Matthew McConaughey assaults the paparazzi

July 24th, 2006 // 56 Comments

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I’d be pretty angry too if somebody photographed me pretending to be Superman on the beach. Although that’s usually the kind of thing you do at home in your underwear so it’s not surprising somebody felt compelled to capture it on film. And judging by the guy’s lens attachment he probably could’ve gotten the same shots from like two miles away. Or Canada.

Check out after the jump for all the pics featuring Matthew McConaughey exercising on the beach and then getting closer and closer to a photog before grabbing him by the arm and pushing him.


  1. I’m not quite sure if he’s trying to slide around on his stomach or not, but I would now like to try it myself.

  2. jane's eyre

    Dang, that’s the photographer I paid to take pictures of him. I guess this means I won’t be getting them.

  3. pinky_nip

    I’ve never wanted to be sand so bad in my life.

  4. It’s a fairly sad indicator of his popularity when Matt’s shirtless trip to the beach warrants only one paparazzo, and Lindsay Lohan has 30 guys with cameras following her to Starbucks.

    Sorry, Matt. Maybe you should get arrested again.

  5. nc72

    If you don’t want photos taken of you looking like a dweeb on the beach then go work out at home geez.

  6. Proteon

    McConaughey 1
    Paparazi 0

    Wait – why do I think the douchbag is Mr. 17 Online himself?

  7. Pearly

    This asshat jogs and works out on the beach pretty much daily with nothing but shorts on…and he expects no one to take pictures? Fuck that gay hippie. Actually, don’t..who knows what he’s got.

  8. Getitstraight

    Since when can someone getted kicked off a beach? I thought beaches were public property. Mathew M. is dirty and a drunk.

  9. jemsinamood

    He’s completely spankworthy.

  10. roflynsolo

    Imagine being a celebrity and going to a public beach and having some a-hole actually trying to take your picture to sell to the tabloids, the world has gone crazy.

  11. Toonlite

    ELEVEN…….with a manicure

  12. Toonlite

    …okay I had nothing to say….cos…the pictures pretty well speak for themselves…

  13. PaisleyMoon

    McConaughey makes me vomit. He’s a skanky weird looking gay mole creature.

  14. BarbadoSlim

    The guy smokes weed and plays bongos in his underwear, he gets a free pass to shove that telescope of a lense up that photog’s gaping shithole.


  15. RichPort

    Maybe he was drunk… he looks like he’s waiting for his chute to open. And Bruce Willis would have a least broken that guy’s tooth, I mean come on!

  16. Jacq

    Assault?! With those little T-Rex arms? Look at how he holds them back and to his side and everything! The first picture after the jump screams dinosaur to me, the sunglasses don’t help.

    In related news:
    Matthew McConaughey falls on beach, makes love to paparazzo, gets stoned
    The End.

  17. Fugurself

    Matthew McConaughey wanted to kill the guy not for taking pictures but for the
    stench coming from the guy…..

    Conversation between Paparazzi(P) and Matthew McConaughey (MM):

    P: The sky is definitely blue today…can I ask you a quick question?
    MM: OK, what is it?
    P: Do farts have lumps?
    MM: Well, no they don’t
    P: Then I definitely shit in my pants
    MM: Get off my face before I kill U

  18. Jacq

    See how he spins the photog around? Assume the position! Assume the position!

  19. jemsinamood

    @18 Hysterical!

  20. Major Trauma

    Is that his dog?


  21. Giggles

    #4 — Glossed Over — there are at least 2 stalkerazzi following Matt on the beach here. Who do you think took the pics?

  22. When you work out, whether you’re a skanky hollywood star, a goofy superman wannabe, or a regular slug like you and me, you don’t want a billion people watching you. That’s what a guy with a camera is, a billion people. I woulda shoved him too. Hard. And in the throat.

  23. RichPort

    Does that bandana make him a blood or a crip?

  24. YouWannaBMe

    Mmmm Mmmm Good! Matt can exercise for me anytime! Hotness that he is…

    Photographer Guy must have been gay to risk his ass for pics of Matt getting sweaty. Probably why he got pushed…

    Special Thank You to Gay Photographer Guy for giving me material to think of while using my DongMaster 3000 later! :)

  25. Matthew, you are not that cool. Most of us do not care about seeing you jogging shirtless on a beach. I know I don’t!

