Matthew McConaughey cleans up good

February 28th, 2007 // 129 Comments

Jesus Christ, what happened to Matthew McConaughey? I’m used to seeing him looking like the Wolf Man, so when he shows up like this it boggles the mind. How did he go from being part dog to making me feel all confused and tingly inside? Must…find…cure.



  1. oh yeah…

    FIFTY! (and fifty-one)

  2. The 80′s called. They want their britches back.

    But I still would rather see more of this than another Britney bikini shot.

  3. biatcho

    Check out all the guys getting pissed off because MM makes the chicks wet – hahahaha! Try not to bust out cryin’, I’m sure Lucy Lardass still thinks your ass pimples are endearing.

  4. Luv717

    #2 – He left his swatch and friendship bracelet at my house
    #11 – You must be gay
    #22 – Gay or not I would still do him!
    #24 – Right? Kudos to you!
    #39 – When the fuck did he date Cheryl Crowface? He was with Penelope Cruz last I heard.
    #41 – I WAX HIS CHEST and then lick it clean!!

  5. Troller

    #10 amen

    #22 doesn’t matter. doesn’t matter

    #37 doen’t matter

    yumma yumma yumma

  6. 86

    Fantastic body.

  7. Libraesque

    I see the gangs all here, so WALLY you must be lurking also.
    HEY, just wanted to say THANKS for your little bit of handy work over there at Blogger.
    I talked to one of the attorneys in the office.
    Ever heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act???? Well, here’s the thing, if Goggle doesn’t respond to my request that they take the profile down, we’re gonna sue them!!!!
    copyright violation-chaaa-ching
    emotional distress-CHAAA CHING
    defamation-CHA CHA CHA CHING

  8. CowgirlUp

    Yummmm… I like the middle part of that picture!

  9. Lowlands

    Although he’s suggesting here he’s just a surfer,he’s got a wind-kitesufers upperbody.His stylist must be so proud.

  10. RichPort

    #57 – Google’s working on a new OMGMIGA image filter (Oh My God Make It Go Away), so the whole thing will blow over soon.

  11. pana1718

    mmmmmmm he has a nice body! but i dont like his hair, it looks like he’ll be bald anytime soon!!!

  12. Libraesque

    rich, didn’t he do the same thing to you???

  13. Lowlands

    #59)It’s suRfers.*Calling a private English teacher immediately*

  14. lisa

    i just want to know why we don’t get as many pictures of Matthew McConaughey as we did of Alessandra Ambrosio. I want more! This is how he should look for the rest of his life – shaved, 1/2 naked and wet. Yum!

  15. PrettyBaby

    We also should have naked pictures of Bill Frist, in honor of all the cornpocked stools who get so excited about being first on a thread.

  16. Where's Waldo

    yeah, he might look good, but he also gets to spend his days at the beach surfing while everyone else is at work! if i had free time like that available to me, i’d look like him also! lucky bastard!

  17. Hellllllllllo Lover!

  18. elf

    freaken sexiest male being alive…

  19. crazyotto

    hes gay

  20. veggi

    @2- hehe.

    MM melts in my mouth, and in my hands

  21. elf

    haaaa he is definitely not gay…some guys want him to be for different reasons:)

  22. elf

    not to sound mean but how the heck did penelope get him? must be personality

  23. Libraesque

    Do you know any hetero men who play the bongo drums naked with other naked men, unless they’re in the jungle, and even then.
    Let me break it down for you. Penelope is what’s called a beard, she dated TC the biggest fairy in fairyland, then McConagay. She bats for my team, and I’m pretty sure she and Selma Hayek have got a thing goin on

  24. wtf

    when he was all up in my man booty he was asking me to tell you he isn’t gay

  25. PrettyBaby

    He sat on Penelepe’s nose one or nine times. Doesn’t make him gay.

  26. woodhorse

    Yes, #73 is exactly right. I just pray Johnny Depp and Wesley Snipes don’t get a new religion.

  27. NicotineEyePatch

    I would be all over this guy like a flesh-eating disease. He’s hot, has a halfway decent job, seems interesting, is coherent (most of the time), gets naked, smokes weed and plays bongos, he dances (okay, he twirls himself in an alien frenzy… but he moves while music is playing, which is good, for most men), he works out, he seems like he likes a good time. He’s funny. And did I already say he’s smoking fucking hot?!!!!!!!

