May Andersen not allowed in United States

April 25th, 2006 // 51 Comments

may-anderson-arrest.jpgFormer Sports Illustrated swimsuit model May Anderson was arrested last Thursday for hitting a flight attendant on a flight from Amsterdam to Miami and, in a double whammy, was refused entry into the United States yesterday. She was attempting to enter under the visa waiver program but was deemed “inadmissible,” forcing her to return to the Netherlands at the next available flight.

Sure, getting drunk and punching flight attendants is a bad idea when trying to enter a foreign country, but that doesn’t mean America should start turning away supermodels. If we’re gonna crack down on foreigners, I’ve got a whole list of possible candidates who don’t look awesome in a bathing suit.



  1. BirdDog

    Looking at that picture, that’s one ‘SUPER MODEL’ I wouldn’t tag!!!

  2. Mike

    What the heck is that on her lip? I think she was really banned for having herpes.

  3. SuperSpence

    SuperSpence knows SuperModels and that ain’t no SuperModel. She is, however, a SuperSkank. SuperSpence also knows about them, owing to the one or two nights a week he is unable to find a SuperModel to share his bed for the night.

  4. Spacedog

    Well, she was coming from Amsterdam… maybe she ate too many space cakes or something. Just a hunch.

  5. mamacita

    It’s the hash brownies.

  6. reptilicus

    I remember seeing the same thing on Katie Holmes face last year.

  7. Vampyreska

    May Andersen and Katie Holmes must have been making out!!!

  8. KnockoutXO21

    looks like someone beat her with the ugly stick. i wouldn’t let her into the US either.

  9. biatcho

    Nothing better than a bitch getting bitch-slapped.

  10. Hahaha… I met this bitch once. At the Roxy on Sunset. It was when she was dating Steve-o from jackass. She was so out of it…she sat at her table and stared off into space for 3 hours straight. She never once spoke…or moved for that matter. She was nasty lookin’ though…kinda looked like a herion junkie.

  11. Italian Stallion

    I was in Amsterdam for 420 on 4/20 and had sex with that bitch. The only thing is, I was so high that I don’t remember the herpes I think I see on her face. I’m going to get checked out as we speak……….

  12. katie

    forget about 420, that bitch is tripping her ass off on shrooms. permanently it looks like from this pic.

  13. cleo

    I haven’t been able to access the site for ages… was having heart palpations at the thought that Edna finally was able to carry out Gods Will…
    Hail Mary my children…

  14. I’d pay to see her go up agaist Naomi Campbell. That bitch wouldn’t feel too powerful with no cellphone and mexican immigrants around.

  15. jugsgirl

    edna bambrick – did u cause the superficial server to go down?

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I think she looks ai’ight for an evil reincarnate of the undead who likes rub her mouth on a cheese grater five times a minute. I’d hit it!

  17. Jacq

    #11 – Windex!! STAT! I agree, my funny bone ain’t kickin’ today either.

    Sounds like her and Scott Stapp would make an uber-couple.

    I want fake Edna and Megana to start getting things going around here.

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    17 – all you need to do to get things going is say something everyone disagrees with that makes you sound like a dipshit or start hurling insults at random people. For example: Fuck you SuperSpence #3!! You’re an idiot and probably fat, you fat lesbian! Supermodels are ugly! You too #8! Asshole! Let the crazy antics begin…

  19. playahater101

    She looks like a public service ad to stop kids from using Meth. And she looks super evil.

  20. She looks a little… beat up from the feet up.

  21. Land-Man

    I ate a bunch of Space Cakes for the flight back, and I spent the whole time paranoid about the plane crashing.

  22. LookMaNoHands!!

    She looks rough.

  23. sweetlips

    She looks like walking shit!!! Fucking hag acts like she’s a damn 3 year old on the flight……kick her dumb bitch ass back under the rock she crawled out from under. UGH!!

  24. PapaHotNuts

    I’d hit it, but I don’t want my hand touching that lip fungus.

  25. Spacedog

    The more I smoke, the more I think she looks like those weird vampire chicks that were getting on Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire.
    That is, until they realized Tommy putts from the rough. TCLTC!

