The Time Max Rice Trolled Gretchen Carlson

September 17th, 2012 // 117 Comments
Gretchen Carlson
WATCH: Max Rice Trolls Gretchen Carlson On Fox & Friends

Above is what happens when the producers of Fox & Friends desperately need to find someone, anyone, who’s young and voted for Obama but now thinks Mitt Romney is a good idea. Because instead what they, unknowingly, got was comedian Max Rice who somehow managed to make it on the air this morning (I would kill to see his pre-interview answers to convince them he’s legit.) where he proceeded to troll Gretchen Carlson like a harp on live television. In related news, ED-209 just shot the living shit out of a producer inside Roger Ailes’ office which was the only way this could’ve ended. The only way.

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  1. ksmack

    Ha! Jeah!

  2. EricLr

    I feel kind of bad for the Fox and Friends cast. Making fun of them is easy, sure. But it’s kind of like making fun of your retarded cousin. Sure, it’s easy to do, but it feels cruel to make fun of someone not even smart enough to realize you’re doing it. It’s like arm-wrestling Verne Troyer.

    • J. F. Sebastian

      The retarded cousin that is Fox News ruined this country by providing feigned legitimacy to extreme right-wing views that were once laughed (as they should be) off the national stage. Go ahead and make fun of them, I promise it won’t be as cruel as what they deserve.

      • Jesus H. Tapdancin' Christ

        Hey, Republicans might be onto something. Didn’t I heal the sick with tax cuts for the rich? I can’t remember, it was such a long fucking time ago.

      • Rachel Maddow

        Yep, the highest rated show on Fox News has 3 million viewers which is far more responsible for the sorry state of our country than the fact that the gubment forced banks to give loans to poor minorities with bad credit so they could “buy” houses they couldn’t afford.

      • Bonky

        If you didn’t watch so much FOX you wouldn’t make stupid statements like this.

      • cc

        I guess you didn’t hear the part about where banks repackaged those loans as CDS’s, and sold them as secure investments?

      • Warden

        What else are they gonna do with toxic assets? Bury them in the backyard?
        The only thingsLiberals are good at; being a “Smart Ass” and a “Pseudo-Intellectual”

      • Hank

        3 million viewers out of 330 million Americans? That’s lousy numbers. Fox likes to tout being No. 1 in viewership, but it’s a stupid statistic – people with non-fringe perspectives spread their news viewership across all the major networks, and the plethora of cable outlets for news. But the wackjobs – all three million of them – gather in one place to watch the news fed to them the way they like it.

      • flaT

        Oh shit, Rachel shutting it down.

        Honestly though, anyone who thinks Fox News is changing America and the debt turmoil isn’t, is insane.

      • j to the r.o.c.

        flaT is right…the continued devaluation of the dollar is a hidden tax on us all by way of inflation, which is much higher than the gov’t is willing to admit. Sadly, we’re faced with Obamney (meaning we’re screwed either way), so there’s no end in sight.

      • Ttime

        Yeah, as always, blame the poor and minorities. God forbid we actually admit that the housing crisis was caused by the middle class who bought McMasions they couldn’t offer, then decided to use their homes as an ATM machine to “buy” kitchen remodels, cars and vacations they couldn’t afford.

      • Reading is Sexy

        Nice try, Gretchen. Why don’t you take your anger out on your producers instead of lurking online?

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        I’d take Ending The Fed before Ending Fox News. One you can change with the click of a remote, but the other? we’re not so lucky.

  3. Fox is just desperate. Romney’s going to lose and they can feel it.

    • Dick Hell

      Fox might secretly be rooting for Obama. Having a Dem administration keeps the right-wing herd agitated which is good for their ratings.

      • Archie Leach

        Holy shit are you insinuating that the true believers at fox “news” are in it for the money!?

      • Dick Hell

        The gullibility of the Fox News audience is like prime-rib for advertisers. They’d pay top dollar just to lick the plate.

      • Taylor

        If Fox News were motivated solely by ideology they wouldn’t have canned Glenn Beck. The loss of advertisers was hurting their bottom line so he had to go.
        The truth is Murdoch and Ailes don’t give a shit, Fox News could as easily have had a progressive slant but focus groups demonstrated that conservative viewers comprise an easier flock to fleece.

      • j to the r.o.c.

        anyone who speaks truth to power gets shit-canned from faux: napolitano, ventura, drudge…the pretty-boy neo-cons stay on, posturing for the nwo

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        Since I see little to nothing of Fox, I had no idea they ditched Napolitano. That’s a shame to learn, he was someone actually worth the time of day. Figures he should get the can.

