Thanks For Admitting You Banged Lindsay Lohan, Max George. No One Ever Would’ve Guessed.

For reasons that can only be described as “she blows you so hard time bends on itself,” Lindsay Lohan managed to have a fling with Max George of The Wanted who’s continually denied their relationship because it’s hard to bang more woman if they think your penis breathes fire now. Except he’s finally copped to it after washing his hands (and balls) of her because if there’s one thing Lindsay is even better at, it’s making sure you pay her like a prostitute so she’s not homeless. E! News reports:

I asked him earlier today—while the band was at E! promoting their upcoming series premiering in June for the network, The Wanted Life (working title)—if he and Lohan did actually “snog.”
“Yes, we did—a little one,” George said.
But it sounds like things didn’t go far. “She’s a friend of all of ours and she is a lovely girl,” he said, adding, “We wish her all the best wherever she is.”

Even better, he wants to bang Taylor Swift next which will absolutely happen, and now I can’t wait for her new album, “Holy Shit, AIDS Medication Costs A Lot of Money. Seriously, Max George, What The Fuck?”

Photo: Splash News