Matthew McConaughey doesn’t like Sarah Jessica Parker

February 28th, 2006 // 103 Comments

*sarah_jessica_parker_thumb1.jpgMatthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker star as sweethearts in Failure To Launch, but the actor reportedly couldn’t stand Parker off-screen. Although they were acting in a breezy romantic comedy, sources on the set say filming was anything but fun. One insider says, “Matthew gets along with pretty much everyone, but he basically couldn’t bear Sarah.” McConaughey recently made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and when asked by Winfrey to sum-up working with Parker, the actor seemed to struggle, and eventually came up with, “Great comedic timing.” He then added, “Very peculiar, too. Man, she’s a very interesting woman. Yeah.”

McConaughey is about as easy-going as it’s humanly possible to be without banging the local pharmacist. This doesn’t make Sarah sound too good. You know what does make her sound good? Sticking her nose in a wind-tunnel and using it to unlock the secrets of time-travel.


  1. DrDanny

    You can tell just by looking at her that she’s a high-maintenance bitch. Besides that, she’s ugly and wears silly clothes. In fact, a list of her _good_ qualities would be much shorter and easier to keep up to date.

  2. Zanna

    yea, I don’t know why people keep saying she’s so gorgeous. Whatever.

    What I REALLY want to know is the whereabouts of LadeeBug and PapaHotNuts!!!

  3. CheekyChops

    sarah, why the long face?

  4. southtexasgal

    Eventhough Matthew was probably drunk or high when he said this ….
    for some reason I believe she difficult to get along with.

  5. southtexasgal

    Eventhough Matthew was probably drunk or high when he said this ….
    for some reason I believe she difficult to get along with.

  6. southtexasgal

    Eventhouhg Matt was probably drunk or high when he said this, I believe him.
    She seems to be very up tight.

  7. Sheva

    Silly clothes would be an improvement. She wears stupid clothes and thinks she’s daring. She also foamed at the mouth that the federal government needed to do more and take care of her family.

    This from a chick who probably spends more on stupid clothes in a month than most people spend on food in New York City.

    High maintenance would be an improvement for her. She’s an out and out selfish rich biyatch. Kim Catrall knows all about her and can’t stand her guts either.

    Now I like this dude. Repseck!

  8. ESQ

    Jessica has a smokin’ body and is a 100% natural. OK, her face is not all that, but she was awesome in Sex & the City.

    I am seeing a trend here with her that she has a hard time getting along with her co-stars. Wasn’t she feuding with Kim Cattrell as S&TC was ending?

  9. Mazda_3s

    Found this new image of SJP:

  10. bex*

    The only secret of time travel that would come from SJP nose is the amount of anti ageing products stuck up thier from years of a “40 a day” habit.

  11. Sheva

    ESQ where have you been? It’s old news that Cattrell couldn’t stand her guts. She made Kim take off her clothes in almost like every episode of that show and also forced us to look at the undressed ugly redhead chick.

    And I didn’t even watch that insipid show. Living in NYC, you have more than enough stupid, selfish chicks to deal with. You don’t need TV to present more of the same.

  12. jugsgirl

    papa bug -

    y don’t you apply to be the new bloggers for the superfish?

    i mean you both have got to be better than the current!

  13. SMF121490

    I have never liked Sarah Jessica Parker. She is annoying and over rated.

    I wouldn’t kick Matthew outta bed though. Damn that guy is so incredibly sexy.

  14. Baroness

    I never thought I’d be actively torn between hating Matthew McConaughey’s arrogant ass and hating Sarah Jessica Parker. This is exhausting!

    I finally learned to spell Matthew’s last name right, by the way. I just need to remember it ends in -”ghey”. Ha!

  15. gossipmonger

    Zanna asks – What I REALLY want to know is the whereabouts of LadeeBug and PapaHotNuts!!!
    I say the two of them are either off together having a steamy affair, acting out all their twinkie fantasies, to name one…
    OR… they are actually one and the same and that one person is on a family vacation at the moment..

    Now really, seriously you two.. we miss ya! Come back to us!! I like jugsgirl’s suggestion too, either (or both) should write for this blog…

  16. popozao

    southtexasgal – even and though are two separate words… every time.

    i like sjp. she’s different. unconventional. at times i don’t think she’s attractive at all and other times she’s absolutely striking. and she’s classy.

  17. #3, and #9, ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, that laugh will last me the whole day!

