Meet Your Sexiest Man Alive! (It’s Ryan Reynolds.)

November 17th, 2010 // 67 Comments

In what I’m sure has nothing to do with him starring in a massive, upcoming Warner Bros. blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds has been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive! for 2010. But just to make sure this is a transparent marketing effort, I’ve included the trailer for Green Lantern which happened to conveniently appear online today, also. Hope you guys like Ryan Reynold’s penis painted over with with nothing but CGI spandex (Bring the kids!), and Blake Lively delivering lines like the emotionless blow-up doll I ritualistically imagine she is. (I still love you.)

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  1. jojo

    Look at the eyes…They whisper ….”douchebag”.

  2. Randal

    The FISH is giving Randal a headache very early in the morning.


  3. v

    god, he’s fucking ugly.

  4. e-rock

    He is only hot with his shirt off… and Fish, sorry, but Blake Lively? Really? She looks and acts like a barbie doll. Gerard Butler needs to be the sexiest man alive, wait… I take that back. Im the only one that needs to know he is the hottest thing that ever walked this planet. ;)

  5. Cock Dr

    I am tired of People magazine telling me who & what is sexy.
    This guy is cute & has a nice torso. Aside from that he’s looks about as vanilla as a boy band pinup.
    That being said – if Mr ScarJo ever makes a sex tape with his spouse it would be the most downloaded thing on the internet ever, ever, ever.

  6. imagen

    I’m sorry, but this: is HELL YES. I understand the sentiment about the douchey look in his eye, but come on..the man is married to Scarlett-freakin-Johansson and,’re not. Plus everyone knows the whole sexiest man alive thing just depends on who is going to be the biggest media whore in the near future. I guarantee you, a lot of women (and men, too…just sayin’) are seeing this and thinking “WHO?!”

    • Brooke

      That pic is indeed “hell yes”. I didn’t know who this guy was until I saw Wolverine, which was like softcore porn for geeky comic book girls. Soooo many people I’d liek to fuck in that….

    • Craig

      Scarlett Johansson isn’t that hot (nice tits). Nerdyness is what made her sexy, it was the only thing that kept people from doing a double take when looking at her ginormous nose.

  7. No idea who this twink is but i did like the green lantern tv show as a kid. Bruce lee was cool. They appeared on a batman episode too. Lookin forward to the movie

  8. The Geekologie Writer

    Is this the guy from Dawson’s Creek?

  9. Rough! the kink of comedy

    No thx! I’m a loyal guy, this will always be my #1

  10. the only opinion that matters

    Bunch of twatwaffles, he is a gorgeous man. Lucky Scarlett.

  11. That huge head and tiny chin make him look like the Great Gazoo.

  12. Congratulations to the distribution company for The Green Lantern for getting their highest bid in on time to People magazine.

  13. Mark

    He is not ugly but he is not goog looking either…….

  14. Oh snap

    He is quite sexy ;] But Gerald Butler is THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!

  15. Jess

    In Brightest Day
    In Blackest Night
    For the love of god, let this movie not be shite

  16. burton

    he isnt sexy at all, (this is burts wife,btw), this guy looks like a douch who would cheat on his wife any chance he could get. He is boring, and not too special, hell even the old aged looking brad pitt is better than this knob!

  17. Bill O'Really

    He was funny as hell in the movie “Waiting”…

  18. Lady Blah Blah

    The 3 sexiest men:

    1. Zach Galifianakis
    2. Deryck Whibley
    3. Larry King

  19. Hmm

    Wheres his chiseled face and broad shoulders? What a joke.

  20. sobrietyisacrutch

    Conan O’Brien was on the sexy man list? What weird fucked-up parallel universe created THAT People magazine?

    • I agree. Compared to the other douches on the list no wonder Reynolds Wrap won…. Others on the list included:

      Conan B’Brien
      Bill Gates
      Cartoon Guy from the Simpsons
      Zack Galifanakis
      Ellen De Generis
      Lady Gaga
      Geico Neanderthal

      Chuck Norris … because no one messes with Chuck Norris …

  21. JesseJimmy

    If it’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, shouldn’t it only be awarded again AFTER Mel Gibson dies? I mean, he was the first Sexiest Man Alive and all. . . Which is weird, because the Jews control the media, and yet they chose him as Sexiest Man Alive??? I would have guessed Woody Allen or Benjamin Netanyahu would have won.

  22. Melissa

    People magazine loses all credibility now that conan is on the cover! WTF!

  23. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Domo Arigato Ms. Lively.

  24. Suds

    This guy always seems like such a turd. People sucks.

  25. People screwed up their marketing – this was supposed to go to the Green Hornet lead.

  26. Ryan Reynolds Sexiest Man Alive People
    the real sexiest man alive
    Commented on this photo:

    ryan reynolds is ugly as shit! i’m the sexies man alive! that magazine is bullshit!

  27. Marie

    Him? The sexiest man alive? You sure?????

  28. Michelle

    Get Conan off that cover! Then take Ryan off the cover and replace the big pic with Mr. Depp!

    Seriously Conan – wtf – I will take Keisha’s non existent ass over that moron any day. Can you super impose that slip and slide cliff over top of conan’s giant not funny head please!!!!!?>>??

  29. Colin

    Goddammit Fish, don’t say “Ryan Reynold’s penis” unless you mean it.

  30. GDubaUBush

    If he’s the sexiest man alive, I must be dead!

  31. lux

    I wouldn’t fuck that with Janet Reno’s vagina with Bette Midler doing the moaning. That guy is gross and untalented. His face looks like it’s made out of Play-Doh.

  32. cocknballs

    this guy is a fucking joke, a douchebag at best. sexiest man? fuck, i think the apple guy is probably sexier. Him and scarlett deserves each other cuz she not hot like he’s not hot and each of them has absolutely no talent what so ever

  33. Pily

    UN-SEXY as Hell!!!!!!

  34. Brooke

    I’m still annoyed this guy gets to be two superheroes. Not that I don’t want his cock between my tits or anything like that (wait, ScarJo’s sloppy seconds? never mind), but I just want him to be Deadpool, with a mask to cover his douchebag face. He was pretty hot in Wolverine, but I was less than impressed with the Green Lantern trailer.

  35. beca

    why is the “sexiest person” ALWAYS someone who coincidentally has a movie coming out too?

    The media sucks. This guy is NOT the sexiest anything, he looks like an idiot who spends his time working out because he got teased too much growing up. I’m a girl – if someone is going to try to tell me who is sexy then I want that person to be friggin sexy! Plus, If his wife is the midget she is, then he must be short too because he never looks very tall next to her. No no no… just no.

  36. Jack

    It’s great to finally see this distinction go to a gay guy.

  37. Ryan Reynolds Sexiest Man Alive People
    Commented on this photo:

    Ryan Reynolds issss hotttt!!!

  38. Stuey

    HAHA at all of you with your bottles of Haterade.

    Ryan Reynolds if friggen hilarious. Waiting and Just Friends are two of my favorite movies. I could care less what the fucker looks like.

  39. dontlooknow

    If all it takes to be crowned sexiest man alive is to have a digitally enhanced pee-pee, then who ISN’T the sexiest man alive??

  40. Lucinda

    I haven’t had a TV crush since Don Johnson in “Miami Vice” but I want John Hamm in a baaaad way.

  41. Jeci Cassidy

    to all you people, yes Ryan Reynolds is funny as hell, but hes is the sexiest man Ive ever seen. He is absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to be his friend *wink*

  42. Elaine

    Where’s his penis?

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