Megan Fox: ‘I’m Full of Shit’

June 11th, 2010 // 53 Comments

In the latest issue of Interview, Zach Galifianakis asks Megan Fox about comparing Michael Bay to Hitler. Her response? “Surprise! I pull shit out of my ass for no reason.” Via NY Daily News:

“In the past, I’ve been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality,” Fox told Galifianakis. “So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what’s really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret.

Whoever’s handling Megan Fox’s publicity needs to lock her in a room until her response to every single question thrown at her is “Tee hee. You’re cute.” I know that might rile up some feminists, but she can’t be doing you ladies any favors as it is. Thanks to Megan Fox, I now immediately tune out women without even waiting to see if they want to have sex. Although, in honesty, that’s more to do with efficiency. Time is money, people.

Photos: GSI Media, Splash News


  1. Dog

    I’d like to pull my cock out of her ass.

  2. When I see that Austin Green guy, I think about Sarah Connor Chronicles and that hot terminator chick. FUUUUU FOX

  3. jo smo

    old pics, nothing new. C’mon fish stimulate me.

  4. captain america

    a free advice: GO & VISIT THE RESTROOM FOR A DAY OR TWO……………..

  5. Cardinal Fang
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s not very hot in these photos. And enough with the tattoos people. Your “individuality” is hardly unique when everyone is doing it. Use a Sharpie. It’s not permanent and it eventually comes off.

  6. grim reaper

    Psssst! It’s time.

  7. LAW
    Commented on this photo:

    First bitches!!

  8. Ego

    *tear* she makes me extremely happy in my pants

  9. Krs-uno

    I hate u Megan Fox. U know howany movies you’ve been in? 5!!! That’s it!!! How are u so popular?????

    • Ater seeing those bikini pics you dare to ask that question? huh? hugh?…

      • tizzle

        no, no, no. she’s doing it wrong. the formula is; come out of nowhere and date (or grasp leg of) famous person, sex tape, endless entertainment/debauchery to maintain that edge of ‘fame’ ie kardashian/hilton/gary coleman’s murde- ex wife

  10. FrankNfrtr

    Post something new please.

  11. penis

    i just wanted to say penis.

  12. Lo
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    What’s with the diaper?


    I blew a load all over Bob Bechels face this morning and it was good. As for Megan Fox, meh.

  14. Nero

    With other words; is she asking Michael Bay to take her back?!

  15. harry satchel

    Overrated slag. Looks good only with full makeover. Otherwise, nothing worth even a second take. And, she needs to shut her wordhole.

  16. Mike Nike

    I would suck on her asshole for days. Then pump it with my cock till her anus pipe was gaping wide open.

  17. maomao
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    what the hell is this ragged-ass beach she’s on?

  18. maomao

    what the hell is this ragged-ass beach she’s on?

  19. Binary
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    First D:

  20. Q: What’s better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics?
    A: Not being Megan Fox or retarded.

    Just because she’s retarded doesn’t mean I wouldn’t stick my weiner in her butt. It just means I’d ask her mom if it’s ok to do it first.

  21. 7L

    you know what else is full of shit? my dick. when i pull it outta her ass.
    if she’s such a germaphobe she’s gonna hate it when i shove it back in her mouth.
    Hi :)

  22. Gweb

    I wish she was full of my man gravy instead.

  23. bar room hero

    shitty tattoos…what a slag.

  24. Nameless

    Hahaha…she must have finally checked her messages after coming back from vacay and realized that her options after quitting/getting fired from Transformers 3 were slim pickings.

  25. Jenny

    Her body looks allright, but her face and lips look like they’re pumped full of collagen and botox. Not really necessary for a 23 year old. Next.

  26. notafan
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  27. Dread not

    Megan’s full of shit? Then I guess anal is out of the question…

  28. Michael

    Damn. I thought I told this bitch to go out and play in traffic. And wear a football helmet to boot. I tell you, she’s scum of the Earth.

  29. Mama Pinkus

    she’s actually being very insightful here

  30. Kris
    Commented on this photo:

    Does she have wee implants? (not being catty)

  31. Kris
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    Does she have wee implants? (not being catty)

  32. turd da third

    maybe when she gets rich and famous, she can afford a bikini where the tops and bottoms match.

  33. Nero

    I hope she learned to keep her cockhole shut with franchise opportunities like this.And just keep on scooping up the money into her wheelbarrows.

  34. Galtacticus

    Maybe Michael Bay was mentally challenging her.But it wasn’t like he was anally raping her,right?

  35. Hugh Gentry
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    i would fuck her silly

  36. Dani
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    Hugh, the question being, would she actually fuck you? I doubt it, silly.

  37. cc

    She doesn’t look unattractive BUT she does look decidely less attractive than usual. I am a bit surprised how big the difference is.

    Oh, Brian Austin Green, what the f with the tattoos? You an outlaw biker now?

  38. mikesby
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    She looks like shit in a bikini, this woman is over rated and has no fucking talent.

  39. mark
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    Uglier than sin! Looks like a She-Man.

  40. i love the dark hair of Megan Fox, it really makes her look very very sexy :

  41. Monique

    People seem to think that transformers was all she had, shes done 3 movies since that and in currently working on three others. Dont bother sayin that the past 3 movies failed , im just pointing out people still want her. Besides tranformers has lost half its audience now that megans gone so its their loss.

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