Megan Fox Makes a Bunch of Weird Faces to Prove She Doesn’t Have Botox

July 8th, 2011 // 127 Comments

Because she’s got nothing better to do, Megan Fox posted a series of photos to Facebook yesterday and titled them, “THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX.” Which is interesting because I don’t recall anyone accusing Megan Fox of using Botox as much as a whole bunch of talk about how fake her tits are. So if she could just Superpoke me when those photos are ready, I’ll be over here inviting everyone I hate to play FarmVille because apparently that’s the entire point of this game. Wacky!

NOTE: I also added the latest shots of Megan’s Armani campaign where she’s Photoshopped to look like an Asian cyborg because she’s such a natural beauty.

Photos: Facebook, Giorgio Armani


  1. AnnaDraconida

    Yup, no botox. No ma’am. None. At all.

  2. Anna

    no botox, just a plastic surgery to change her face. funny thing – she actually looked very good at on point after couple of surgeries, but then she overdid it… oh well…

  3. Megan Fox Armani
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    but she does have lip implants

  4. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
    Audrey Jo
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    I actually believed she had botox because she is just too inexpressive.

  5. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    Duck lips

  6. M

    Besides herself, who is this bitch fooling?

  7. Jon

    I was about 10 seconds away from a volcanic eruption but now I’m limp. I thought I could still get a “shame jizz” out of it, but even that failed.

  8. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    She looks 40 in a few of these. cute girl I guess, little thin for my tastes. But I love her eye colors. Blue with a very clear surrounding white area. Whatever it’s called.

  9. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    Just because a person uses botox doesn’t mean the skin can’t move at all ever. That’s a myth. Even if you use botox your forehead will wrinkle, especially if you try as hard as she is right now.

    Botox does not completely stop skin from moving. That face looks pretty frozen still. Look at the area on her mouth how it’s completely frozen. There’s shots for that area. She can barely open her mouth normally.

    Anyone in here could do the same faces and not look so frozen. Why? because we didn’t just shoot up the bacteria that produces botulism in our faces.

    • Jessesgirl

      Hit the nail on the head. These pictures only demonstrate that she HAS HAD BOTOX *head-desk*. No un-botoxed face can move so that there is a tiny amount of U shaped wrinkles in the middle of the forehead while everything else is completely frozen. She not only does botox but she does it way too fucking much and often. She has it around her eyes and eyebrows, her jawline, and LESS in the middle of her forehead but still some. She’s a Frozen Fool.

  10. Deryn

    She’s showing a wider range of emotion in this photo series than in her entire filmography.

  11. Bee Bee

    If you’re going to get plastic surgery, isn’t the point to look like you didn’t get any?

  12. She went from “hot” directly to “Lorenzo Lamas’ ex-wife”

  13. Megan Fox Armani
    reality is hard tits
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    Its so Photoshoped it looks like a drawing not an actual photo of her

  14. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
    Austin Powers
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    That’s not a woman! That’s a man, baby! Yeah!

  15. Megan Fox Armani
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    so maybe she hasnt done much to her forehead, but umm, the girl obviously cant smile!

  16. Looks like her transformation into Jaime Murray is almost complete, or as you may know her on Dexter “She is obviously a vampire. A gross, English, titty vampire.”

  17. KOOOL GUY!did,ya,call!


  18. KOOOL GUY!did,ya,call!

    beautiful summer whishes too ms beautiful from me my self and i!

  19. Claire

    So… Hunter Tylo hacked Megan Fox’s Facebook?

  20. Megan Fox Armani
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    omfg guys get over it she’s like 23…. wrinkles in the 4head?! weird smile?! oh no! she has 2 play the hollywood part.. yeah shes a shit actress but I don’t QQ cuz I can’t be here so quit whining..

  21. Averre

    And five years down the line she will be lucky to get a job at Hooters.

    Her career is spinning the drain faster than last nights shit.

  22. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
    Pepe Lopez
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    “You can all suck my ridges.”

  23. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    what the fuck is wrong with her forehead?

  24. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
    lol pathetic
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    LMAO BS!!!!! What a joke. What’s next, Megan? Claim your lips and breasts are natural??? Or the bump on your nose has disappeared on its own? Her botox is most likely wearing off. She is not as popular as she used to be so she’s resorting to things like this. Pathetic. I hate it when people dare insult my intelligence!

  25. lol pathetic

    “Megan Fox doesn’t have botox”…and you believe/d? It’s funny megan is worried about whether people think she has botox or not when her entire face and body have been changed. Her breasts are fake. She’s always worn butt pads when in reality her butt is flat. Her lips are fake. She almost has no eyelashes (look at her before pix); hair/eyebrows/eyelash color are fake. What else? But nah, deny you have botox (something your ordinary mom of 4 gets) as if the rest of you is so natural.