  4. JK

    That’s not funny that’s just sad, and lazy that fox actually let that slip by.

  5. it had to be said

    Oh, there is a time to just pull the plug on the interview. It is when he says “yo” at the beginning.

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    I thought Max Rice was an asian superhero, no?

  7. That was funny like Dane Cook is funny.

    • cc

      Dane Cook was funny that time his accountant looted his accounts. Actually, that means his accountant was funny doesn’t it? Never mind.

  8. Dick Hell

    What an incredibly wasted opportunity to say something funny at Fox’ expense. Instead all he did was make Carlson look like a parent trying to talk to an uncommunicative teenager.

    • Agreed. This was disappointing. If you’re going to punk Fox News, you don’t give yourself away with “Whoa, I’m on national television!” or “I met Obama in the 3rd grade” at the outset.

  9. Kodos

    Now you see why MSNBC never takes live calls… that would be painfully easy.

  10. DeucePickle

    I can remember when the word “troll” was only a noun.

    • Abby Normal

      Except that it was never ONLY a noun. The verb is simply being used in a different context than previously.

    • Then you must be over 150 year old, since fishermen have been baiting lines and trolling for a catch for at least that long.

      In the finest tradition of the word, Rice just hooked a 98 pound clownfish.

      • Matt Lauer

        98 lbs BEFORE makeup. 105 after.

      • Arlene

        That’s not makeup. That’s what Murdock’s cum looks like after it dries.

      • rantatonne

        Isn’t that trawling? or were you trolling in your response?

      • rantatonne

        Was not trolling in my response to your response, but looked it up as i was wondering why you said lines and not a net… But thanks now the trolling thing online makes much more sense in its baiting nature. I used to think it was more because the creature, a troll is generally despised and up to no good. waiting under bridges n what not. Never quite made sense but never looked it up.

      • lily

        98 pounds?!?!? LOL ive watched fox and friends and that gretchen bitch dont weigh 98 pounds on the moon. shes short and fat.

  11. I don’t know what the big hubbub is?, its just two retards talking retard to each other…

  12. Jack London's sober moment

    it’s wonderful that it took the Fox fembots over a minute to detect the ruse. if only Max wasn’t such a douche.

  13. cc

    Geez, this has filled me with inspiration. Maybe I can bluff my way onto Fox news. But as what though? I am not American…they’d probably notice that…or would they? ‘I am from Vermont…this is what we sound like.’

    • Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

      Accent doesn’t matter, as long as you’re caucasian they’ll take your word for it.

    • cc: Tell them you’re a Canadian who “moved to the U.S. for your superior health care system.” They’ll probably give you a contract to appear regularly.

      • Dick Hell

        Applying for a job at Fox News must be pretty tricky. You have to convince them you’re a shameless liar but you can’t be honest about it…

  14. Glory be to the one who trolls the trolls. Fox “News” is fucking disgusting. I would never waste my electricity to watch that shit.

  15. Gen Y do not watch TV period. They get all information from the web. They consider the Daily Show as a source of political information! Fox &Friends, WTF name is that for a political show? The ppl on this shit hole look old I mean Nam old! They all look Cunty old and ragged. WW2? Wasn’t that after 9/11 when our troops went to Asia(Afghanistan) ? I’ve heard Vietnam is a great place for a cheap holiday for booze and phở bò !

  16. Opportunity wasted, indeed!

  17. El Jefe

    Fox and Friends might have the most retarded and uneducated cast in TV history. I mean they are truly stupid, especially the two guys. It is literally like listening to special needs kids try to interact with normal people. O’Reilly and Shepherd Smith are literally the only two people with a working brain at Fox News and Shepherd Smith is the only sane one and the only person at Fox News that is actually “Fair and Balanced”.

    • See Alice

      You say that because Smith is a screaming liberal .

      • El Jefe

        Actually no, in the world of TV pundits, he is actually fair and balanced and throws genuine and appropriate criticism and praise towards both sides of the aisle. I used to watch O’Reilly when he first came out, and he was okay but he just became psycho lately. He is still highly intelligent though, I would never deny him that.

      • j to the r.o.c.

        Fuck. Go watch the youtube video of him standing on a bridge during hurricane katrina – he is a fucking HACK (big shocker).
        *just a teaser – if you need more help seeing the light, fuck off*

      • “Highly intelligent”? “Psycho lately“?