    So he lets himself go grizzly once in a while. I can get past that, we’d be taking plenty of showers together. Deee-licious.

  28. kamihi

    Well I’d never thought I’d say this but “I’d hit it” ;)

  29. LoneWolf

    I’d rather see a nip slip or the latest downward-spiraling bim without her chonies, but it’s kinda hot reading all these lustful comments coming from the womens.

    As for McConowhathis name? I’m built like that. Except for, you know, all the muscle…

  30. 27., … Mmmmmm, …. Matthew McConauGAY, bitches! Ladies, the “real” RichPort would hit this fucking homo, hard!

    Have you no shame?

  31. Sorry Matty wrong team. Cute smirk though.

  32. caljenna

    And so what if he is gay? Gay or not, that is one fine hunk of man.

  33. ShUbBaBuBbA

    Shubba Bubba says hubba hubba!

  34. CruisingForCock

    I would love to lick him.

  35. schack

    he’s not gay. he and lance armstrong both said they’d tried it, and it wasn’t for them

  36. Holy Moly!!!

    I cannt beelieve my eyess!!
    Sorry it’s hard to type with just one Hannd.

  37. schack


    good name too.

    ladies and gentlemen of the jury…

  38. jFp

    why is my pic on this site?

  39. TheDarkLady

    I just want to say, thank you Superfish.
    After a long, cold, miserable day…to come home to that picture.
    I’m not cold anymore. I wholeheartedly agree with #77, and it was very reassuring to find that even when life has me feeling like I’m standing on a ledge looking down, I still have a libido.
    Nice job!

  40. hotredhead

    man, im wet.

  41. coolchick

    Anyone but me notice the band on his left hand? Looks very much like a wedding band.

  42. brownrosas


  43. Stace

    Who’s writing the commentary for this site these days……looks like RichPort’s Gay Troll got a job.

  44. mika85

    goddamn you haters are soooo lame!!

    it’s okay to show “hot” *blech* pictures of celeb chicks, cellulite an’ all, but as soon as superfish shows a hot *perfect* guy, all hell breaks lose. there are plenty of porno sites for you losers…airbrushed nicely to make you think chicks really look like that…keep livin’ in lala land.

    i don’t care how stupid his shorts look to y’all! he can take ‘em off an play my bongo’s allllll night long!

  45. Kate

    Mmm, I do believe that he is the sex.

    I’ll have a serving of that, please. Or maybe more than just one…

  46. D'oh Eyes

    Mmmmmmmmm Mattheewwwwww

  47. sumnersgal

    I wouldn’t marry him….but I sure would fuck the shit out of him!!!!!

  48. I wish I had a lot of money and time to surf.

  49. metaphor

    I don’t think that really is Mathew McConaughy. Looks more like Ed Burns to me.

  50. SuperChic

    My fake interview with Matt:

    Me: Hey Matt you look good in those rockin clown shorts, what inspired you to wear that on a day like this?
    Matt: Oh Superchic, can’t you tell how hotttt I am, look at me. I needed to add some color down there, take attention off my super hott chest for a bit, you know… how it is.
    Me: Actually, I really don’t know, but can you tell me what is the smirk for?
    Matt: Well, Superchic, I gotta tell you, swimming with dolphins, hanging ten on my board makes me feel sooo super hootttt, can you feel my hottness? BTW, those dolphins love me.
    Me: Actually… you are wierding me out, all you keep saying is look how hottt you are, is that all you can say?
    Matt: Heck no Superchic, I can say I’m smokin hotttt with that smokin’ hottt bod, that’s it. And when Penelope and I broke up, I had this like total awakening, you know, after all our hottt sex and everything… I was like damn I’m a super hottty, and I need the whole world to know it.
    Me: OK Matt, OK, so enough of your hotty stories. You are boring me. Can you comment on the rumors you are losing your hair?
    Matt: Acutally it depends where? My crotch, I got plenty of hair and working on a transplant. In a couple months you will not see anymore receding hairline when my hair is wet like this hottt picture. Btw, the doo-rag that works great. I put a doo-rag on at night with some super gro receding hairline gel, and you know throw in a little ocean salt water, it’s growing back like never before.
    Me: Ok, well then, who knew??

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