Oh Shut Up, Blossom

August 28th, 2012 // 157 Comments
'Birdie Style' Feeding
Alicia Silverstone
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Probably my biggest peeve in Hollywood besides babies getting run over, is this recent batch of “Attachment Parenting” celebrity moms who basically refuse to make any tough decisions like weaning their children off breast-feeding at a proper age and/or making them stop dangling from your apron strings before they’re 16 and then try to act like they’re mother superior who “sacrificed” for their kids which is easy to do when you’re living off Clueless or sitcom residuals and don’t have to worry about money. Anyway, here’s Blossom talking about her recent car accident and how she soldiered through it without using pain medication because she went through natural childbirth while you used an epidural, so go fuck yourself. Via People:

“[I used] a lot of deep breathing,” she tells Access Hollywood. “Everything I used for natural labor, I absolutely used at the scene of this accident.”
Bialik, 36, says the injury is painful and she needs a lot of rest to heal, but the experience “really reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose and the meditative properties, the ability to lower your blood pressure, which women do in labor. It absolutely is what I used to get me through all stages of this [experience].”
The actress – who isn’t taking any prescription pain medication – also tapped her experience as a mom in the moments after the car accident.

In related news, you took some Tylenol for your headache the other day, so now you’re polluted and your kids are going to get cancer and die before the first grade. Dr. Blossom has spoken!

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  1. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Why the long face?

  2. taint necessarily so

    I call bullshit on this story. There’s no way that dude was ever pregnant.

  3. lolwut

    I took the meds and don’t regret it.

    • Sliver

      I also took the meds, but they cut out on me and left huge pain hotspots everywhere, and it was kind of pointless. Out of 9 children, my mother had the meds once, hated them, and went on to have 8 more kids without drugs. I asked her how she did it, she said she just swore a lot. LOL. I don’t blame anyone for using pain meds during labor, though.

  4. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
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    You lost me at Blossom getting into a car accident.

  5. Beer Baron

    Dustin Diamond looks pretty good since he straightened his hair.

  6. Dan Quayle

    Alf got pregnant?

  7. Inner Retard

    Proof. A Ph.D. won’t make you intelligent just educated.

  8. Prof.Widow

    Well, pain is perception. For example, her face hurts me when I look at it. But I know that it’s just a picture and she can’t really hurt me so I just meditate the pain away.

  9. Smapdi

    Those are the same techniques I use whenever she shows up on screen in Big Bang Theory.

  10. So what’s her stance on whoever impregnated her having to be drunk off his ass?

  11. Deacon Jones

    She doesn’t do any drugs? Because I wouldve thought for sure you’d have to have a helluva meth habit to look that fucking bad.

    Hey Blossom, try rupturing the L5 disc in your back while you’re cleaning 185 pounds. That’s PAIN, you fucking cunt.

    • But you’re still good for jerking, right? That would have been the real tragedy.

    • Luke

      I know that pain all too well. My back is so bad that I’ve had L5 removed, and a major chunk of L5. She would go nuts if she saw what I have to take to just be able to move

  12. Cock Dr


  13. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Her chin is so dang pointy!

  14. Lawl

    How is weaning your child off at a “proper age” a tough decision? Also, who decided what a “proper age” is? Are you talking about the USA? Because I thought we all agreed Americans are kind of stupid when we’re talking as a collective whole……

    • it had to be said

      If your kid calls on his cell phone to tell you he’s almost home and is feeling a bit peckish, so get your tit out, it might be time to wean.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      the neighbor lady had her daughter suckin on tits until she was 6. She told me that both of them liked it, and it was bonding, so why not…

      I’m not sure when the “proper age” is but I’m sure it’s somewhere long before age 6.

      • Lawl

        Holy shit! How is a six year old still drinking human breast milk? Don’t they know there’s cow breast milk around? WTF? Go to a damn grocery store, hippy!

      • Sliver

        Well, to quote Miranda from Sex In The City,
        “If you’re old enough to ask for it….”

    • The proper age is when the child has teeth and is capable of chewing his own food. A child with teeth shouldn’t have his mom’s tit in his mouth.

      • jessicado

        I didn’t feel she called anyone else out about how they chose to give birth or take drugs. If she was able to breath her way through a car accident, more power to her. I would probably choose the freaking drugs in the same situation. I did choose natural childbirth for my first, and plan to again for the second due in a few months. I am afraid of the dangers of using epidurals. It’s a personal thing, but that doesn’t mean I think any less of a mom who uses pain medication for birth.

