Matthew McConaughey launches clothing line, grunts

Matthew McConaughey continues his campaign to eradicate the letter G from the English vernacular by launching, excuse me, launchin’ his new clothing line j.k. livin. It’s also the name of his production company and personal mantra “Just keep livin’.” T-shirts, swimsuits and, brace yourself college hippies, Frisbees(!) will be available on Hercules’ website, accordin’ to Us Magazine:

“It will be a one-stop shop for every-thing you need for the beach,” a rep for the actor, who’s expecting another special delivery this summer (a baby with Brazilian model love Camila Alves, 25), tells Us.

I love how Matthew McConaughey’s personal mantra is “Just keep livin’.” You know, in case he forgets and jogs off a cliff.