Matthew McConaughey is a gentleman

November 7th, 2006 // 143 Comments

Matthew McConaughey says he once turned down sex with two sisters because he didn’t want bad karma. He tells Loaded magazine:

“Two sisters once offered themselves to me. But they weren’t single and one wanted to get away from her husband. I don’t jive with that. You don’t sleep with someone’s lady if they’re married because it will return and bite you in the ass.”

Although judging by the above shots of him celebrating his 37th birthday you wouldn’t think a little something like a wedding ring would get in the way of him having sex. Heck, a tail probably wouldn’t get in the way of him having sex. He’d just push it aside, grunt a little, and then maybe ask his date why she has a snout. She’d bark, he’d shrug his shoulders, then he’d finish lighting the scented candles and get on with it.


  1. PrettyBaby

    *turns on the hose* squirts the fighting ladies down**

  2. BeautifulNightmare

    You wish it was that easy jrzmommy. You wish that was me. And what? You are some gorgeous super model just because you are from Jersey? Right. Don’t all of you have bad hair, dress funny and have bad/thick accents that most of the US can’t understand?

    Stop fighting with your keyboard, it does not make you cool.

  3. NotANiceGirl

    Don’t worry PrettyBaby. It’s almost quitting time. I just hope I don’t encounter an angry Jrzmommy on the turnpike on my way home!

  4. jrzmommy

    Are you for fucking real?

  5. biatcho

    #86 – Being from the right part of the country I can surely say I will never go any further south than the holland tunnel.

    And the only reason northerners are moving down south is because it is cheaper living than up here. So it gets rid of the poor & filthy, thinning of the herd, so to say!

  6. commissioner

    The “southern belle” types kill me.

    You don’t have to gift wrap and slap a bow on everything that comes out of your fucking mouth.

  7. PrettyBaby

    I believe this is how the Civil War began. I am becoming soooo smart.

  8. jrzmommy

    Who the fuck does this goddammed, backwater, country douchebag, fucktoy, inbred, three-toed cousin fucking hick think she is talking to?

  9. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Since you asked, I was trying to be an asshole.
    I invented the term “cuntry”, among many other oft-used phrases and cool ideas.
    You sound like 10 thousand other Southern Bitches that are always looking for a fight to break their nails in. Why don’t you go practice being insincere somewhere?

  10. BeautifulNightmare

    Not sure that I agree wtih you there biatcho… I am in real estate and I must say, the Northerns moving here aren’t buying the little 200,000 homes, they are buying more of along the lines of the 2 mil + so can’t say I agree there. And most of them are moving their businesses down here as well. I guess we shall see how things turn out.

    And 104… yes I am for real, do you hear how stupid that sounds? That is a misconception that Southerns have of people from NJ, just like people have misconceptions that all people from the south have no teeth and like country music. That is my whole point to this. Not everyone from the south follows that stereotype!

  11. NotANiceGirl

    #102 You are so stupid. By that same measure I should say since you’re from the South, shouldn’t you be driving a pick up truck with a confederate flag in the back, deep frying your meals in your double-wide, dressing up like a civil war reenactor, and going to a cock fight? (That’s roosters not dick to us Northern gals)

  12. sexybitch

    You have a point.

    And if you comb your hair right and wear a hat no one will notice.

  13. BeautifulNightmare

    106 – I don’t play Southern Belle… I don’t gift wrap shit. Just being a bit of a smartass to prove a point.

    108 – Read my post at 110 and get the fuck over your self.

    109 – What? I am looking for a fight over my keyboard? I may break a fucking nail typing to much but that is about it. Why don’t you make your mama proud and practice being an asshole somewhere else.

  14. BeautifulNightmare

    Hey 111 why don’t you read my point on 110.

  15. PrettyBaby

    This is really a nightmare

  16. BeautifulNightmare

    Sexybitch… thank you! I was just trying to make a point… nothing big.

  17. sexybitch

    Read the rest of it. This isn’t the Georgia Chamber of Commerce page.

  18. NotANiceGirl

    Hey 114- Hadn’t seen it when I was posting as my post was held up by the onslaught of your newest pals. You are too irritating to even bother with. Please go set yourself on fire or something.

  19. NotANiceGirl

    Goodnight ladies… and “Bless your heart beautifulnightmare”

  20. Dory

    I saw him… he’s in Australia. In Port Dougals thats where the above photos are taken. He Is Not Hot! He is a gentlemen though waving and smiling to all the people around.

  21. Where’s his infamous toothbrush?

  22. biatcho

    #110, If you are in real estate, then you would see that 2 million doesn’t get you much up here in NYC, Westchester, Long Island or CT. Down there it gets you a plantation equipped with slaves and debutante balls.

    I said bawls!

  23. Pagan Queen

    Biatcho – you also said long! LOL

  24. biatcho

    If you look real hard I also said taint, without the i and with an added e.

  25. This is what you call “Evolution in Action”

    Darwin would like to study this guy, for real.

  26. Dory

    He looks like one of those guys you NEVER want to dance next to in a club.

    They fling their arms and hair around. Sweat ficks all over you face and in your mouth when you open it to speak to your friend causeing you to vomit on the dance floor. Then he falls back into you and your body gets covered in sweat off his arms and back and you end up with two black eyes from his erratic movements of his arms as he jumps around.

    ewwwwwy makes me feel ill thinking about it

  27. ieatpopsicles

    I’d still hit it

  28. arden

    He needs a shower, and he looks like a poster child for skin cancer. Yuck.

  29. arden

    He needs a shower, and he looks like a poster child for skin cancer. Yuck.

  30. arden

    He needs a shower, and he looks like a poster child for skin cancer. Yuck.

  31. javafinch

    What’s that smell?

  32. Can’t a guy just have some fun being sweaty and rabid without being put under a microscope? sheesh.

  33. I love him, he just knows how to live… that’s L-I-V-I-N!

  34. #17

    Not trying to be an asshole, but you don’t commonly shower immediately after sex? Call me the paragon of hygiene, but I shower before and after sex.

    Am I weird?

  35. 1985_binion's_poker_champion

    He looks like a sloppy mess

  36. 1985_binion's_poker_champion

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  37. shell

    He really needs to learn how to loosen up and have a good time.

  38. sexybitch

    Weird. Clean, but weird.

  39. cole007

    I don’t know what happened here last night, but it was a dirty party.


    dude, why is he always fucking sweaty.

  40. M@

    I usually like his movie roles and I thought he would be a pretty cool guy then I saw an interview with him on the tonight show or something and it is now confirmed he is the biggest jock douchebag in hollywood… his motto for life is j.k. livin… just keep livin.

  41. JackUup

    Even drunk as hell…He’s still the finest white man in the WORLD. Q-T 3.14159265!

  42. what a freakin idiot

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