  26. Ez-EEEE

    who the fuck dates steve-o and then… brags about it?
    just cuz hes famous, doesnt mean hes cool…
    & it doesnt make you cool by association.
    and my space, DEFINATELY doesnt make you cool.
    crawl into a hole and die, plz and thx.

  27. Super skinny and has anger issues…..My vote is either Coke or Meth.

  28. saltpeanuts

    Looks like she jumped into bed with Wilbur Valderrama and after he smacked her face around with his 20″ schlong, he proceeded to donkey-punch her repeatedly.

  29. DivaG81

    I guess the “heroine-chic/vampire” look is back in….she doesn’t look any worse than Kate Moss on any given day. Since when did looking like the homeless equal a modeling contract?

  30. you see, border control thought she was mexican…they’re not very worldly like you and me…

  31. TaiTai

    #17 Jacq don’t forget, Fake Edna won’t be joining us again because Real Edna got her pastry lawyer on retainer to shut Fake Edna down. I wonder if Fake Edna is in jail in Miami with May Anderson, eating bon bons and waiting for a flight to Amsterdam? There are worse things. I’m just sayin.’ I mean, have you ever been to Amsterdam?

  32. gogoboots

    Marijuana doesn’t make you violent, it’s the drink dammit. Coupled with being a model, that can make you even more violent!

  33. Why are most models unattractive? For every Adriana Lima there are ten of these fuglies. Anyone catch an episode of the latest America’s Next Top Model? I think Tyra picks these chicks so she has no future competition. And before someone mentions “photogenic”, your Aunt Sophie would look hot with all the makeup, lighting, and professional camera work these herpetic whores get.

  34. Ms Crackalackin

    Most foreign models have nasty teeth and poor hygiene, in my experience. Lighting and good camera work does miracles. All you need is a bony frame to work with, preferably with plastic melons implanted (but not too big coz that’s passe).

    This lady is scary. If I were the flight attendant/victim, I would sue for the pain and suffering of seeing that hideous face attacking me and forever haunting me in nightmares. That really is a frightening face.

  35. mylene

    i think she looks hot.

  36. Badhero

    Where have all the Supermodels gone,
    long time passing?

    Where have all the Supermodels gone,
    long time ago?

    Where have all the Supermodels gone?

    There on dorky infomercials, everyone.
    When will we ever….oh SCREW IT. I guess stupid drunken bitch slapping is the best we can expect….

  37. Bellisima

    Ok so now we just need to send Nai-HO-mi Campbell over there with her and peace will be restored in SuperModel land. Maids and flight attendants all over the world could breath a sigh of relief and be safe at last.Stupid spoiled bitches. One day they will be old trolls and have no power which will be excellent!

  38. looks like she got hit on the lip. What a druggie supermodel. I bet this isn’t the worst thing she’s done… not even close.

  39. Lucretia Borgia

    She looks bitchy, not to mention her strong resemblance to a toad. I’m glad they don’t let things like that into the country. Might scare the children.

  40. Libraesque

    wow….the Gia of 2006

  41. Trotter

    I wonder if the black-tar heroine she’s got crammed up her ass is leaking yet. Looks like it.

    Time for a full cavity search! Isn’t that Stallion’s realm?

  42. TrannyGranny

    I hate scrawny chicks. Why is this stick trend considered hot? Google Vita Guerra, that is what a woman should look like. can we all hold hands and scream BOOTY? I just signed up because of Edna, and I’ll be damned, writing comments about this crap when I should be working is pretty darn fun. Who knew?

  43. dirtypiratehooker

    This is what supermodels look like when they are on PCP and have no make up artist around…or Herpicin….so next time all of you boys are dreaming of Gisele or Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum…just think back to this glorious picture of a supermodel in her prime. This is what they really look like!

  44. andrewthezeppo

    mugshot = fugshot

  45. Pearly

    Wow, to think she could have been Trumps new wife…

  46. She looks pissed off. Like she’s seen her first burger in twenty days and she’s been denied.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    HAHAHAHA stooopid bitch, get tha FOCKOUTTAHERE!!

  48. Pez_D_Spencer

    Why is her right eyeball rolling back into her head? Brain damage, perhaps?

  49. junebug

    11 million illegals can get in to the US, but not May Anderson, HAHAHAHA. That’s funny.

  50. Does she have herpes?

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