Megan Fox Is Definitely Pregnant

June 7th, 2012 // 42 Comments
Masters of Stealth
Megan Fox Pregnant Hiding Behind Umbrella Brian Austin Green
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Megan Fox has adamantly refused to talk about if she’s pregnant to the point of walking out of interviews except last week Brian Austin Green practically announced it to the world when he ran around shielding her body with an umbrella indoors while letting the paparazzi freely take pictures of his son Kassius because did he come out of Megan Fox’s vagina? No. No, he did not. He can go to hell. So on that note, here she is not even trying anymore and walking right out in the open while touching her baby bump and tender breasts because pregnant women are constantly on the prowl. I can’t even go to Cinnabon anymore without cheating on my girlfriend Winnie Cooper. They’re so strong.

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  1. Luci Fehrman


    • Randal

      I’m not sure if this is the right move for Megan at this stage of her career. Megan is still a sought after mega-star and having a child so early in her life could very well end her continued climb to the top.

      She made Transformers what it is today, and it will be many years before she can sustain a movie franchise again. Still, I send my congratulations to you Megan.

      Thanks for sharing this with us here @ The FiSH!


  2. Jack Ketch

    Who cares ? Really, who gives a fuck. Let’s just hope the baby can move its face after all the Botox that’s been shot into her. Can’t stand this vapid broad. Her only talent is that fake rack.

  3. Bonky

    The words “Megan Fox” and “larger breasts” just makes me feel all tingly in my “man area”.

  4. Snake

    You’ve been running preggo stories for a while now. If she were actually pregnant, she’d be 4 or 5 months along and really starting to look it. She’s just got a little gut here. It’s all a publicity stunt built around the fact she like Bugles.

    • hijkmno

      she looks 5 months along…not all women gain 65lbs when they get pregnant.

      • Besides, if we went by Fish’s stories to determine the date of conception, Reese Witherspoon would be in her 15th month right now.

      • besucherin

        have any of you actually seen women when they’re 5 or 6 months pregnant?

        and most women gain around 30-40lbs during pregnancy that is directly related to the baby and not diet or exercise.

    • mrsmass

      not everyone looks 9 months pregnant at 3 months like Jessica Simpson. she could very easily be 6 months and just starting to show.

      • Beefalo

        she’s like 5’3″. she’d be showing a hell of a lot more at this point if she were 5 months along unless she’s been smoking like 3 packs a day

      • One of the things I like best about The Superficial is reading the comments from all of the authorities.

    • Sliver

      On your first child, people may not notice the pregnancy right away, it’s just nature.

  5. Wow, she looks so happy to be pregnant!

    On to the next one Hollywood!

  6. That looks like a food baby…I call big lunch, lots of carbs.

  7. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
    Commented on this photo:

    If she wouldnt have been making such a big deal about it, I dont think anyone would even notice at this point.

  8. Lunch

    swole up

  9. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
    Commented on this photo:

    ok… I’ll admit it…. I did it… I got megan fox pregnant

  10. j/k

    Everybody in Hollywood adopts black babies while BAG names his Kassius Green.

  11. She’s wearing an evil eye necklace and for those who believe in it are meant to protect a woman and child during pregnancy. Likely from people taking pictures of her and having people like us discuss it. lol….

  12. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    this is more like her PR people are ripping off Avril Lavigne’s PR people.

  13. Evil Monkey

    Michael Bay must be devastated.

  14. Joaquin ingles

    Call Tony in 6 months.

  15. kimmykimkim

    Ooh, that’s gotta suck! I’d be so pissed if I got pregnant. And soooo on my way to the clinic.

  16. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s wearing an Evil Eye pendant right in front of her abdomen. SO RADICAL and unique.

  17. SeeAlice

    Congratulations Megan . I pray all that tattoo ink isnt going to cause autism .

  18. juss

    She’s pregnant and she’s still skinny (lucky bitch). Deal with it, fatties.

  19. Jay

    Who cares, you’re still ugly from all that crack you snorted. Go away like a good little retard, whore.

    • Jay

      Her and Judd Apatow can drop dead for all I care as well. Face it, you guys are mad because Howard Stern’s on a popular reality show while you two suck in every way, shape, and form. “This is 40″ is gonna be a disaster, and I’ll be enjoying their downfall even more.

  20. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
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    what’s up with her tattoo, is she removing it?

  21. I’m so pissed. Brian Austin Green knocks her up…and I’m STERILE!

    See if you can figure that one out!

  22. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
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    bigger tits, nuff said

  23. supersniffy

    Looks like somebody forgot to swallow……

  24. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
    Ray Sister
    Commented on this photo:

    I ass fucked her, so it wasn’t me.

  25. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
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    If that is a prego woman’s body, then 99.9% of the women in USA would be HELLA PERGO as of now

  26. 941-Pettingreni

    Long time megan fox fan, but now she pregnant.

  27. noneofurbiz

    ummmmm who wrote this article and let alone who edited this mes?? can u pls make sure u r using proper grammer when u r trying to write a story this story was written in such confusion u have to read it a couple times to understand what the writer is tryin to say… and then who cares if she is pregnant it is her right to hide it , cover it up do whatever she wants it’s her body after all do u have to hound the woman like tht u pple need a life for real

  28. Megan Fox Baby Bump Larger Breasts
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    and the american men being hella illiterate

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