Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves have a baby boy

July 8th, 2008 // 18 Comments

Matthew McConaughey became the father of a baby boy last night after his girlfriend model Camila Alves gave birth. At the time of this post, no name was given yet for Tarzan Jr. who weighed in at 7 lb., 4 oz. but a statement was given to OK! Magazine by Matthew himself:

“A healthy baby boy was born,” Matthew tells OK! in an exclusive statement. “Camila and I were side by side the entire time. We are both tired and elated, and are so happy to have created the greatest miracle in the world — Having a child and making a family. Now comes the greatest adventure — raising one, together.”

He then added: “Also I totally downed a bunch of shrooms earlier, so this whole thing has tripped my shit. There was a baby coming out of a solar system that made me think I should buy a moped. But that’s neither here nor there, broseph, because me and this tiny bald dude are going surfing then downing brewskis! HYEAAAAAAAH! GET SOME!” That child will dominate the world – at beer pong.

Congrats to Camila, Matt, and Future Naked Bongo Player.

Photos: Flynet

  1. pointandlaugh

    woooo first!!!

  2. britney's weave

    name, please.

  3. p-rock

    Fish, that little imaginary monologue made my morning.

  4. ph7

    Hate to be a party pooper, but let’s agree in advance:

    Matthew will probably be the worst dad ever.

  5. ok… enough of them. Get back to chicks in bikinis please.

  6. McConaughey's Bongos

    I heard the baby was born with a six pack and receding hairline.

  7. Pussy Galore

    You are absolutely hilarious!!!
    P.G. the gaping maw

  8. News flash – first picture ever taken of McConaughey with his shirt on. Finally! Thank you paparrazi!

    Oh, #1 – you are a douche. We are all “pointing and laughing” at you.

    #5 – that was classic!

  9. celebs love me

    No pictures of Nicole Kidman and her baby?

  10. Angry Beaver

    This kid will be genetically perfect and a total pussy-hound. Five bucks says he nails one of the delivery room nurses before he leaves the hospital with his parents.

  11. Dr

    King LeDouche has himself a prince.

    JKL Douche Roddington. JKL.

  12. britney's weave

    fyi, the kid’s name is levi. somewhat normal. i was expecting beach, lake, stream, or granola or something.

  13. Ted from LA

    Levi is now considered somewhat normal? I can see naming a pair of pants that, but a kid? As it stands, his dad sounds like he dropped out of school in the 6th grade. Go back to school Matty.

  14. toolboy

    The little he man’s full name is Levi Zulu Tango Niner McConaughey. It came to Matt while he was smoking the spice of life on a plane. He always liked the word niner, just couldn’t find a way to work it into daily conversations..

  15. z

    What’s so miraculous about a man squirting his penis in a vagina and the woman having a baby?

  16. She looks like someone took Kim Kardashian and reversed her pelvis.


  17. She looks like someone took Kim Kardashian and reversed her pelvis.


  18. normal human

    Wats wrong wit u ppl….get a life……..go out there n do something good….save the world from the horrifying terrorist attack or something….its not healthy to bitch bout some1 like tis…..wat goes around comes back around….

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