Matthew McConaughey apparently has henchmen now

Matthew McConaughey appears to have won the hearts of surfers at Santa Monica beach. He was out Saturday enjoying the waves which caught the attention of the paparazzi. This didn’t sit too kindly with the surfers who decided to issue such awesomely cliche threats as “We’ll draw a line in the beach, and we’ll fight for the beach. If you guys win, you can have the beach.” How in the hell everyone didn’t start break dancing after a comment like that will leave me sleepless for nights to come. The LA Times reports:

“They formed a semicircle in front of his camera and they said they didn’t want him to film,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore. “They got into an argument, and he indicated that he received injuries. . . . [They] took the video camera and threw it in the water.”

After his goons were done working over the paps, Matthew McConaughey put on a top hat and monocle and laughed: “WAH wah wah wah wah wah! Caped Crusader!” That’s when they knew he ate all the shrooms. Who keeps inviting this guy?

Photos: Splash News