Matthew McConaughey is a gentleman

November 7th, 2006 // 143 Comments

Matthew McConaughey says he once turned down sex with two sisters because he didn’t want bad karma. He tells Loaded magazine:

“Two sisters once offered themselves to me. But they weren’t single and one wanted to get away from her husband. I don’t jive with that. You don’t sleep with someone’s lady if they’re married because it will return and bite you in the ass.”

Although judging by the above shots of him celebrating his 37th birthday you wouldn’t think a little something like a wedding ring would get in the way of him having sex. Heck, a tail probably wouldn’t get in the way of him having sex. He’d just push it aside, grunt a little, and then maybe ask his date why she has a snout. She’d bark, he’d shrug his shoulders, then he’d finish lighting the scented candles and get on with it.


  1. RichPort

    As much as I look for him Mr. Albert Kent Holic still isn’t on the ballot. I’ll vote for Al K. Holic anytime, though I will consider switching to that Morehead character.

    In my nieghborhood they give you half drunk 40′s of Private Stock… and they still make you tap the fucking bottle…

  2. Italian Stallion

    @50 so do I, now get to work…….

  3. PapaHotNuts

    There is serious talk in Louisiana about letting the colored folks vote next year. I’m certain our new Governor will be none other than Col. Sanders.

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Ah, the perks of living on a US caribbean colony (the only colonial possession that remains in the world)…and having my own business, I can get hammered on a tuesday historical election…

    …and wear a Body Glove mankini over my glistening, bloated, hairy body.


  5. jrzmommy

    I think voting for these jerkoffs is a lot like laughing at a three year old when they spit milk out of their mouth at the dinner table, or when they say something like “Shitterhead”—it just encourages them.

  6. biatcho

    I cannot vote any longer, voting for a lesser of all evils does not make me sleep better at night. Knowing I had nothing to do with who gets elected makes me feel great.
    As does vodka cocktails, a smooth joint & cigarettes.

  7. PrettyBaby

    God Bless America.
    I love vokda. Whenever I drink it, the worries (and the clothes) melt away.

    I am voting tonight. And NOT for Patty Wetterling, even though her poor boy was kidnapped a few years ago. She will tax anything that moves here or doesn’t move like in the case of the taxes she like to give the dead. But after that I will go see my friend Pete. He treats me like the all-you-can eat buffet. Nice!

  8. PrettyBaby

    #54 Can I cum and visit you :)

  9. Tracy

    Should we start a “Countdown to Rehab” poll for Matthew? I say in 6 months he’ll be checking in… for exhaustion, of course.

  10. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    How can Matthew not get laid when his neck looks like a giant penis shaft.

    Oh, and in my part of Louisiana, they give you a Hurricane, some beads, and show you their tits. And then we all decide who we want to be the next American Idol.

  11. The Juice

    He should be on the CMA awards with Faith Hill

  12. NotANiceGirl

    He should go back to getting high, stripping his clothes off, and playing the bongos in his living room. He was much hotter then. Someone needs to turn a hose on this new Matt-eiw dog!

  13. NipsyHustle

    who let the dogs out? who? who? who? who? who?

  14. commissioner

    That Faith Hill video was priceless. I don’t blame her. Beat by an “American Idol”?

  15. BarbadoSlim

    @58…sure why the hell not, you can even send me racy pictures to, I’ll pencil you in and put out a couple of clean towels :)

    they won’t be clean for long…

  16. jrzmommy

    re: the Faith Hill video clip. She says she was only joking. Yeah, sure you were. Man didn’t she realize the camera was on her? dumbass.

  17. @66…yea, she’s only saying that to cover her ass. And did you see in the beginning of the clip..she is SO sure she is going to win…that’s the part I like.

  18. commissioner

    Man, I’m glad I didn’t watch that shit and spent my evening at the gym. I can’t walk very well, but my legs look fabulous.

    Gretchen Wilson makes me want to hurl everytime I see her overplucked eyebrows and bloated face. Carrie Underwood is a stupid, cheap shoe-pushing bad dye job.

  19. BeautifulNightmare

    Re: Faith Hill… she is so busted!

  20. jrzmommy

    Zanna: YES! She throws her arms up and everything, and then her face turns into something that looks like a bulldog chewing on a bumble bee. Looks like Faith ain’t no Rebecca of Sunnybrook fucking Farms afterall.

  21. RichPort

    Cuntry ‘Music’ makes me want to convert to Islam and wage jihad on the lower states… it urks me that much…

  22. commissioner

    jrz and zanna- Faith didn’t get where she is by being nice. I bet she’s hell to live with. And I cannot, for the life of me, imagine what she was nominated for. Probably because I don’t listen to country music.