      • jessicado

        Sorry, that wasn’t meant as a response to Don, just in general. Although I should add that some babies are born with teeth, although the general age is around 4 to 7 months to begin teething. This is much too early to quit nursing unless you decide to supplement with formula (which is not recommended). The American Pediatrics Association even states you should breastfeed until at least a year, although they state that you should continue longer if you can because of the benefits. I think the average is about 2 years. That is how long I chose to do my first daughter. I completely concur though that 5 year olds (even 4, etc) still sucking at their mom is totally creepy….

      • Negrodamus

        Really, Don? Is that it? Ummmm…NOPE! There are a lot of factors that go into feeding a baby solid food. It’s not just about having teeth, it’s also about their body weight, general health and development, and the child’s desire to eat solid foods. Even when that happens, you’re supposed to continue breastfeeding for the first several months of introducing them to solid foods. Look down. Is that a penis? Then shut up.

      • Hey Negrodamus. why do white people love Wayne Brady so much?

        I didn’t know that my penis blocks information. What other things can it do that only you seem to know about? Had it all my life, would be surprised to know it was holding out on me. Contrary to what you’ve heard ladies, the penis does not have a mind of its own.

        My comment was directed at moms who have a child 3 years and older still breastfeeding. The WHO’s recommendation is 2 years old. It seems the delaying of the weaning process and extension of the breast feeding is for bonding between mother and child. Not nutritional value. Trying to force a bond that should be natural. But hey, I got a dick, so what do I know?

      • What?

        Why did you bring up teeth if you knew kids are supposed to be weaned at the age of 2? Just say that.

      • Because I know it, but those moms don’t. Or at least they pretend not to. When your kid develops teeth, it’s time to start taking him off the tit. Extending it beyond that is as I said in last post, has no nutritional value. It’s more about the mom trying to create a bond with the kid. Which is something that should happen naturally and cannot be forced.

      • Jay

        Anthropologically kids self wean from breastfeeding from the age of 2 to 7 years. Around the age of 5 to 7 they lose the abliy to suckle. The average world age of weaning is around 4 years. Pehaps we as a culture are keen for our kids to grow up and be independent before they are ready. I prefer to feed my kids breast milk than cows milk and breast milk continues to povide nutrition, immunity support, pain relief and comfort value for as long as it is produced. This is my choice. I also think its great to have a strong bond with your kids. Kids who have a secure attatchment with their parents turn out to be very capable, confident and self sufficient adults. Breast feeding is one way but not the only way to have a close bond and breast feeding doesnt do it alone. There are a lot of things which contribute to bonding with your child. Pro choice is what it is about, parents need to do whats right for them and their family.

  15. maeby

    She is a Doctor for real real…

  16. it had to be said

    “reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose”

    Turns out that Blossom and Rihanna have something in common.

  17. USDA Prime McBeef

    Damn, it seems like it wasn’t that long ago when Blossom blossomed on a very special episode of Blossom. Now she’s a pretentious Mom-Cunt on tonight’s episode of Blossom.

  18. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    “I also don’t take hints, fashion suggestions, or any of my dresses in.”

  19. Todd Akin

    See, I told you women’s bodies have the power to shut down things. Friggin Liberal Media.

  20. TheSufFan

    Seriously? Shut up. The way you’ve written this particular bit, you sound more like Perez Hilton than The Fish. At least she has a good head on her shoulders and isn’t prescription pill happy/addicted like 70% of Hollywood. She doesn’t even belong on this site; she’s more of a lay person than they type of celebrities that get posted about here.

    • it had to be said

      Uh, do you see where she is in those pictures? Does that look like her living room to you? Didn’t think so. Now STFU.

      • TheSufFan

        She’s a neuroscience PhD and a mother who cares about her family, and she just happens to be back on TV for one show in which she basically plays an exaggerated version of her bookish side. She isn’t an out of work coke whore who crashes cars or gets attention for cutting her hair or banging rando guys (the kind of usual fodder for Fish’s jokes, jokes that I can get behind).

        And when did she ever say ONCE in that whole quote that she thinks she’s better than people because she didn’t use an epidural? She never even alluded to it.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        When you start talking about things like not taking an epidural, you are talking about being better than everybody else. It’s subtle, but that’s what’s happening.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Also you need a better celebrity crush.