        The man should change his name to “O’Really”. He’s a hack, and not a particularly intelligent one, either. This is someone who knew for a fact, unlike a certain “pinhead”, that the only neutral country in Europe is Switzerland; who proclaimed (in his book, not an off-the-cuff remark) that the Constitution guarantees all of us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”; and who accused the US soldiers who were massacred at Malmedy by the Nazis of war crimes. Twice. And when he was called on it, poorly explained it as “the heat of the debate” talking – and then repeated the same slur 5 years later. The less said about his “no true Scotsman” denial that Anders Behring Breivik is a true Christian because he’s such an extremist, versus his take on all Islamic extremists being true Muslims, the better.

        O’Reilly is about as “highly intelligent” as Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, and we know what morons they are when it comes to actual facts. And, like both of them, when O’Reilly’s gaffes are pointed out, he refuses to acknowledge that he made them in the first place.

  18. Tronald Dump

    Everybody needs to calm down so we can get back to looking at upskirts and mugshots.

  19. lol

    Fox news viewers are less informed than those that don’t watch the news at all. It’s also registered as an entertainment channel, not actual news, that’s why they’re never called to carpet.

    • Deacon Jones

      Of course they are, 75% of the dipshits think Saddam had WMDs, even though Bush himself admitted he didn’t.

      This guy wasted a golden opportunity here. I dont think he was funny at all. I mean, you’ve got a beauty queen and closeted flaming himbo. The possibilities are endless with what I wouldve done up there if that was me.

  20. Brooke

    I thought she handled it well enough, though. Max looked like he was expecting to have some funny shit laid out for them but the interview didn’t last long enough. I think when the host catches on that quickly it means you’ve failed to do anything really clever. It’s only funny if it takes a few minutes before it sinks in that “dammit, I’m getting pranked…”. So kind of wasted a golden opportunity.

  21. It’s ironic that people that run celebrity websites, that make fun of celebrities, are even dumber than those they make fun of.

  22. Archie Leach

    We all know that the brightest bulbs don’t get involved with fox “news” but for starters the guy didn’t look exactly 18-24.

  23. anonym


    best interview ever

  24. Lets be honest, Gretchen is the dimmest bulb on that network. Her sense of humor is terrible, and I honestly wonder if she actually went to school for journalism.

    • jumpin_j

      I doubt she even knows what a school is.

    • Buck

      I think she was just thrown off by the adolescent humor of a liberal. I know we all can agree that the adults need to get back in charge and get rid of this amatuer that is currently in the White House

      • Hank

        Buck – good news – you’ll continue to have four more years of someone to blame for your own misfortunes .

      • Buck

        Hank, you sound like a typical liberal who is actually happy about obama dragging down all of America to ‘level the playing field’ with the rest of the world. And thats no way to go through life.

      • Archie Leach

        Actually buckaroo, us libruls have watched as the quayles and the bushmonkeys and the palins have stupified murcans down to where Hondurans are shaking their heads in dismay that a nation’s political system could sink to such depths……

    • j to the r.o.c.

      Mutt: I would say that goes for “most* of those on television “news” programs. Looks and personality (meaning cans and/or legs for the ladies – remember the “zipper ad” from cnn when they landed robin meade?) first, credentials a distant second.

  25. She may not be all that bright– but he was neither clever nor funny.

  26. Jman

    That’s a wasted opp for that comedian, he could’ve killed with lines like:
    “I’m supporting Romney now because he knows how to make money by firing people and keep money by not paying taxes”
    “I don’t know much about the Mormon religion but I kind of like that multiple wive thing”

  27. Ruth

    RoboCop is one of the greatest movies ever.

  28. Buck

    reading the liberal comments make me really worry about this country

    • Hank

      Don’t be worried. You can still watch Waltons reruns on TV.

    • Bill O'Reilly

      You actually mean having the comments read aloud to you, don’t you? Nice choice of screen name though, “buck” sums up the value of your education.

      • Buck

        Looks like SNL is back on and the comedians on the left are alive and well. Liberals are very strange people. Less than 2 months away and it can’t come soon enough, hopefully this obama guy won’t do much more damage to American’s and the world in that short of time but you never know.

      • American’s what, exactly? Buck, you should know that a hallmark of illiteracy is an inability to distinguish between the possessive and the plural. I know you probably needed Laura Bush to be First Lady for an another two decades or so before her pet program sunk in and you actually didn’t get left behind, but if you’re looking to Ann Romney to help you complete your education I fear you’ll be sadly disappointed.

        In future, if you’re talking about “Americans” as a group, just slap the “s” on the end of “American” and don’t try to get all fancy with an apostrophy – you’ll only end up hurting yourself. But as a ringing endorsement of what we can always expect from the right wing, the left wing thanks you.

