel to Mel Gibson if not a condom to one of those Teen Mom kids – without a hole in it. (“Ooooh,” and, “ahhhhh,” is what you should be saying right now.)

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  1. Tom

    For heaven’s sake put some clothes on already! Either that or just do porn.

  2. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    They photoshopped off all her bones showing… And her bellybutton too in the process. She’s gotten too thin for me and lost her sex appeal.

  3. Johnny Cage

    Beautiful girl, but her legs are too slender and skinny for my taste. Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have the best legs. Kardashian the best backside and Simpson again for best chest.

  4. uncle bill

    this skinny body must make her sick & a cocaine addict for the energy.

  5. losers

    she looks amazing. I love her skin color. It is such a classic color and very few women have it. Go to miami? She’ll look like an oompa loompa. orange skin is not attractive. Her hair is a nice shade of black, it is dark but not like kim kardashian black, it looks more softer. i think her body is amazing, it is delicate and slim

  6. richie

    hamana, hamana, hamana…thud

  7. kayla

    funny to see all of these incredibly mean comments about every little thing you can think of thats not *perfect* about her body. I’d like to see what the people posting these comments look like….

    • Mortimer Duke

      Like you kayla, except 10x better.

    • richie

      you’re right K – these folks must all be supermodels themselves! Typically, I picture these comments coming from the comic book guy character from the Simpsons!

      • garry

        its amazing that people sit at there comps and bash megan fox. what has she done to get bashed. nothing period. she does her job, takes care of her family, and has more fans than the few who bitch about her.she doesnt do drugs,smoke, or club what about her that pisses everyone off? she is drop dead georgeous, thats why, and the women who bash her hate it, because there boyfriends talk about her. and the men, what can i say,two chins and a double belly. come on, she is 24 and trying. like when all you haters tried for your ged and failed.she can only get better, but you guys will still be sitting here bitching…………………………….

      • mgggg

        gary, go whack off.. please spare us your fantasies

      • Johnny Cage

        @ Garry

        Not all of us hate her. She is one of the most beautiful women in the World. Only Sophie Monk and 1 or 2 French actresses can be able to compete. The only down side is that she lost too much weight. Her best weight was when she did Jennifer’s Body. She seems to hate conservative culture too but then again, Hollywood is extreme Lib Town USA.

    • Mandy

      That’s exactly the point: the people complaining DON’T put their (almost) naked body on the Internet for everyone to see. Do you really think Fox did these ads with the intention of no one seeing the photos and no one talking about her? Come on.

  8. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    megan fox is hot top to bottom.

  9. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    I'm on my Period.
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    She looks hungry

  10. jay

    She has an ugly B-button. looks like part of the umbilical cord is stuck inside plus nasty looking tats that will disgrace anyone’s figure. show me Sophia Bush in lingerie, now that is a body that is sizzling hot !!!!!!!!!

  11. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    Yeah she isn’t like, smoking hot. Not bad looking though.

  12. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    Dur face.

  13. Rocky

    I would love to make love to Megan anytime she wants too just tell her to let me know

  14. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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  15. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    She was a really hot girl, But now she just a little skinny girl with ink all over her. she starting to look like Mike Tyson LOL.

  16. mike


  17. supersniffy

    Will somebody pls knock this bitch up already so she can get streched out and her boobs will sag?

  18. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    What happened to the Megan Fox in the first Transformers? She was gorgeous in that movie…this doesnt even look like her!

  19. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    Did he just try to pay her to sleep with him?

    Looks like she said no!!

  20. Steve

    My wife of 26 years makes her look like a skinny tattooed freak who is way over rated! I really need to keep a better eye on my wife if that many of you guys find here HOT! She has great eyes and that is where it ends, her body looks like a 12 year old who needs to eat her lunch and should stop making herself throw it back up. She has NO boobs or Ass what are you looking at. And I really don’t mind a women who is small on top but she is supposed to be a sexy model / actress!

    A few of the people on this site keep asking why people bash her, its because she thinks she is hot and most of her fellow actors don’t want to work with her again.

    • Bored

      Wife checking up on your posts around the web Stevey? I hope the brownie points are worth going to hell for being a liar you blasphemous heathen.

  21. mgggg

    fake tits are not “curvy”… it’s anorexic women getting implants. She can’t act, she isn’t pretty and she married the guy from 90210… are her 15 minutes up yet?

