Matthew McConaughey is out of his mind

October 3rd, 2006 // 59 Comments

TMZ has video of Matthew McConaughey brushing his teeth in his car without water as he made his way through LA. Which is perfectly reasonable behavior for a homeless man, but a little confusing when it’s Matthew McConaughey. I’m just waiting for the day he’s finally arrested for clubbing a woman over the head and dragging her back to his cave by her hair. At the rate he’s backwards evolving I give it until lunchtime tomorrow.

NOTE: I’m guessing Matthew McConaughey got a shot of George Clooney’s corn teeth and just freaked the fuck out. “I’ll never be like you, George. Never!”


  1. zalie

    I’m embarrassed that I know this, but he claims to brush with his Sonicare while in the shower.

  2. SalineSweaterPuppies

    I fucking love this guy. The fact that he just does whatever weird and random shit pops into his head is super entertaining.

  3. Nortcliff

    That’s serious fuckin’ method.

  4. aww.. how cute.. he brushes his teeth.. i guess he forget to gnaw on his milkbone this morning.. aroof aroof.. yip yip yip

  5. Maegan sweetie

    I would bang his brains out. Even watching him brush his teeth turns me on…

  6. Mya

    as paris would say, that’s hot. matthew, call me.

  7. I don’t understand why this is so shocking to people. If anyone said to me “Hey, guess who was caught brushing his teeth shirtless in his SUV the other day?” My immediate response, without even really thinking about it, would be “ummm…obviously it was Matthew McConaughey.” He’s the Homeless of Hollywood. It just makes sense.

  8. Slinx

    There was a two page spread of this pic in the last edition of Who magazine, like yeah, I’ll tear that one out and pin it too my wall…Who gives a rats ass.

  9. wow, did he really have somewhere to go so quickly he couldn’t do it before he left?

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