      • It’s called subtext. As for thinking she’s better than anyone else for not going the totally natural childbirth route, she’s stated: “I think the mainstream [i.e. using epidurals during childbirth] has been revealed to be a lie to those of us who are nerds. I think, depending on what kind of nerd or geek you are, there’s an analytic and statistic aspect to (your) brain. When you’re used to being prepared to reject conventional wisdom, it leaves you open to learn more.”

        Questioning authority is fine, but positing that nerds are so intelligent and analytical that they can forego conventional methods of pain mangement is bullshit. Intelligence aside, not everyone has the same pelvic anatomy or pain threshold. And to link a physiological response to an intelligence level is arrogant as shit.

        What’s worse is that she has a PhD in neuroscience – she’s not a medical doctor, an epidemiologist, nor an immunologist. Yet that doesn’t prevent her from advocating not vaccinating her kids, and then excusing it by claiming her pediatrician, i.e. the conventional mainstream medical source that she so disdains in every other aspect, is fine with it.

        That makes her a selfish fucking parasite in my book. She may “care about her family” but her refusing to vaccinate her kids makes it clear she’s a cunt who doesn’t give a ripe fuck about anyone else’s. There’s no better proof that she thinks she’s better than everyone else than that.

        Give me an out of work coke whore who crashes cars any day – at least there all she can kill is herself and the people in the other car.

      • Negrodamus

        It’s a well known fact that the way western medicine has women giving birth is the furthest thing from natural. From the position that makes a woman more likely to tear, to the dangerous methods of pain relief (go read about adverse effects of epidurals — they’re not fun and happen often). So what is so wrong with a woman saying, “Hey, I made this choice for me because based on what I know, the other choice wasn’t great”?? Are you one of those pro-life cunts? Because last I checked, we were trying to help women make their own choices without persecution. That doesn’t just include abortion, it includes everything about our bodies. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

      • Grantly Dick-Reed was advocating natural childbirth back in 1933. He observed traditional births in South Africa and included that info in Childbirth Without Fear. It took 20 years for his ideas to take hold, but he’s the reason why “twilight sleep” is now something only seen in Mad Men. So much as she’d like to think that she’s bringing something original to the table, Bialik is far from being a fucking pioneer in this arena.

        If some women want to have epidurals and episiotomies, that’s also their choice. Bialik’s need to sell her book and her previous statements that her decision was arrived at because she has nerd-inteligence that allows her to discern what’s actually best is condescending enough, but that this same nerd superiority allows her to deal with “pain with a purpose” and control everything from her BP to her breathing implies that if you can’t, there’s something deficient about you. By all means, make your own choice – but needing to constantly reference it when you aren’t actually popping out a kid really makes it about something else entirely.

      • Negrodamus

        She’s not implying people are deficient. She’s just saying it can be done. It’s really that simple. I don’t care how women choose to give birth. It’s their choice. That’s what I’ve been saying this entire time. What medicines you take: your choice. What medical procedures you go through: your choice. It doesn’t mean anything other than, “This is what I want for ME.” Have you not ever made a decision for yourself where one of your friends said they would’ve done the opposite? It’s a fucking preference. My god! If you get this riled up over something this stupid, I’d really hate to see what happens when you have something meaningful to get pissed about.

      • The Wozzy

        OMG. This. So succinct. You are my hero.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      if she is talking like that then she belongs here.

    • Girl

      THANK YOU for your comment!! I was thinking exactly what you said. She actually seems pretty down to earth and humble from everything I’ve seen and read about her. People are so quick to judge.

  21. JC

    Congratulations, Blossom. You managed child birth the same way every woman in history did before the invention of the epidural.

    • Bingo. Congratulations on being one of several billion. Ain’t she special?

    • Joaquin ingles

      That’s the thing, natural childbirth was the norm, but now its practically unheard of to NOT have your CNS pickled in fucking hardcore narcotics. Funny that every other fucking animal on this planet can do it natural though. Whatever. I’m just sick of hearing what an unpleasant ordeal it is when you’re so smacked out you can’t see straight.

      Props to those going natural though.