    I can’t BELIEVE that Sarah Jessica Parker would be high maintenece, I mean super thin, an actress since her teens and lives in New York?! Those stats just SCREAM “Sweet Small Town Gal”

  18. Don'tPanic

    She is hideous, its hard to look at her.

  19. amma

    Sex & The City had its moments…but it was basically pretty sad. The undercurrent was pretty desperate.
    SJP is a skinny, skinny clotheshorse, and I think some people confuse that with being goodlooking {no offense to the naturally skinny}.
    On the other hand, her face is certainly not typically beautiful, so it is somewhat a refreshing surprise that she’s considered attractive.
    I guess as long as one has the body of a prepubescent boy, one can make it.

  20. frangly

    I thought SJP was supposed to be nice, and Kim Cattrall the bitch?

    I dunno, SJP appeals to me. Just the fact that she hasn’t had a nose job makes her pretty cool in my book.

  21. billabong021

    she’s ruff ruff ruff!

  22. smartass

    #9-LOL; #21-Don’t insult my dogs! They are quite adorable!
    She is UGLY! And she has the body, like so many of them, of a boy. I don’t understand men who like sticks w/big feet & ugly faces. So many of the women celebrities are so skinny they don’t even look like women any more. At least carry a NORMAL weight. Since when are curves passe?

  23. thetruthhurts

    I adore both, and Matthew does seem really easy going, so I would love to know the truth of what went down.

    But here’s the BIGGEST reason I love SJP…when SATC was wrapping up Oprah had the whole cast on…and SJP had just had her baby the year before and that was all Oprah wanted to talk about, “How did you lose the weight?!?!?!” SJP said it wasn’t a big deal, she’s blessed genetically to be naturally thin and she’s lucky enough to be able to afford both a trainer to come to her and work out AND a nanny to watch the baby while she was doing all that working out. Of course Narcissistic Evil Bitch (read as Oprah) said “Yes, but it’s still YOU that has to actually do the exercises, people always say I only lost weight because of my money, but I actually had to do the work…yada, yada, yada” SJP just smiled, shrugged and said “It certainly helps to have money, in many aspects.”

    Anybody who comes back at O-bitch like that is ok in my book!

  24. BrianMolko

    HORSE-FACE!!! Argh!

  25. ribbit25

    Given Matthew’s current choice in female companionship – the fact that SJP can speak English was probably tremendously off-putting.

    SJP has had a nose job – look for her at

    It’s six of one and half dozen of another – he’s a laid back stoner and she’s prissy and high maintenance. Why would they like each other?

  26. Tetsuo

    I still can’t figure out how she stands upright. She must have some mean neck and back muscles from holding that gigantic fucking schnozz up for so long. And if that’s after her nose job, her plastic surgeon should be shot. Or should that be “her vet should be shot”?

  27. senin

    How come no one has said “I’d hit it.” She’s got a great bod but she looks like a greyhound. A retired from racing greyhound…that’s probably what’s making her bitchy.

  28. senin

    Actually, I take that back – I’ve seen better looking greyhounds.

  29. OK, now that I read what she said to Oprah I like her a whole lot better. Oprah got into an argument with some woman in the audience that said that while losing weight was difficult for all, it was easier for Oprah because she had a private chef, and no kids. Oprah tried to argue that it was really difficult and the woman kept saying “I’m just saying it’s easier for you, can you at least admit that?” and Oprah wouldn’t. Then she ate the woman.

  30. Erienne

    I found a beautiful pic of SJP:

    I have NEVER seen what people think is so attractive about her. I mean really. She has always been funny looking.

  31. goblin queen

    Whoever thinks SJP hasn’t had a nose job is kidding themselves. It’s way slimmer now than from her “Square Pegs” days.

    Here’s a site that has some photos of her before & after:

  32. hahaboo6

    She looks like a stupid bitch who has too many sexually transmitted diseases to even type.

  33. LoneWolf

    If I may quote the immortal John Candy in “Uncle Buck”: “….Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing
    off your face! Good day to you, Madam.”

  34. not-one-of-you

    # 33: excellent! she has bugged me for a long time now, in a sea of ‘fake’ she really floats nose-above the rest of the fakes…..I keep coming across rumors that MB likes the boys too, which makes their marriage a fake too????

  35. Zanna


    I like your thought of them being away on a steamy affair playing “hide the twinkie”…and it must be true because they are both suspiciously absent. Hmmmm…….curiouser and curiouser.

