Oh Shut Up, Blossom

Probably my biggest peeve in Hollywood besides babies getting run over, is this recent batch of “Attachment Parenting” celebrity moms who basically refuse to make any tough decisions like weaning their children off breast-feeding at a proper age and/or making them stop dangling from your apron strings before they’re 16 and then try to act like they’re mother superior who “sacrificed” for their kids which is easy to do when you’re living off Clueless or sitcom residuals and don’t have to worry about money. Anyway, here’s Blossom talking about her recent car accident and how she soldiered through it without using pain medication because she went through natural childbirth while you used an epidural, so go fuck yourself. Via People:

“[I used] a lot of deep breathing,” she tells Access Hollywood. “Everything I used for natural labor, I absolutely used at the scene of this accident.”
Bialik, 36, says the injury is painful and she needs a lot of rest to heal, but the experience “really reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose and the meditative properties, the ability to lower your blood pressure, which women do in labor. It absolutely is what I used to get me through all stages of this [experience].”
The actress – who isn’t taking any prescription pain medication – also tapped her experience as a mom in the moments after the car accident.

In related news, you took some Tylenol for your headache the other day, so now you’re polluted and your kids are going to get cancer and die before the first grade. Dr. Blossom has spoken!

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