Matthew McConaughey’s transformation is almost complete

September 29th, 2006 // 132 Comments






  1. Dirt McGirt

    Hey hey hey, what is going on here?

  2. alaskanchicsickle

    He’s still sexy, even as a hairy beast. I’d gladly go to one of his bongo sessions.

  3. za-rodinu

    What, are all the mirrors in his house hung on the wall below his neck, or what?

  4. My initial reaction was “Aunt Jemina”, but Brain Embolism (#29) beat me to it.. So with much thought and deliberation, I came up with…

    All he needs is a big wooden cross and some Birkenstocks and he would be a dead ringer for Jesus.


  5. macheteseduction

    That is what any man looks like who gets high and plays the bongos naked in his backyard. Give the man a break!

    He looks like he is almost to the point of walking on water and turning water onto wine.

  6. GG1000

    He looks like the guy who lives in a sleeping bag under the freeway by my house styled by Aunt Lucille on “housework day,” except he’s obviously been dabbling in a different kind of juice than the bag man favors. Appearing as “Mad Matt” in the WWF is the next obvious career step.

  7. Anonymous

    Has it occurred to you fuckos who are panting at, and masturbating to, these hideous pictures that:

    1) Matthew McConaghey (sic) is transplanting his facial hair to cover his severely receding hairline? Whoever first mentioned that Matthew is using the bandana to hide the hairplugs is spot on.

    2) Matthew has had plastic surgery? Why else is his body so chiseled, and why is he suddenly appearing everywhere without a shirt on? When women get breast implants, the first thing they do is parade around public nearly naked, to flaunt those hideous silicone (or saline) implants. Matthew seems to be doing the same thing. I’m guessing some pec implants, chiseled abs and lipo.

    What makes it all great for Matt, though, is that NO ONE would ever suspect he (and other Hollywood men) have had plastic surgery, because most people focus on women’s plastic surgery!!!!

  8. Anonymous


  9. Say, you know who has a huge dick? Brain Embolism.

    Yep, that fucking thing is a python.

    First time I saw it I thought it was a baby’s arm holding an apple.

    Ladies, be warned……

  10. 110- Angry “I may not know much, but I know how to kill a ninja” Ferret, how do you know I have a huge johnson? We’re you peeking at me when we we’re at that trough urinal at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada???

    Curiously Stumped,
    Mr Embolism


  11. AmishDude

    @109 krisdylee – As much as I despise Lindsay Lohan and everything she stands for, if I was here assistant, I would have licked the smelly excrement off of her shoe with my tongue!
    That’s the kind of humble servant I was raised to be.

  12. mommy_long_legs

    beards…they grow on you.

  13. Matthew is just gearing up his new life as a homeless person.

    To Hell with Hollywood! You can’t eat garbage when you’re in Hollywood!…

  14. camabron

    McConehey is a chimp.

  15. jrzmommy

    beards….they protect you from gay accusations.

  16. kandyk0119

    I’ll give him a shave and a cut, as well as a FULL body massage and a 4 hour workout & in!

  17. GirlyGirl

    I saw a bum standing at the Wendy’s on my lunch break and it reminded me of these pictures. Except, this guy had a grocery cart, a weird hat and was probably the epitome of NOT SEXY. And I’m sure he probably smelled like a dumpster. Matthew McConahey on the other hand…. mmmmm MMMMM! Now that’s the sexiest damn hobo I’ve ever seen!!! Ok, I have reached a NSFW level of excitement. Igottagobye

  18. GirlyGirl

    PS/ You guys are TOOO F-ing funny! My co-workers MUST know that my job isn’t this funny……..

  19. jrzmommy

    119–especially since you’re a funeral director, right? :)

  20. GirlyGirl

    @ 120… something like that. MUAHAHAHAHAH!

  21. steponme

    Is that what it’s like to be rich and famous?

  22. JackUup

    That is THE sexiest homeless man I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Looks like he smeels pissy.

  23. Maegan sweetie

    Thank you lord for the fact that he hates wearing shirts. Ive never seen a picture of him that doesnt turn me on. I dont like the beard but Id still f*** his brains out!!!

  24. Slinx

    Castaway, cast very far away….

  25. yeah, transformation into the local perve who hangs out by the park in a trenchcoat!

  26. mike

    he is gorgeous!!!
    anybody have his number?

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  27. stephinie

    he looked better in the movie the wedding planner

    i can`t believe he let himself go
    he should get the beard cut off and he should get a haircut
    who is with me

  28. trin

    he looked better in the movie the wedding planner

    i can`t believe he let himself go
    he should get the beard cut off and he should get a haircut
    who is with me

  29. trin

    he would be so cute if he didn`t have the beard, but he is still so cute

  30. trin

    he was so cute i can`t believe that he let himself go like that
    i use to go crazy over him
    the only reason i got some of the movies i have is because he is in them
    who has done that before
    i lnow someone who has posted a commoent before has
    and one more question
    who wants him to read the comments that we post so he will know how some of his fans feel about his new look so he might consider a new look and make all of us happy
    if you want that post more comments

  31. Here here! I was dragged along to this and had a total of perhaps 3 real laughs in the whole painful experience. Some might think Mahogany is hot enough to carry the film on his looks alone, but I don’t think so! He’s so sleazy I felt violated just watching it!

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