Megan Fox in Her Underwear: Vol. 3

January 20th, 2011 // 156 Comments

And it’s that time again. Here’s the newest Armani campaign featuring Megan Fox in nothing but a bra and panties because let’s not pretend this couldn’t sell a bagel to Mel Gibson if not a condom to one of those Teen Mom kids – without a hole in it. (“Ooooh,” and, “ahhhhh,” is what you should be saying right now.)

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  1. Boo

    Jesus Christ.

  2. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    Commented on this photo:

    Weird bellybutton though.

  3. Balony Rony

    Bony bitch is bony.

  4. FRIST!

    Give her a sandwich. She would be OK with 4 or 5 additional pounds here and there.

  5. Marley

    What’s going on in her tummy/hip region. Looks strange. Like, not photoshopped enough.

  6. Ugly belly button, ew it’s like her freaky toe/thumb. Nobody can be perfect.

  7. Mandi

    Just as my girl crush on her was fading..

  8. Yes to ooooh, yes to ahhhhh and now, nap time. Thanks fish.

  9. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This is considered attractive??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    Her eyes don’t match… in a few photos…. :^/
    she is an alien.

  11. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I apologize for all of the question marks something is up with my key board.

  12. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    who cares?
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    “holy shit. she’s still letting me be seen with her in broad daylight and follow her places?”

  13. Joe

    I don’t get the whole thing about here. Sure, she’s got a great body, but bodies are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. To me, she looks like a trailer park queen.

    • MJ's Hex

      YES she does – and here she looks like she’s been on a meth bender.
      Vastly OVERRATED…and she talks out of her ass. Not a good combo!

      • Puddin' Taine

        What friggin trailer parks you hang around? Just because she likes to be in shape (because that’s the only thing going for her), don’t hate on her for that.

        And I’ve seen women after a meth bender, she looks FAR from it

    • True, bodies are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but mercy, is it ever expensive to pay someone to get rid of them.

  14. Facebook me

    For the love of everything that is holy. GOD bless America.

  15. This is basically Megan saying “ok, I can’t act and I’m an insufferable bitch, but people still want to look at me nearly naked, right?”

    No. take it all off and do something interesting or go away. At this point she’s just another overly tattood skank who thinks not eating is the same as being fit.

  16. eww

    Too FREAKIN skinny

  17. I don’t know when she got the breast implants, but losing weight was NOT the way to keep them a secret. The bony expanse between them is as inviting as putting my dick in a cactus.

  18. Let me guess – Michael Bay’s casting couch?

  19. Does this bitch have a eating disorder? To skinny for my taste. I like my women thick with some curves.

  20. Nathalie

    Ew. Too skinny…. and pale. Bring her to Miami for a month and she’ll good to go.

  21. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    the eating disorder certainly gives the implants an interesting look

  22. Franksinatrastein

    That’s about as physically attractive as it gets. I don’t personally care for ink, but other than that? Physically? Flawless.

    • huh?

      She starves herself and has very disproportionate body shape: short legs, chubby arms, large hips, no ass.
      Her face is messed up and plastic, scary looking cheeks and lips, a wonky eye. Flawless? She better be photoshopped in every picture now.

  23. She needs to go on a diet. Look at all that flab on her arms. Gross.

  24. Oh snap

    “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn…” is what she sings while she holds her lighter up the spoon full of heroin

  25. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    at least they photoshopped the plastic out of her face.

  26. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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  27. Reggie Rhino

    Where is the sexy? And who is this coke whore?

  28. GravyLeg

    Is Armani selling underwear? Cuz I see an ad for Photoshop.

  29. Eileen

    That looks just like the bra and panties I just got-

    Not happy she is copying my style!

  30. JRS

    My guess is there was countless late nights trying to photoshop out her ribs and hip bones.

  31. Geez she’s lost SO MUCH weight.

  32. Mortimer Duke

    Megan Fox doing hoe shit. Nothing new.

  33. Screw her…show more pics of her HUSBAND…he’s got a VERY nice chest :)

  34. Aaron

    She’s like a shopping bag from a vegetarian grocery: made of plastic and meatless.

  35. John

    Not at all good looking. She needs to get rid of the damn tats or have them photoshopped. If I want to look at Neanderthal hieroglyphics then I will go to a museum or look it up in a book.

    When she doesn’t have makeup on, the right side of her face looks all fudged; blotchy almost.

  36. Rancid

    Porn. In a Wonder Woman costume. Now.

  37. Tom

    I’ve always wondered why she’s permanently got a facial expression like someone just shoved a steaming plate full of dog shit into her nose.

  38. Aggie

    Can a doctor please explain what the FUCK is wrong with her belly button??

  39. Heyzeus Hosay

    Photoshop and black and white photography are good to her..

    What is going on with her eye. Is she about to start seizing?

    And her abdomen… the Biafra Belly back in style or something? I missed that one. But I couldn’t miss that she’s a fan of Madonna’s arm workouts.

  40. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    I guess.. boring

  41. Nathalie

    The belly button is screaming, “Feed meeeee!!”

  42. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    Jim Jones
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    Megan Fox? Huh, and I didn’t think she had any relevance anymore…

  43. herbiefrog

    …are we out of ll posts ?

    ohw well…

    …we’ll see : )) )

  44. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
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    hottest woman alive? I …. don’t think so.

  45. Megan Fox Armani Underwear
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    and for just 10 cents a day, you too can help starving actresses

  46. See Alice

    Megan is perfect . Except for the” look at me I am a mental case tattoos”
    I guess she couldnt handle the beauty and needed to knock it back several notches . .

    • jay

      Nasty looking B-Button. looks like some of the umbilical cord was left in that the doc forgot to take out.

  47. nonminti

    what a comfortable pose,hands above and stretched as a cat..

  48. Io

    you know when you have an innie that looks more like an outie, you are just too skinny.

  49. Well, that looks comfortable.

  50. Megan Fox is the only hot chick that could possibly sexually disapoint me like no other girl could.

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