  22. Looks like when they digitally extended her torso, they digitally extended her bellybutton too.

    Either that, or she’s even more of a mutant than I thought.

  23. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    Michael D
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    Just another Hollywood skank.

  24. Jessica

    She looks like me , but im way hotter and curvier:)

  25. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    oooooo is that a book:)

  26. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    i love her so much ,because she looks like me:)

  27. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    Megan we need to switch bums, and youll blow away hollywood and kardashian”)

  28. MrMeister

    i don’t get the allure. she’s like a fucked up stretched out gumby, and badly needs a sandwich.

  29. guy davidson

    her ten minutes in the spotlight are just about up… gettin a bit skanky

  30. Liz

    Man, her ribs are showing. It’s almost anorexic.

  31. vomit

    Keep her away from the all you can eat buffet! Biggest beer gut, those arms, repulsive. Her hips don’t lie and they are saying they just had 30 chicken legs from kfc.


  32. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    well, at least she aint showing her thumb

  33. Mandy

    I think her face is gorgeous (when she isn’t injecting her lips to be plumper), but she is too skinny. Bones everywhere. I think she was a great size in the first Transformers and when she was on a few episodes of Two and a Half Men (before Transformers fame). But she seems to be skinnier and skinnier in every new photoshoot. :(

  34. kat

    U know she is beautiful and seriously if u say she isnt, that just shows that ur not. Ya she could put on a few pounds but if that is the way she wants to be then more power to her. Look where she is and where ur not. Jelousness will get u no- where nor will critisism. People need to stop judging others and worry more about themselves.

    • Mandy

      These kinds of comments are the best. “People need to stop judging others and worry more about themselves”, “If you say she isn’t beautiful, that jsut shows that you’re not”, “Look where she is and you’re not”. Oh boy.

  35. ttrexxx

    she looks sick and i love her

  36. Izz

    Megan Fox is pretty – I’ll give her that., but she can be extremely annoying and over the last four years she has lost a lot of weight. Even though I’m a girl, I’d prefer to see someone like Kim Kardashian, Shakira or Beyonce. They have nice, curvy bodies, that they have maintained through healthy eating and exercise. I’m not saying that it is wrong to be skinny, because some people are just born that way, but that picture right there portrays to younger people, or people who struggle with their weight/eating habits, that the only way to be is skinny. Embrace your body, shape and size, but do it healthily.

  37. foosfev

    Forgive me but Megan fox looks like a shrink wrapped skeleton in that photo, Why in the world would you publish such an awefull photo? Or does she really look this bad? Its disturbing and I dont normally comment on anything, but that is a horrible looking photo.

  38. Dez

    ICK! “shows off her curves” Yeah right. You mean bones. Kim K has curves… This is just gross

  39. papalikee

    Oh My!!!
    I’d eat a mile of her poop to see where it comes from!!!

  40. papalikee

    Kim K is fat…

  41. babes

    she is one helluva of transformer babe in all her pictures!!

  42. Summer

    She is a beautiful girl but her multiple tattoo’s make her look trashy.

  43. Scarlett

    I think Megan Fox is a pretty girl, with a smoking hot body… However, all of those tattoos she has, really cheapens her image. I’m not saying a tatoo is bad, but IMO, it should be put in a place that only you and your husband/so can see. She looked like a cheap ho at the Globes. However, besides all that, she is such a beautiful woman and although, she’s on the slim side – it wouldn’t hurt if she ate a hamburger, or two, b/c her ribs are showing in that pic! But, hey it’s her body, so tattoos and bones!

  44. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    you are all just jealous of her so whatever…I bet you are all fat and ugly so who gives you the right to say is not that good looking. You are all ugly I bet.

  45. Harlow

    She looks so beautiful!!! And I think she is perfect, just the way she is. Just the way some people can’t all be slim/skinny not all people can be super curvy or “averge”. Megan just happens to be on the slim side and she works out a lot. People shouldn’t hate on her because of that. NOt eveyone can have a Kim K. body and not all women should think they have too.

    • Julia

      She HAS been curvy though. If you watch her older movies/TV show appearances, you can tell she has lost a lot of weight over the years. She’s not one of those naturally extremely skinny girls. She made an effort to look this thin.

  46. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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  47. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    What she really needs is another tatoo – across her ugly assed face.

  48. no2fakes

    she was sexy…unitl she got plastic and married that douchebag, Farewell Megan Fox.

  49. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    @ Jessica – Pics or you’re lying..

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