      • Carla

        Also common-place back in the day and still in many poor countries is DEATH during childbirth. Come on, Blossom, be REALLY hardcore. Have your kid in a fly-infested dirt hut with no sterilized anything and NO ANTIBIOTICS because that’s cheating, bitch. Justifiable is right, what an arrogant nerd-cunt.

      • Carla

        & Tom Cruise needs to hook up with her: hates meds as much as he does AND looks like a dude, get her a strap-on and BANG! Match made in fanatic heaven.

      • pfk

        Yeah Carla, but back in the day and still in many poor countries it is children who are having the babies, and they are having those babies at the rate the men want them to have them at. When a young girl is capable of becoming pregnant before the rest of her body (or mind, for that matter) has reached the ability to handle it and then continues to bear a child every year from then on with no time to heal… well, those aren’t the best conditions for maternal or infant health. I’m not taking sides. I’m just aware that modern medicine isn’t necessarily the savior of womankind and has in fact had a history of being quite invasive, if not downright degrading and dehumanizing.

  22. mrsmass

    i can’t stand pretentious cunt-moms who think they’re better than you because they didn’t have epidurals, use cloth diapers or breastfeed until their kid hits puberty.

  23. julia

    Who cares? She answered a question that someone asked. She doesn’t take drugs for pain–fine. She didn’t condemn people who do. Stop bitching about it.

  24. rican

    Edward Norton in drag.

  25. The Right

    Now our esteemed blogger is a lactation specialist!? Having a small child gnaw on your tits when they DON’T have teeth isn’t a walk in the park. When they grow teeth its sheer hell. Ask your wife. Weening a kid isn’t a tough decision, it’s really easy to do when you’d like to regain some convenience in your life. Breast feeding is time consuming, annoying, and tough to keep up.

  26. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    She did have a finger severed off that had to be reattached. It’s not like she just got into a car accident and she just walked away.

    • McClownerton

      and since she decided to “hypno-birth” her reattached finger into not feeling pain, she is an idiot.

  27. Jesus Christ, Fish — bad mood today? If it worked for her, good for her. She’s not like some lunatic acting like a measles shot made her kid autistic.

    • Uh…except that she and Jenny McCarthy share the same pediatrician, and – not so coincidentally – she hasn’t vaccinated her kids, either.

      Fish is apparently a fuck of a lot more on the ball than you think.

      • Do we really live in a world where familiarity with Blossom’s vaccination records constitutes being “on the ball?” If she is in fact one of those, I withdraw my initial comment, but damned if I can see how a PhD in neuroscience could share JMcCarthy’s mindset.

      • Familiarity with her stand on vaccines isn’t necessary, but it does show that Fish wasn’t simply having a bad day or an overblown reaction to AP advocates when he told her to STFU.

        Again, neuroscientist =/= epidemiologist and/or immunologist. Which is why she should not speak from any sort of neuroscience ex cathedra about it.
        FYI, there are a lot of idiots and very dangerous cranks out there with initials after their name – McCarthy’s and Bialik’s pediatrician being one. Andrew Wakefield, who falsified the vaccine-autism study, was an MD, until he was stripped of his license for fraud.

      • *Folds love letter to Justi into a little origami heart”

      • Uh…can you fold it into a D-cup breast instead?

      • *Puts ‘em on the glass*

      • Why do I suddenly feel like I’m in a Turkish prison?

      • CranApple, love to you, too. If that little origami heart comes with a nipple, I’m perfectly fine with that.

      • kimmykimkim

        Aww, Justie and Cranny! I sooo love you two!

      • Agreed. But good god: there is simply a point where education is supposed to overcome certain degrees of cluelessness. And a PhD in Neuroscience sure as hell would be thought to qualify.

      • You’d think so, but it doesn’t always. While education is supposed to overcome cluelessness, it really does nothing to overcome natural arrogance. In this case, a self-congratulatory sense of nerd uniqueness that tells her she’ll always look at things in a super-special and original way, coupled with a degree in neuroscience, has led her to think she also has an MD in any number of disciplines.

      • Very well put. But damned if I can wrap my head around how she missed that tipping point where knowledge and awareness overcome ego, the intellectual equivalent moment of essentially finding your Dad putting the presents under the tree. My first thought was that the doctorate might be BS, but per Wiki it appears to be UCLA — so not extraordinary I guess, but nothing to scoff at. I suppose she, like god only knows how many others, are immersed in what could be recognized as a cult, if anyone ever took the time to look closely enough. That doctor must spin a hell of a tale.

