Matthew McConaughey doesn’t like Sarah Jessica Parker

*sarah_jessica_parker_thumb1.jpgMatthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker star as sweethearts in Failure To Launch, but the actor reportedly couldn’t stand Parker off-screen. Although they were acting in a breezy romantic comedy, sources on the set say filming was anything but fun. One insider says, “Matthew gets along with pretty much everyone, but he basically couldn’t bear Sarah.” McConaughey recently made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show, and when asked by Winfrey to sum-up working with Parker, the actor seemed to struggle, and eventually came up with, “Great comedic timing.” He then added, “Very peculiar, too. Man, she’s a very interesting woman. Yeah.”

McConaughey is about as easy-going as it’s humanly possible to be without banging the local pharmacist. This doesn’t make Sarah sound too good. You know what does make her sound good? Sticking her nose in a wind-tunnel and using it to unlock the secrets of time-travel.