  36. JC

    I personally watched the Oprah episode with Matthew. What is stated in this article isn’t entirely true about what happened. He talked highly of Sarah during the interview. THEN, Oprah did this thing where she showed him a picture of actresses he has worked with (including Sarah, J. Lo, Sandra Bullock and Penelope) and he he was to say the first thing that comes to his mind- one sentence/thought. What was quoted here was the one blurb he said about SJP.

    That being said I’m sure she she’s no angel ;)

  37. gogoboots

    Interesting. I never really liked her, she seemed narcisstic and wears silly clothes. I recall an episode of SATC where her character spent $300 on a pair of shoes, and spent $1,000 on shows over the past week, part of the reason why she couldn’t afford her rent. Boo-hoo! Probably wouldn’t happen to her in real life, she’s too “blessed” with personal trainers and chefs to go through the “hardships” that selfish single women go through. MM is hot, I believe that he’s really easygoing and yummy to boot. MMMMMM!

  38. gogoboots

    Interesting. I never really liked her, she seemed narcisstic and wears silly clothes. I recall an episode of SATC where her character spent $300 on a pair of shoes, and spent $1,000 on shoes over the past week, part of the reason why she couldn’t afford her rent. Boo-hoo! Probably wouldn’t happen to her in real life, she’s too “blessed” with personal trainers and chefs to go through the “hardships” that selfish single women go through. MM is hot, I believe that he’s really easygoing and yummy to boot. MMMMMM!

  39. seminole

    For the love of God, she is so not attractive–try to forget that Hollywood and the media have spent the past ten years trying to brainwash you that she is.

    Her nose dwarfs the Washington Monument, and her entire face is the only thing in nature that is more ugly than my brother’s foot.
    Take a walk through your local college campus or shopping mall–you’ll see ten more attractive women within ten minutes.

  40. The Word

    all of you dumb broads that are slamming on SJP were probably the same people that wouldn’t miss an episode of SATC if their boyfriends’ dog was run over by a semi. you all probably saw Sarah’s lame get-ups on the show and went out and bought those clownish outfits the next day. you all want to be her and because you’re not you hate and hate. i realize this is the point of this site, but honestly…you wouldn’t hate her so much if you didn’t subconsciously envy her. so keep watching reruns of that terrible show and shut your mouth!

  41. seminole

    oh, and as an actress, she has absolutely zero range. Whatever the television show or movie, she’s playing the same character.
    along with Jennifer Aniston, she’s ridin’ the romantic comedy train to oblivion.

  42. Tetsuo

    #40 – I can’t speak for the broads here, but I know the only times I ever sat through that vapid piece of shit program was when it was getting me pussy because the girlfriend fucking /loved/ that shit. And even pussy was very nearly not enough to stop me being physically ill every time I had to hear a word of that show.

  43. gentleman_tickler

    Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker did not get along on SEX & THE CITY, or was Sarah Jessica simply jealous of Kim? After all, Kim Cattrall was by far the best-looking for the four women. I’d also rate Kristin Davis as better-looking than Sarah Jessica Parker.

  44. TheObserver

    I can’t stand her. She had a good body
    10 years ago, but time has taken it’s toll.
    As for her face,she was better looking when
    she was younger, but basically went from
    having a pony face to a horse face. I can’t
    her huband, Matthew Blowboy either.

  45. Ashlee

    I think that too many people who have posted here forget why some people are famous. Some like Jessica Simpson have big boobs. Others like Sarah Jessica have some actual real acting talent. I don’t care if she’s skinny or has a big nose – she’s a good actress and has a lot of charissma. Hollywood would be more interesting if it judged people more on talent.

  46. drowningfool

    I think she’s hot…but then again I also used to get off on the Golden Girls re-runs so maybe I’m not the best to judge…

  47. I’m sure Matthew McConaughey isn’t a ball of fun either. I heard he was a prick.

  48. SMF121490

    The Word:

    I hate Sarah Jessica Parker. I am far from a dumb broad. Probably more educated than yourself. I have never watched a single episode of Sarah’s show. And therefore, have never to my knowledge purchased anything worn on that show.
    Sarah Jessica is annoying and her voice is grating. She has possess no real, viable talent.

  49. Sheva

    Sarah is not exactly a talent. She has a good publicist who keeps her in all the right places for photo ops. And she probably pays the NY Post each month to publish her doing something monthly as well. So we can see the latest developments of that gross growth on her face.

    It’s freakin pathetic. The bitch screams for welfare checks for her family so she can hoard more money and buy shoes and live in a multimillion dollar home in NYC.

    What a piece of shit.

  50. I love hearing when celebrities don’t get along. And they’re so smart about it too, they never EVER admit it. it’s bad for their careers.

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