  26. PapaHotNuts

    I don’t break dance often, but if I’m gonna bust out the centipede, I’m gonna do it on the beach. (Check out the first pic) And check out the ass on the chick to the left. I think she’s fingering herself, and I like it.

  27. twzzlrgirl

    In picture #5, I thought the photographer was a woman, what with those capri pants and wide-brimmed hat. I think Matthew is trying to give him a massage in that last pic — gay love on the beach!

  28. He clearly forgot to take his Slip’n'slide to the beach, a mistake that cost him dearly (as evidenced by the first pic).

  29. No, no, he isn’t pretending to be superman on the beach, he has just used his Beadazzle Anal Toy all wrong-

  30. Sheva

    Why is he trying to force anal on the guy?

  31. BarbadoSlim

    @24…Crip, definitely, heard he used to roll with G-Dawg outta Fulton Street down by the pier. Ran butter for a while, for Megan Harris.

  32. Jedi Kevin

    Uh, this is fake, or staged, or something.

    He’s “attacking” (if you can call it that) the guy who is *not* taking the pictures. There are at least two photographers on the beach: the guy in the pictures and the guy taking the pictures.

    If those photos are chronological, MM jogs past the guy who is actually taking pictures and then runs towards the other guy.

  33. Dear God he is HOT! That photographer doesn’t look all that concerned though.


  34. biatcho

    Why do people care about Wooderson from Dazed & Confused? That is the one & only good movie this queer has ever done and he’s just kind of goofy looking. Who gives a shit – he should behappy anyone wants to still take his pictures.

    And by the way, he’s fucking Lance Armstrong now so he needn’t so damn uptight in the poopshoot.

  35. spatz

    woody harrelson called. he wants his career back. and his weed.

  36. I’m tired of this guy working out in public, in parks or on the beach. You’re a star, get a membership already. Look at me! I’m doing push-ups on the sand! I’m jogging along the shoreline! I use jungle jims to do chin-ups! Please. And is anyone else skeeved over the “queer” friendship he’s struck up with Gyllenhomo and Lance Armstrong? Matt and Jake are supposedly two of the most obviously closeted guys outside of Suri’s “daddy”, and all of a sudden Lance dumps Sheryl Crow and starts hanging with those two dudes? Friggin’ ‘mos.

  37. Italian Stallion

    The third picture down just proves he’s a turd fisherman and probably good at it……….

  38. YoMamma

    THis guy is so…..weird.
    I really dont understand the fuss over him.

  39. ChickenScratch

    What is going on with celebrity’s lashing out lately?

    We’ve been over this, if you are going to be a celebrity, then you have to handle the constant picture taking. You get what you ask for.

    Those of us who aren’t celebrities need to see you acting out, getting wasted, wearing bikini’s, changing your hair color, walking around barefoot, etc. so we have something to make fun of.

    Celebrity’s are OUR punching bags, *jab* take that fuckers!

  40. Tonight on Fox: “When Celebrities Attack 3″

  41. I’m glad he pushed him. Or punched him. Or ate him. Whatever he did. I didn’t quite read the whole story because I was too busy drooling and trying to keep my mouth closed and wanting to be that sand that’s on his back and……….

  42. Andrea

    Ummm….YUM! He’s hot, I don’t care what the hell he was doing. He could have been giving himself the rusty trombone for all I care, he’s still f’ing hot.

  43. Brak

    Poorman’s Owen Wilson.

  44. shankyouverymuch

    McConaughey is BUFF… I want to lick his Arnie-like pec’s… I want to see McConaughey kick all scum-fuck paparazzi’s asses… I want Lindsey Hohan to service me daily… I want to be Superman…

    If fishes were wishes, we’d all have a fry…

    … and I

  45. shankyouverymuch

    … Oh yeah, and I also want to be McCONAUGHEY …

  46. Grobpilot

    Pic #4: Guess who the submissive is? Fido is gonna have his way with him.

  47. gossipmonger

    In the first pic, he’s doing a skydiving arch. That is pretty picture-perfect of an arch, actually. He’s done skydiving in the past, so he’s either practicing for a movie or just refreshing for a personal jump…

  48. outoftown

    that’s a workout move. it makes for killer abs. especially if you wiggle your arms and legs around.

  49. mela

    The first thing that ran through my mind when I saw the first pic of him was, ‘Why is he doing the worm on the beach?’

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