  23. commissioner

    Rich- I’ll choke Gretchen with her Christmas lights and stick a “Skecher” up Carrie’s ass.

  24. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    If I was married to Gretchen Wilson I’d be an alcoholic asshole too.

  25. PrettyBaby

    Hahaha Faith Hill!! That was fantastic! She was so nnnnot joking. Yeah jrzmommy, she had a HORRIFIED look when she realized that they did not call her name. Oh wow, I hate country music, but always thought this broad was as sweet as me. But no more!@

  26. PrettyBaby

    Besides, even joking around like that shows a huge lack of class

  27. RichPort

    Anyone named Gretchen desrves to be biting my pillow as I ass ream her lubelessly…

  28. BeautifulNightmare

    @76 – you are so right on PrettyBaby! So right on!

  29. RichPort

    If the CMAs are held next year, the terrorists win.

  30. biatcho

    The South is the main reason I hate Abraham Lincoln.

  31. jrzmommy

    Honestly, something happens to me when I hear country music. It’s like those people that said Mary Hart’s voice caused them to have seizures back in the 80′s. I like get mean and can’t concentrate. I hate it. I hate the fucking hicks who sing it, too, and have no idea why there are country western stations in New JErsey.

  32. RichPort

    There are no Cuntry stations in New York City. That’s the only good thing that happened during Giuliani’s tenure. That and better weed. Cuntry ‘Music’ is like having 20 nasally, raspy Jewish granmothers bitch in your ear at the same time, only to fucking banjos.

  33. PrettyBaby

    #79 & 82 What the hell?! You are so funny, I swear

  34. Sweet, Faith Hill pulled a Zoolander.

  35. PrettyBaby

    Richport, I just don’t think I could fuck you- I’d laugh so hard and wreck the mood

  36. BeautifulNightmare

    Hey, hey, hey…. Being the sweet little southern girl that I am, I can honestly say that not all wife divorcing, cheatin’ on your cousin, lost your house and your dog died country music comes from the south. Yes, it may be the mecca but not all the country singers are born and raised here. Lets all be honest with ourselves, there are “hicks” everywhere, not just in the South.

    BTW, we must be doing something right because it seems that all you “northerners” keep migrating this way.

  37. PrettyBaby

    #86 Yeah Beauty, look at that twit Shania Twain from Canada. My ex loved her and that was okay by me cuz he was horrible in bed anyway. I think southerners are cute and their accents are charming.

  38. PrettyBaby

    Except when they have no teeth and gang rape me in the woods

  39. jrzmommy

    86–Washington, DC is the most south i’m ever gonna go.

  40. PrettyBaby

    #89, Ooooh, and you have a dear friend there…. And by friend I mean a cunt.

  41. BeautifulNightmare

    Hey 88, I’m with you on the no teeth and gang rape thing but fortunately that only happens on “back roads”… hehe! Other than that the South is great. We welcome even the most pain in the ass bastards from the North and just smile, saying, “bless your heart”.

    Bless your heart jrzmommy.

  42. jrzmommy

    Kiss my ass, BeautifulNightmare.

  43. BeautifulNightmare

    92 – Just in case you didn’t catch on… “Bless your heart” is the same thing as “kiss my ass”, just a nicer way of sayin’ it.

  44. jrzmommy

    93–No fucking shit, Sherlock. Jesus Christ. Are you fucking through now?

  45. BeautifulNightmare

    Do you kiss your children with that filthy mouth? Done.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey Beautiful, I’m from the South too, so I know you’ll understand what I mean when I say “bitch get back in the kitchen and make me some dinner”. Country music sucks, cuntry music is where it’s at.

  47. jrzmommy

    No but I sucked your hubby’s cock with it on his last “business trip” you stupid bitch, now fuck off.

  48. BeautifulNightmare

    I’m not sure how to take that Osh… Not sure if you are trying to be funny or just an asshole. *pondering*

    And did I ever say I listen to country music. Hell no I didn’t. I would rather listen to a K-Fed Brit duo before I listen to country. My point WAS (if you were paying attention) that just because you are from the South, that does NOT make you a redneck, backwoods, no teeth having trailor trash idiot. Those kind of people are everywhere, not just in the South. Get some pride about yourself.

  49. BeautifulNightmare

    Why don’t you come up with something original. That shit has been done 1000 times. Now you fuck off.

  50. jrzmommy

    “that just because you are from the South, that does NOT make you a redneck, backwoods, no teeth having trailor trash idiot. ” In your case, yes it does.

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