  26. lol pathetic

    and she has botox…it’s most likely wearing off. Her entire face looks frozen, and it looks like she has a hard time opening her mouth. Stop assuming people are as dumb as you that you expect us to buy such utter BS.

  27. lol pathetic

    oh, don’t even get me started on your eye surgery to get slanted eyes, megan so piss off with your “i am natural” BS

  28. A.J.

    So hot — and so gross at the same time.

  29. TaT

    She is beautiful even with the surgery. It’s very obvious she’s had something done. Her eye were never that slanted, you can look up old pics of her, and if she hadn’t done what she did to her face, she probably wouldn’t be known at all, because although she was cute……..cute was all she was.

  30. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    ok i am not hating because plastic surgery or not i would kill a cuddly bunny to look like her in a heartbeat. But these pictures scare me a little. its like ok thanks for proving that your due for another botox shot but no more lip plumping for a while please. i dont want her to ruin it all.

  31. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    she just proved she is still very beautiful but…she has massive collagen lips lol. No botox but umm you did pay the cosmetic doctor a visit honey lol

  32. Megan Fox Armani
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    Ugh…Megan leave your face alone. You are beautiful. You were beautiful before and if you stop now you might be okay. Otherwise, you are going to start looking horrific. Pleaseeeeeeeee leave your face alone!

  33. Megan Fox Armani
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s called photoshop… This photo is obviously edited to the max.

  34. Cc

    It looks like she has had either fat injections, it looks like her dr mght have used an endoscopic device to paralyze the muscles ih her lower area, which is bad because it leaves you unable to smile with your eyes or make any sort of eye muscle (lower eye, upper cheek area) movement.

    No she has not had botox but she has had plastic surgery, fat injections with the endoscopic wire under her eyelids ..

    That is why she had a strange no expression look on her face , no winkles, sure but not normal.
    No more surgery ! Any respectable, reputable dr would have not touched her face, you should not mess with perfection, and now she looks plastic and older..

  35. Melissa

    Wow. She truly destroyed her face. She looks like ‘The Cat Lady’ and Pete Burns mushed together. Why a 20 something would get an eye lift is beyond me. She is now stupid and busted. Good job Megan.

  36. annie

    What a sad world we live in, seeing so much hate on someone who is more successful and wealthier than 95% of you all.

  37. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
    Commented on this photo:

    Whether or not she has had plastic surgery, Megan Fox is yet another individual who has fallen victim to the media. The media defines beauty through every advertisement, tv show, etc. and we subconciously absorb this definition, and feel pressure to fit this standard. She probably feels it most. She has been deemed this beauty/sex figure, and now probably feels like she has to continually fulfill this standard. Yes, she should be happy with what she looks like, but she is human and will occasionally fall. I know I would fall if the media was constantly scrutinizing me, pointing out every flaw, looking at my defects, as if I don’t already see them myself. She may or may have not gotten surgery, idk i havent really sat around and pointed out each facial feature, but I think that the fact that I’m even spending time writing shows that the media has affected me somehow. And I personally think that people should leave her alone and accept the fact that she’s hotter than most.

  38. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    MAN!!! Megan, what happened to you? You were really pretty!!! Now you look scary, I dont object to plastic surgery but this is too much. She doesnt look the same as she used too :/

  39. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    She’s a very beautiful woman with or without work, people like to criticize without walking a mile in the person’s shoes. She’s under a microscope and she’s probably trying to stay trendy, I came across this site by accident and I have to say a lot of people here are super judge-mental of people they will probably never equal to in style, status, beauty or wealth. Many of the men picking at her will never land a girl that gorgeous, or even remotely similar, so please stop being mean and jumping on bandwagons. Seems like we only build up celebrities because the only thing sweeter than them rising is watching them fall, people who feed into it perpetuate the ‘lens’ experience and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t like people judging every aspect of your appearance and lifestyle. It’s okay for us to be human and fallible.

  40. Megan Fox Armani
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    I saw this ad infront of holt renfrew, at first I thought this was a Chinese girl from a distance LOL then I took a closer look and I was like wait a minute isn’t that Megan. It’s so weird. She looks so Asian in this pic.

  41. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    Botox doesn’t change your face features!! She had a nose job, boob job & used lots of fillers like Juvederm for cheeks and lips, but still claims her lips are real!!!
    who cares if she used botox??
    I’ve used botox & after sometime I can pull off these faces!!! Fail!!!!

  42. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    you can see that she is realy trying hard !
    she probaly let out a load in her panties!

  43. Megan Fox Botox Facebook
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    Totaly Looks like a Ball Sack

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