      • I think there’s a lot of knee-jerk reaction going on with her and the rest of the Our Lady of Birkenstock AP Professional Mothers – I think in her case she needs to feel distinctive by rejecting everything, only by assessing it to be a “lie” can she prove how analytical and special her nerd-intellect makes her.

        Back in the 1920′s there was a big backlash in this country by children of immigrants to what was seen to be “Old Country” practices – that meant embracing formula rather than breast feeding, intense medication during childbirth,smoking to keep your weight down during pregnancy – all the things that were seen to be American and scientific and forward-thinking and miles away from what your old grandmother (shudder) used to do.

        That pendulum swung back to the more natural aspects during the 50′s – natural childbirth, breast feeding (Princess Grace headed La Leche League for a number of years – talk about celebrity endorsements!) But with Silverstone, Bialik, etc, there’s nowhere to go if you want to reject or react against that – insisting on cloth diapers is nothing. All they can do is inhabit the fringe aspects of mommydom by refusing to vaccinate them, prechewing their children’s food or breastfeeding them until they’re well into first grade – and even then, none of this is new. It was being done in communes in the 1970′s when the name of the game was reject everything society was doing simply because it was mainstream.

        I think in 10-15 years there’ll be a rash of divorces initiated by husbands who are sick of their wives who’ve choosen to be cows by prechewing food and lactating for a full decade rather than focus in their marriage and sex life, and a generation of extremely fucked-up kids who can’t function unless mommy’s bustline is in plain sight. I’m not counting the kids who’ll die from whooping cough or diptheria. or are blind or deaf from measles.

      • What’s really horrifying is the changing “beliefs” regarding when to stop breastfeeding. Kids walking up and just treating a tit like a water fountain has been as common as not, it seems.

  28. YoMamma

    If you take a Mom saying she went natural as an insult to your decision to use an epidural, that’s your own problem. She’s not calling anyone out – sounds more like your own insecurities.

    FWIW, I’ve had natural, an epidural and a c-section and I honestly feel like nobody is better/worse for taking/not taking the drugs. Whatevs. Can we get back to Skarsgard or at least boobs? Good grief.

  29. T1

    you people are a bunch of fucking idiots! thumbs up if you agree.

  30. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face makes it look like you’re constantly looking at her through a fish-eye lens.

  31. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:


  32. Dr. X

    You idiot…this lady IS a doctor. She has a PhD in neuroscience.

  33. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont know why, but I have always wanted to fuck her face…….

  34. McClownerton

    PhD in Neuroscience. Hmmmm…..I knew she had done post graduate work in dumbassery and fugliness but now I really want to take her brilliant ideas on mothering and denying yourself needed pain medication to heart.

    • Negrodamus

      Pain medication isn’t “needed.” People lived thousands of years without using chemicals to ease their pain. They had to resort to natural pain relievers, such as meditation. Why does it bother everybody so much that she doesn’t want to pop pills and that birthing a child taught her something about her body? Oh, right…she’s not some skank with her tits hanging out.

      • Please don’t say “tits hanging out” while I’m looking at Blossom.

      • I invite you to visit a terminal cancer hospice and tell everyone what fucking pussies they are because people have lived thousands of years without using chemicals to ease their pain, and they can just meditate their pain away naturally!

        My parents’ friends could have used your oh-so superior knowledge – dying at home from terminal cancer, the wife was in screaming agony because the level of prescribed pain medication was inadequate. Her loving husband of 50+ years smothered her to death to put her out of her misery. Then he put a plastic bag over his head and shot himself. Hey, good to know they could have avoided all that with some meditation!

        It isn’t her not needing to pop pills that sets some people’s teeth on edge, it’s smugly blatant attitudes like yours – that people who do resort to drugs are weaklings for depending on “chemicals”, while those who go the natural route are somehow superior for not “needing” it.

      • Negrodamus

        Wow, you sure are good at missing the point. I never said pain medication should never be used by anybody. This post is about Mayim Bialik’s choice to not take pain medication for injuries sustained in a car accident. If she didn’t feel she needed them, then she didn’t. Why are you acting like anyone here has said that nobody should ever use pain meds? BTW, my best friend is currently dying of brain cancer at the age of 27. So don’t tell your sob story to me like I wouldn’t understand. I do. And you took what I said out of context for your own self-serving purposes.