      • Sorry, apostrophe – damn small keyboard!

      • Joaquin ingles

        Low hanging fruit.

      • Candee

        I think i love you.

      • Candee

        Damn that comment was for justifiable

      • Archie Leach

        Look calm down buckaroo: us communistic libruls aren’t gonna take away your nascar viewership, we’re just gonna limit the hours you can watch it OK?

    • Inmate 12236969

      Yeah Buck it’s hard to believe on what dumb fucks they’re; they don’t have a fucking clue they’re all in a medical pot haze—I’m cracking up.

    • Rex Reed

      Reading your comments make me worry about the future of the English language.

  29. leftistsbane

    This made me want to turn the TV to MSNBC. Instead of right leaning news, I can watch the Obama 2012 talking points being spit out of all the fuck ugly leftists pie holes.

    That dude Maddow, Race baiter Sharpton, Village Idiot Shultz, The Alchoholic Matthews……I mean you can’t make that shit up.

  30. Mandope

    If you suck at sports, vote for Romney.

    • Sarah

      If missionary is your favorite position, vote for Romney

      • Ann R.

        If you also took your pooch down off the car and spent the next week screwing it, vote for Romney.

      • Buck

        and if you have the adolescent humor of a 5th grader vote for the clown obama

      • Dick Hell

        Because anyone who completed 4th grade wouldn’t vote for a Republican.

      • Buck

        Liberal crack me up, they get there news from Comedy Center and SNL and all of a sudden they are not only poitcal expersts but comedians as well. Can’t wait for the adults to get back in charge and get this amatuer out of office.

      • Olson Johnson

        Now, that’s authentic frontier gibberish!

      • Ttime

        With comments like these, I certainly hope you’re part of the 1%; if not the Republicans have you drinking the Kool-Aid and you will be screwed IF they get back in office (IF Karl Rove is able to BUY the election) and continue to give tax breaks to their fellow ONE percent-ers.

      • Sadly, Buck’s learning curve flatlined in English class sometime before the differences between there/their/they’re was addressed, so naturally the concept of percentages is totally beyond him.

  31. Ty Webb

    Howard Stern listeners used to prank the media like this all the time back in the 90′s, with two differences–they would yell BA-BA-BOOEY at the end, and they were sometimes funny.

  32. See Alice

    Max who ?

  33. lily

    LOL Gretchen sucks, I cant stand her stuck up ‘holier than thou’ attitude and right wing ignorance. people like her are why I cant watch so many programs on FOX news. But this Max guy could have been so much better had he not pulled the slow mumbling frat boy stoner act. And it cracks me up reading people’s comments above about how fox news is evil and ruining the country…you bunch of morons….yea Fox is owned and run by a bunch of right wing fiscal conservatives….and EVERY OTHER network is the polar opposite in the other direction run by LIMOUSINE LIBERALS who believe that Obama is the next messiah. Have you people ever even watched CNN or NBC? they are so liberal and biased too, but since they align with your viewpoint, its makes it ok. Uneducated fools.

    • Olson Johnson

      The irony of your last sentence nearly made it worth plowing through that tripe.

      • Archie Leach

        The underlying existentialism of your posting is deeply disconcerting as it forces me to question my rejection of atheism and nihilism for the higher materialism.

  34. Bianca

    I wouldn’t say this was a punk as much as it was trolling. I think it actually makes Democrats look bad because this guy wasn’t even smart enough to trick someone on Fox News. It would have been so much better if he was completely deadpanned and his answers were more nuanced and shady as opposed to straight out goofing off for the cameras.

    • El Jefe

      The title of this post clearly states that he trolled them, not punked them. I am not sure how this went right past you?I get the feeling that you are the kind of person that likes to talk to yourself.

      • Bianca

        Well actually, I clicked here from Dlisted and it said “punked” so I had that in my mind. I didn’t even look at SF’s headline or post to be honest. You seem like the type of person that likes to harp on others for harmless mistakes so I’ll let you go back to doing that.

  35. whyask

    Yeah, no; your idea of “trolled” and mine are two vastly different things – he came across as a moron that could barely string a sentence together – or perhaos still stoned from the night before.

    Seriously, it’s not hard to make Fox News look stupid – he failed.

  36. Archie Leach

    NO ONE will way so I will: hey *BUCK*: YOUR ideological blinders need to be taken the fuck off!

    Wanna know something ASSHOLE “buck”: you’re nothing but a maoist that was 40 years late to maoism

  37. JentheBod

    This would be funny if it were actually funny.

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