Matthew McConaughey cleans up good

February 28th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Jesus Christ, what happened to Matthew McConaughey? I’m used to seeing him looking like the Wolf Man, so when he shows up like this it boggles the mind. How did he go from being part dog to making me feel all confused and tingly inside? Must…find…cure.



  1. SuperChic

    My fake interview with Matt:

    Me: Hey Matt you look good in those rockin clown shorts, what inspired you to wear that on a day like this?
    Matt: Oh Superchic, can’t you tell how hotttt I am, look at me. I needed to add some color down there, take attention off my super hott chest for a bit, you know… how it is.
    Me: Actually, I really don’t know, but can you tell me what is the smirk for?
    Matt: Well, Superchic, I gotta tell you, swimming with dolphins, hanging ten on my board makes me feel sooo super hootttt, can you feel my hottness? BTW, those dolphins love me.
    Me: Actually… you are wierding me out, all you keep saying is look how hottt you are, is that all you can say?
    Matt: Heck no Superchic, I can say I’m smokin hotttt with that smokin’ hottt bod, that’s it. And when Penelope and I broke up, I had this like total awakening, you know, after all our hottt sex and everything… I was like damn I’m a super hottty, and I need the whole world to know it.
    Me: OK Matt, OK, so enough of your hotty stories. You are boring me. Can you comment on the rumors you are losing your hair?
    Matt: Acutally it depends where? My crotch, I got plenty of hair and working on a transplant. In a couple months you will not see anymore receding hairline when my hair is wet like this hottt picture. Btw, the doo-rag, that works great. I put a doo-rag on at night with some super gro receding hairline gel, and you know throw in a little ocean salt water, it’s growing back like never before.
    Me: Ok, well then, who knew??

  2. Lowlands

    I really doubt if this guy is straight.Unless he’s a Viking,why is he having these pigtails for?

  3. Kristi

    Damn that boy makes my liver quiver but it still grosses me out when he admits that he hasn’t wore deodorant in 20 years and says “men should smell like men”

  4. Me No Know

    Hoorayyy Superfish!!! Thanks for the man candy! I like ‘em scruffy so I didn’t mind his mountain man look, but this is delicious. Though those shorts are suspect.

  5. RichPort

    #93 – My troll(s) got a job helping priests clean around the rectory. They thought it meant something complete different when they signed up.

  6. badattitood

    Geezus, Matt isn’t gay. He’s been linked with nothing but beautiful women, and lots of them. Ohhh, wait, he must be doing what most gay men do and cover it up by having tons and tons of sex with hot babes for decades. Puh-leeze!! The haters say, “What about all that hanging out with Lance and Jake?” Well, last time I checked it was normal to have frinds of the same sex that share your interests and actually hang out. That may be a hard concept for some friendless types to grasp.

    It’s just jealous soft-body heterosexual loser guys that never get laid who are ripping on Matt because he is physical perfection and supposedly a pretty fun, cool guy. That or gay guys that wish he was.

  7. faBBBBBBBuloussss

    to matthew: “hello lovve………”

  8. jrzmommy

    He’s pretty hot for a fag.

  9. Clete

    He may look great, but he is still a self-absorbed moron.

  10. PrettyBaby

    Alright Peeps, for one, none of the above comments were made by me, thank you very much.. BUT if he is not gay, then yes, I would hit it, very,very hard… If he is gay, then I will gladly leave him for Richport’s Obsessed Homoerotic Troller..
    See how sweet I am ;)

  11. elf

    maybe he’s the only hetero guy that is comfortable enough with his own sexuality to be able to play the bongos naked? maybe he doesnt give a shit what others think and that’s dang sexy!!!

  12. D'oh Eyes

    All I’m saying is, he sure got all the women in my office atitter. Er, atwitter.

  13. RichPort

    93. … that’s *GAY RichPort’s troll*, doh!

  14. 111. Yeah, it’s perfectly reasonable for a secure heterosexual man to play the bongos naked, … with another naked, equally secure man, while stoned.

    I’m sure that there was no butt sex involved, and it was a very, very heterosexual encounter for all involved.

    105. Tea Bag! I’m not Catholic, but you seem to have had more than a few McConaugay experiences to draw from, … Please keep them to yourself. Thanks ;^)

  15. Luv717

    #91 – that ring is on his middle finger; he wears it ALL the time. Almost every picture I have seen of him he his sporting a band ring on his middle left finger.

  16. xeurohottiex

    that redneck accent of his just ruins it all

  17. misanthrope

    Ok, so I’m really very late to this thread, but yum. The shorts are lame, but if you just imagine they’re not there…

    And, btw, who cares if he’s gay? What the hell difference does that make? He’s hot.

  18. dovescry1999

    This is who I want for Christmas. Start Saving, People. I’ll be down that way in December…
    Oh, and If he is Gay, I would watch him fuck another man…I think that would be hot.
    But, I wouldn’t watch him getting fucked. That’s a little crude.
    Just the Idea of him pounding someone from behind, makes my nips hard…

  19. dovescry1999

    Lost it there for a minute…
    Been too long…

  20. kroertjcj


  21. he’s such a goober…has he had a good movie in a million years?

  22. devilchild

    if he has 2 be 1/2 naked he can be dressed on the top
    he is a major hottie

  23. Dantia

    The only bad things I have ever heard about Matthew are that he is drinking, doping and playing the bongo drums (after 11:00pm) in the “naked noise” of his own house.

    He haven’t sexually molested any person in Hollywood, snorted cocaine, made woman pregnant, etc. He prefers to live a healthy life by exercising often, can that be so bad???

    I think he is a sensitive soul…. for God’s sake, he saves small animals.

  24. Also, nobody said bosses can’t kite — that’s a game play mechanic (threat), not lore

  25. MG kited Arthas the whole flippin’ way to Northrend, so to speak. (Okay

  26. rsly …) Xevozz hardly stands a chance, with that in mind.”

  27. what’s your name? bmx

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