        Let me ask you something, if a cancer patient refuses treatment, pain or otherwise, does that mean they’re saying that all cancer patients should do the same? Or do you think it might just be a personal choice for them? Think about it, but try not to hurt yourself to the point of needing pain medication.

      • Carla

        I see Negrodamus can’t come back at this with reason, must explain the multiple re-freshs to thumbs-down. In other words, Justifiable kicks ass!

      • Negrodamus

        Refreshes to thumbs down? I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I refresh the page, it doesn’t erase or allow one to vote on a comment again. Maybe there are just enough people that see through Justifiable’s bullshit.

      • Negrodamus

        Just to clarify, I meant pain medication isn’t needed HERE, in this situation. Before any other assholes decide to take what I said out of context. If she feels she can make it without them, great for her! I take pills that I’m prescribed. I had surgery this year and took pain meds afterward. I’m just saying, it’s her choice what she puts in her body, and everyone is reading WAY too much into that choice. Everybody has a right to say, “I don’t want to ingest that.” It doesn’t mean they look down on others who do. It doesn’t mean they don’t think it’s necessary for others. It’s just a personal choice. But good job to everybody getting all pissed off because Fish told you to. Baaaah

      • Context, my ass. By stating that “pain medication isn’t ‘needed’” and that people have lived thousands of years without resorting to chemicals, that “natural pain relievers” like meditation will do the trick, you most certainly did state what you’re now trying to deny. Not only that, but when you scoff at “chemicals” there’s a definite value judgment inherent in your statement – and if you can’t hear that “superior” note sounding loud and clear in what you wrote, then you’re just as fucking tone deaf as Bialik.

        BTW, you’re also wildly inaccurate. For thousands of years man has resorted to numerous analgesic “chemicals”, from opioides in 5000 BC, to willow bark salicylates in 1500 BC, to chloroform in 1831, to coal tar anilines in 1886. So if you have this idea that the human race has been sucking it up and dealing with pain like a bunch of Stoics and refusing meds for millenia like good little soldiers, you’re woefully ignorant of the facts.

      • Negrodamus

        Blah blah blah…you’re fishing for something that isn’t there, sweetie. Go get pissed at someone who really does look down on people for taking medications, pain or otherwise. ‘Cause it isn’t me.

  35. Negrodamus

    It would be a lot easier if you just cut the bullshit and admitted that your pet peeve is women who aren’t 45 pounds and wearing yoga pants. Push a baby out of your dickhole and then you can choose how to raise it. Until then, fuck off.

    • McClownerton

      Judging by your anger, Im thinking your mother didnt “fully” breastfeed you or co-sleep. Maybe she got an epidural during birth and the chemicals turned you into a jackass?

  36. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    When facing the boss of level 4, use your rocket launcher when he’s in this position.

  37. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Plaster cast and long nose fetish will certainly heavily masturbate to this.

  38. NE1

    While you used an epideral, so go fuck yourself.. lmao. Seriously take a Vikodin Blossom.

  39. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    I really want to disregard decades of medical science and listen to a celebrity when it comes to delivering babies and vaccinations, but I’m not a fucking idiot.

  40. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    So you delivered your baby naturally without pain meds? That means you’re one tough woman. I respect that.

  41. lawn

    Why didn’t she grow up looking like Bette Midler?

  42. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, they really uglify her for big bang theory.

  43. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, I never would have guessed that a homely, awkward teenager would grow up to be such an amazingly homely, awkward adult.

    Aren’t chicks supposed to grow out of that? Even the Olsen twins ended up being passably fuckable (if you count having a billion dollars as an aphrodisiac…which I do)

  44. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    This is causing DeVito flashbacks. Thanks Tim Burton!

  45. You want to impress me Blossom? Next time your about to shit out another CHUD, ram both of your fists into your stomach to force the beastie out and that would impress me.

  46. El Jefe

    I read through all the comments and the story and realized I just don’t care.

  47. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Who the F is this and why should I care?

  48. grz

    This is what the pink PowerPuff Girl looks like now?

  49. Wait, so am I the only one that didn’t know blossom was Amy in the big bang theory, mmm…I guess that means I would’ve totally been fooled by superman’s disguise.

  50. Mayim Bialik Cast Car Accident Pain Management Breathing Techniques
    Commented on this photo:

    Tukan nose

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