Matthew McConaughey’s transformation is almost complete

September 29th, 2006 // 132 Comments






  1. BigJim

    Yo ho ho and bottle of cum.

  2. jrzmommy

    He looks like a housewife…albeit a very big, hairy housewife, but a housewife all the same.

  3. radio4play:

    Do I detect sarcasim? The motherfucker only needs a bubba gump hat and it would be perfect…………….

  4. BigJim

    Regarding the school shootings in Montreal and Colorado:

    I wish those murder-suicide fuckers would try doing it in the other order for a change.

  5. bigponie

    grizzly adams gone ape shit

  6. hobieluv83

    to quote the numerous amount of men on here when referring to skank ass bitches…”I’d still hit it.”

  7. jrzmommy

    56–to paraphrase ‘em—I’d let it hit me! Wait……

  8. cole007

    Matthew McConaughey Tired!
    Matthew McConaughey Hungry!
    Matthew McConaughey Drive!

    Who IS that guy in the passenger seat?
    Rob Schneider?

  9. beifiori

    you know it’s bad when you nearly send someone into both violent convulsions and uncontollable vomiting…why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyyy do some men think it’s a good think to let beards growing uncontrollably like wild grass? oh yeah, he likes wild grass and anything associated with it…just, yuck! gross and ewwwwwwww! no amount of lucious body can compensate for that nasty-looking flea-infested, untamed pubic hairs of the chin look, nope, NOTHING! he’s gone from airhead hunk to darn near homeless bum…

  10. That guy in the passenger seat should watch for any signs of lycanthropic progression.

    I wish Deryck Whibley would have shown up with a pork chop tied around his neck at this particular Matty shoot.

  11. radio4play


    the truth is always sarcastic. it comes and bites you when you least expect it

  12. That guy in the passenger seat should watch for any signs of lycanthropic progression.

    I wish Deryck Whibley would have shown up with a pork chop tied around his neck at this particular Matty shoot.

  13. radio4play


    I get the feeling you drive a red Porsche. You do, don’t you?

  14. Grunt Big

    The bandana is hiding his fresh hair plugs

  15. skeptical

    I don’t get this guys appeal AT ALL. He’s gross. He has always looked like a skeeze with a monkey walk to me.

    I’d do Harry Morton before old Matthew.

  16. #66- That’s because you’re skeptical.

  17. JohnniePolo

    Lance Armstrong must like his men scruffy.

  18. HollyJ

    I found out what he’s been doing with his free weekends.

  19. HollyJ

    PS a dude in Cheatum TN having incestuous sex with a minor ?

    on the ‘big shock’-ometer, there’s barely a blip

  20. vargagirl

    He has that 70′s bush thing going.. On his face.


    Didn’t know he had such a huge body…

  22. simba1075

    Ummm, can you post a side by side of one when he is in his car compared to the guy that won Last Comic Standing!! The similarities are unreal!!

  23. Tracy

    Shave and a haircut… two bits!

  24. squirlgal1

    The Unibomber with a hot body!

  25. if jesus was a stoner..


    A housewife with a beard. How quaint.

  27. Amy

    does that sign in the background say prison security?! armed patrol??

  28. WOW, he is preparing for a role you idiot!

    It’s called “Wildabeast Gets Cheated on by a Gay Pirate”.

  29. poker_n_d_rear

    even forrest gump eventually realized it was time to stop running this is bound to stop someday, i in the mean time will make fun of his determination as i eat a donut

  30. Momma said they was my magic shoes, and they would take me wherever I wanted to go….

  31. He’s training for the Hobolympics.

  32. He’s training for the Hobolympics.

  33. And no deodorant, to boot. Oh, Matthew.

    If anyone’s up for adding yet another fun site to their daily blog allowance, check out

  34. He looks like he smells like Pot, B.O. and Pachuli Oil.

    Oh, and he wears the bandana because he has the same hairline as Bruce Willis.

  35. sabbaroo

    He looks identical to Hercules in the Jason and the Argonauts film! Beard, dodgy hair, Crayola-coloured skin, the works!

  36. BoognishRising

    I love that befuddled look on his face in the second to last picture.

    Pssst, the crazed hobo/Nick Nolte look ain’t doing it for you buddy.

  37. BarbadoSlim


  38. Ihave3nipples

    These are not the best pics of him. He looks as cooked as Nicole Ritchie.

  39. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, and #19 I hear ya bro, so I’m thinking you two fellas should hook up, I’m pretty sure he’ll give you 50 poundings…

    in your butt :)

  40. TAD

    Matt is in control, awake, and enlightened. He is everything Zen.

    You can be too baby.

  41. bitchaholic

    I’d still hit it.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    I gotta say that this doode seems like he might be cool in person and ANYONE who can cause a police intervention for playing bongos while naked deserves some props.

  43. doihaveabooger

    this douche is a cross between charles manson & gary busey…think about it.

  44. pkittie

    In the 1st photo, if you look closely, there’s a scar/stretch mark running horizontally down from under his navel.

  45. bridgett

    try a razor, loser. You used to be a hottie, but now I wonder what is growing in that beard. Take a shower and clean up a bit.

  46. pleasant

    working out well. but, still gives the impression of a castaway!

  47. TorontoMapleLeafs

    thats sick, he looks like a gorilla man. he should be shot by a hunter, getting mistaken for bigfoot.

  48. @40

    He does look like Jeff Bridges as the Dude in the scene where he’s picked up by the Malibu cops for running down the middle of the highway, drugged out of his mind and hallucinating! My god, you are right! LOL

  49. amhi

    The mystery beard is getting on my nerves; I researched his upcoming movies to see why on earth he’s grown it out and offered possible role-related reasons:

    * We Are Mashall – “When a plane crash claims the lives of members of the Marshall University football team and some of its fans, the team’s new coach (McConaughey) and his surviving players try to keep the football program alive.” – Hmm. Maybe he thought the beard would be intimidating to the players so he could better keep them in line?

    * Tishomingo Blues – “Don Cheadle adapts Elmore Leonard’s Mississippi-set novel about two fledgling allies, the local Dixie Mafia, and a high-stakes Civil War re-enactment.” – Maybe he grew a beard because men during the Civil War had beards?

    * Fool’s Gold – “A new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure rekindles a married couple’s sense of adventure — and their estranged romance.” – Maybe the lost treasure is his beard and his wife finds it adventurous to sleep with bears?

    * Arrested Development – “When an over the hill high school narcotics agent is forced into retirement, he goes rogue to prove that he’s still a viable commodity.” – The word “rogue” left up to loose interpretations.

    * The Loop – “A highway patrolman is encouraged to search for his parents after taking up with a new woman.” – I have no idea how to tie his beard into this part.

    * Hammer Down – “In an attempt to get back into the racing world, a former NASCAR driver takes the shifty responsibility as wheel man on a major heist.” – The beard is used as a disguise in the second part of the movie?

    * Dear Delilah – “America’s most widely read female advice columnist, Deliah, has a secret — she’s a he (McConaughey). By day, he produces a male-oriented cable television show; by night, he doles out sage sisterly advice under a pseudonym.” – Hmm.

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