Matthew McConaughey’s transformation is almost complete

September 29th, 2006 // 132 Comments






  1. radio4play


  2. radio4play

    I swear I was first!

  3. metrorachel

    He looks like a schnauzer. A schnauzer with great abs, sure…but STILL A SCHNAUZER!
    I am disturbed.

  4. neonink

    He looks like a puppy with his tongue hanging out…

    From the neck down… looking good though.

  5. radio4play

    I can see why he’s not wearing a shirt
    I can see why he’s panting
    I can see why he has that look of utter stupidity on his face
    But why lord why did he wear that bandana???

  6. Mo

    #4…yes, a schnauzer. With a doo rag.

  7. weenis

    this is the best reaction ever to being named people mag’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

  8. radio4play

    he’s a rebel…pls gimme a break

  9. llllllllll

    BAHAHAHAHAHA he looks like a diesel Jesus of Nazareth or Moses

  10. RichPort

    I think I saw this guy drinking piss from a 40 oz bottle in Bum Fights…

  11. pinky_nip

    Why does he look like he’s about to suck a cock in every pic?

  12. awww c’mon.. i’d hit that shit even with his poochie belly.. only thing i’d need is a big fucking brown paper bag to put over his shaggy dawg head.. what’s up with the aunt jemima hair net? jesus.. does he think no one is watching..

  13. radio4play

    no he is Lost

  14. slantingthroughdarkness

    He’s going undercover. As a bigfoot.

  15. Wonder what he’s listening to? The sound of wolves howling?

  16. DrDanny

    Hmmm…if you’d all stop trying to be so clever, you’d notice that he really looks like a very handsome man who has enough $$$ to allow him to spend time sculpting his body into something of beauty. I’d give 50 lbs of flab to look like he does!

  17. Ruby

    …and if you look very closely, you can see the outline of his Magic Johnson. mmm.

  18. fapfapfap

    he’s crazy like a fox. all the celeb bullshit gets thrown at him, the constant scrutiny, the absurd sexiest man alive thing, all that, and he just continues to howl at the moon whenever and however he wants. if he saw this site, he’d call all his friends and they’d have a hysterical laughing fit looking at these pictures and comments. he’s free as a bird, people think he’s crazy in a funny way (not like tom or mel), and it has zero impact on his career. you can’t beat him, he already owns the low road.

  19. shell

    I’d hit it and then play the bongos naked.

  20. radio4play

    Dr Danny..I know a Danny that is very hot…are you that Danny

  21. DrDanny

    #24….only if it was 20 years ago. Only in my dreams am I “hot” or anything like it. But back in the day….

  22. krisdylee

    First, I’d smoke a big ol’ fat one with him, then we’d get the munchies, so then we’d cover eachother with whipped cream and lick each other clean, then he could bang on my bongos for awhile.

    Don’t really care about the do-rag or beard, BUT that can be easily remedied.

  23. radio4play

    Bummer. Danny is hot. I’m gonna go find Danny.

  24. EazyE

    He looks like Will Ferrell pretending to be Grizzly Adams.
    This man has to be on some kind of record acid trip.

  25. jrzmommy

    At first I thought it was my mother-in-law, but then I realized that this person doesn’t have as many dark roots.

  26. Stop it jrzmommy!!!

  27. iburl

    As a guy with a beard I am constantly astounded at the crazy reactions beards get. Folks, it’s just the hair that grows out of your face. Most guys would have beards if they would only stop shaving. Why do you shave anyway? Does the feel of a sharp blade against your neck get you off? Do you have stock in Gillette? Do you want to look like a little girl?

  28. combustion8

    ladies and gentleman… we have found… the missing link.

  29. JumpingIrish

    He’s probably doing it for a role in a movie…and if he’s not. Well, I don’t know what to say. Also, it scares me to think that there are still some women out there who would jump him even when he looks like a schnauzer. -#8 that cracked me up!

  30. Ruby

    Close your goddamned mouth, Matt. Your buddy Lance isn’t in need of your services right now.

  31. jrzmommy

    I didn’t know Jesus was so into cardio.

  32. snapesworst

    #14 — what poochie belly? Those are called abs. Sometimes, when you turn your body, the skin looks funny, but if you think you can see someone’s ribs and they’re fat…. you must love nicole richie.

  33. notmeganharris

    #21 — I noticed, too, and now I have to leave work for a few minutes. Don’t worry, I’ll picture him clean shaven.

  34. skilzaw

    this is how it started for Nick Nolte. I shit you not.

  35. fucking classy

    ROFLMAO @ #32

    Man, he looks like a homeless guy from the neck up.

  36. EvilPotato

    He looks like Jeff Bridges as the Dude. More specifically, he looks like the Dude in the scene where he’s picked up by the Malibu cops for running down the middle of the highway, drugged out of his mind and hallucinating.

    Also a little bit like Nick Nolte’s famous mugshot.

  37. frenchtoaststix

    The Aunt Jemima/Jesus look is so yesterday. As a celebrity, Matt needs to be on the cutting edge. He should go with the Juan Valdez/Dalai Lama look that is all the range in Milan right now…

  38. radio4play

    where the skinny bitches are

  39. irec

    Why is he so screwed up? Check this out:

    overheard by Matt’s driver

    I’d be screwed up too.

    Driver probably got fired though, even is this is fake.

  40. radio4play

    thats old

  41. jrzmommy

    Well I happen to have it on very good authority that the coolest cats in Paris are sporting the Col. Sanders-St. Francis of Assissi fusion and it is rocking the Champs d’Elysee

  42. I can’t believe no one has said this yet, and if they did, my bad………..

    Run Forrest, RUN………..

  43. radio4play

    stallion you deserve a medallion..that has to be the smartest thing anyone has said here today besides my own most informative posts of course

  44. What in holy shit is that all about.

    He looks like a white Morris Day.

    “Somebody get me a mirror!”

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