Matthew McConaughey gets his yoga on

February 2nd, 2009 // 52 Comments

Here’s Matthew McConaughey practicing some yoga on the beach this weekend. I understand women enjoy a man in prime physical condition such as this which is why, today, I’m officially going to start looking less gorgeous. Guys, the bar has been lowered. Sorry, it took so long, but I’m part cyborg and have no sense of empathy.

NOTE: That last sentence wasn’t intended to be as seductive as it came off. Or was it?

Photos: Flynet

  1. havoc

    I can smell him from here.


  2. Amy

    Yoga actually supplements a man’s physical condition…and the moves are harder than you think!

  3. Dixie

    Too bad he is not playing the bongos in the nude!

  4. Guest

    Yay for him! Yoga is
    super awesome, but
    super hard. He’ll be
    even hotter once he
    continues with this for
    a while.

  5. Sitting like that takes away 90 percent of the stud appeal. It tells chicks, “I really don’t want to have sex with a woman.”

  6. .

    I think it was intended to be seductive mr Superficial, you minx ; )

  7. yogie

    Oh god, this guy is the king of all douches. I never knew his legs were so short. He’s just a wee little man, isn’t he? I’ll never do yoga. There’s something about going in a small room with lots of flaky morons who are comfortable flatulating at one another that just doesn’t do it for me.

  8. wet newspaper

    Yoga is kinda ghey, but he’s hot hot hot.

  9. authorego

    “Do. Or do not. There is no Try”

    I do not see Yoda’s wanger peeking from those loose shorts.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    Look at the size of his fucking head, compared to the rest of his body. Look at his little T. rex arms. He’s a total freak.

  11. cynthia

    Let’s not assume he’s doing yoga. It’s Matthew McConaughey. He’s probably having a severe gas attack.

  12. He’s just trying to get back his figure after giving birth to his son Levi..

  13. tahnee

    did the superfish writer change?

  14. missed the 2 best stories

    1. The 30-sec hardcore porn clip that interrupted the Super Bowl broadcast in Tucson.

    2. Christian Bale’s freakout on the set of “Terminator Salvation”, on tape:

    “The “Dark Knight” star launched into a lengthy, expletive-laced tirade against Shane Hurlbut, “Terminator’s” director of cinematography, after he allegedly walked into the actor’s shot. “I want you off the f—ing set, you p—k!” Bale screamed as Hurlbut can be heard quietly apologizing. “Don’t just be sorry – think for one f—ing second. What the f— are you doing?! I’m gonna f—ing kick your f—ing a– if you don’t shut up for a second,” he shouted at one point, just before threatening to have Hurlbut fired. “Am I going to walk around and rip your f—ing lights down in the middle of a scene? Then why the f— are you walking right through? What the f— is it with you?” Bale wrapped up his rant with a simple, “f—ing a–.”

    Yep, he’s a psycho for real.

  15. Lisa Turtle

    Looks like he’s stretching before a run on the beach, not doing yoga. Wtf.

  16. Italian Stallion

    I know why this douchebag stays in warm weather. One time he went skiing in Colorado and he had to go to the bathroom on the slopes. It took him two hours to get one inch of dick through three inches of clothing………

  17. Tracey

    You guys are so freaking gay! He is not the best looking actor, but he does not give a FUCK what you losers think about him. And I would do him just for that reason.
    Jealousy is such an ugly thing.

  18. kate

    He is really very hot on the ***sugardaddyconnect. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  19. Anonymous

    Matthew McConaughey can exercise all he wants but he is and always be a BUTTERFACE.

  20. Anonymous

    Aka. total FUGLY.

  21. lola

    He looks retarded here. These are really bad shots

  22. Does this guy ever exercise indoors?

  23. beata

    @17 Of course he doesn’t give a fuck about what we think of him. When you stumbled across this site did you think it was, uh, serious or something?

    p.s. everyone else is right… he looks like a wanker.

  24. I’m curious: WE MAY LAUGH NOW, folks?

  25. snackmix

    I’ll bet he’s got smelly nuts.

  26. Helena

    HAHAHA, #10, I was thinking the exact same thing! He looks deformed in these pics.

  27. miss

    hes really hot but yoga is super gay and for pansies and girls and gross ugly hippies that dont shower

  28. sorted81

    Uglier than a hatful of arses. Wouldn’t touch him with another woman’s vag. And, a dirty hippy to boot. Next!

  29. nennycakes

    Those arms of his look extra stumpy in the large pic. He should go back to his old standby of keeping them crossed over his chest. That and showering. Having said that, I do adore that Mr. Wooderson, though.

  30. Mooger Booger

    What a pansy.

  31. dew

    Wow, oh wow! Superficial does actually listen to snide comments about not having enough beefcake.

    Stretching is good to slow down aging, and it helps to be limber for intimate times too.

    And how can people tell whether his legs look short from those fore-shortened angles anyway? While 5’11″ isn’t super tall, it’s certainly not short. I bet his inseam is at least 33″, if not more.

  32. joanna

    he’s a douche.

  33. Ummm...yeah...

    Fish, just say…Yeah, fucked that, ok…next

  34. STINK

    Is he -trying- to make the world think he is a douchebag? Might as well be wearing a polo shirt with a popped collar…

  35. Stephadoodle

    I like the way he’s looking at the dog in the last panel, like “You’ve disrupted my chi, you scrappy dog”

  36. RD

    what’s with the full luxurious head of hair? I thought he was balding? He does yoga with a rug on??

  37. hendero

    I’m beyond bored with this tool and his bizarre antics. Who does yoga on the beach?

  38. Alex

    He is super HOT!

  39. Alex

    I like his doggy, looks like Bolt with spots hahahahaha. Leave the guy alone, he is just doing some yoga, what exactly annoys you about that? hahaha what a bunch of psychos.

  40. jrz

    It would be more interesting if he got his Yoda on.

  41. I tried to look up his shorts. Does that make me gay?

  42. sniffle

    His legs are too long

  43. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Ugly face, nice bod, bag on head time.

  44. daleile555

    YES!! he’s the man!! like always!
    hot cougars and milfs on ^^^^__ AgelessMate.Com__^^^^ love him so much!! wanna try your chemistry? it’s never too late to start your romance!! haha

  45. Tom Kruse

    This dude is nasty, disgusting, dirty and weird. Sort of like Kim Kardashian except Kim is classier than this shitstain.

  46. jomacro

    he might be sweaty but
    i’d let him use my ass as his personal lifelike simulated vag.

  47. lucy

    He is cool. But I am very curious. Why did he post his profile on a interracial website named
    “b l a c k w h i t e friends . c o m” What is he looking for there?

  48. A “hulk hogan” relative, folks?

  49. I know we’ve been begging this guy to put a shirt on for years, but this is the shirt he chooses? its so trailer park, sleeveless, the color’s all wrong, it looks like he bought in the 90% off bin at a kmart, then cleaned his car with it.

    isn’t he a gagillionaire?

    just wear a tshirt man

  50. Wow, oh wow! Superficial does actually listen to snide comments about not having enough beefcake.Stretching is good to slow down aging, and it helps to be limber for intimate times too.

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