Matthew McConaughey apparently has henchmen now

June 22nd, 2008 // 51 Comments

Matthew McConaughey appears to have won the hearts of surfers at Santa Monica beach. He was out Saturday enjoying the waves which caught the attention of the paparazzi. This didn’t sit too kindly with the surfers who decided to issue such awesomely cliche threats as “We’ll draw a line in the beach, and we’ll fight for the beach. If you guys win, you can have the beach.” How in the hell everyone didn’t start break dancing after a comment like that will leave me sleepless for nights to come. The LA Times reports:

“They formed a semicircle in front of his camera and they said they didn’t want him to film,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore. “They got into an argument, and he indicated that he received injuries. . . . [They] took the video camera and threw it in the water.”

After his goons were done working over the paps, Matthew McConaughey put on a top hat and monocle and laughed: “WAH wah wah wah wah wah! Caped Crusader!” That’s when they knew he ate all the shrooms. Who keeps inviting this guy?

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7

    Hot young chicks in semi-dressed condition only, please.

  2. do not like this guy

  3. Mine

    How in the hell everyone didn’t start break dancing after comment a like that will leave me sleepless for nights to come. <—- HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob

    What were white people doing on the beach in California?

    Oh I know, you didn’t really mean henchmen as in a bunch of blond surfer dudes, you meant henchhomies! Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.

    Well who would have thought?! Matt’s in tight with the BeachBloods and BeachCrips! Or is it the BeachMS-13? I can never remember . . .

  5. George Michael

    Matt’s a great actor, but he comes too fast.

  6. Peter

    Yay! Throwing shit like cams in the ocean ROCKS!! Next time throw in the pap too…

  7. Onyx Blackman

    Fuck McConaughey. Get working on your George Carlin tribute.

  8. Lipper

    ..don’t talk Matt, just keep your shirt off and all is good. Real good.

  9. Sean

    Do the paps really think the public is going to see them in a sympathetic light?

  10. not so cool…..

  11. wet newspaper

    I’d hit it.

  12. Megan

    Totally agree with number 7.

  13. havoc


    They should have drowned the SOB and sold his camera for more beer and pot.


  14. I guess you could call that surfing.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    Brah, did his surfer dudes go on to don masks and rob a bank??

    @7 Here here!!

  16. There are too many evil Photoshop things that can be done to that last picture.

    I agree with #7 – RIP George Carlin

  17. Jasers

    LOL…My boyfriend has those exact board shorts.
    Matt looks better in them.

  18. Que

    Que yougogirl!

  19. Deacon Jones

    Good, they shouldve gone Brody style on their ass and busted a couple boards over their heads.

    Fish, thanks for the Shauna Sands pics! She fucker up her lips, but man is she a MILF

  20. OC Dee

    I enjoyed looking at all the hot and sexy pictures of Matthew. Please continue to post hot and sexy dudes. Thank-you.

  21. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    This tool surfs like my Grandma.

  22. Wendy


    Matthew just started learning how to surf last summer TMZ showed a lot of pictures and videos of Matthew last summer at the beach learning how to surf. He looks totally hot surfing and he has a smoking body and a handsome face.

  23. Em

    @7 – That’s what I’m saying! Sheesh. No respect, I tell ya.

  24. Starby

    Good! Paps are a bit like roaches: they crawl all over where you don’t want them, they’re persistant, no matter what defense you use, they always come back . . .

    They need a good stepping on!

  25. qwertygirl

    Cliched, not cliche.

  26. 0bviously

    That ain’t surfin. There’s no waves – It’s skim-boarding at best !!

  27. Drunkman

    He and Lance Armstrong should compare notes to see who’s pummeled the most chicks recently.

  28. lil Dume


  29. fax

    BUTHIS FACE! bye

  30. boo

    Question- How do the paps know where these various celebrities are going to be? I had always assumed that the celebs notified them so that they could keep their faces in the news. But then the celebs bitch about having no privacy and the paps are the bad guys even though we are the ones who buy the magazines and read the stories about them. So who is really at fault here…the celebs? the paps? US?

  31. Lurch

    STOP!!! I just laughed so hard, my breakfast milk shot back out my nose. That breakdancing comment was too funny and right on point.

  32. A mongol on fucking slipper in action?
    This all on PATHETIC waves of three feet high, TOUGH JOB SISSY!!

  33. *Cue all fat women and gay men to defend Matt, again.*

  34. More posts of Paps getting abused please!

  35. Cowgirl

    I would bang Matthew’s fine body until the cows come home.

  36. hendero

    Yeah, but later the paparazzi sent the Cobra Kai gang to totally whale on the surfers.

  37. caljenna

    How many surfboards does he need, fer chrissake?

  38. caljenna66

    However, I forgive him. That man is FINE!!!

  39. Please. Any real surfer knows what a kook Matthew McConaughey is. My five year old daughter surfs better then he does. They were probably actors pretending to be surfers. Fucking Hollywood…

  40. Oh, and I like how he got caught with a boogie board and then went back to grab a surfboard to pose with…

  41. sharpeidude

    Drop-kicking cameras in the surf……AWESOME! Pap’s need to stay the fuck away from the breaks and stay inland where they belong. MY BEACH, GO HOME BITCHES!

  42. Alex

    F-ck the paparazzi, they’re nothing but scum. Anyone who makes a living photographing and shooting video of people out in public trying to do their own thing is f-cking trash. It’s too bad the surfers didn’t kick their a$$e$ harder. Paparazzi scum.

  43. free lily

    they should have thrown the cameraman in the water, not the camera

  44. Buddyguy

    If you surf Santa Monica, you are not a surfer.

  45. Seeing another picture of Mathew M. in swim trunks is about as interesting as … another picture of Mathew M. in swim trunks.

  46. maudina

    Matthew McConaughey got one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Too bad, he doesn’t like using deodorants.

  47. Surf thugz

    Goofy-footer. . nuf sayd

  48. Toby Weymiller

    I would love to play with his man boobs.

  49. kitty

    I believe it was Malibu not Santa Monica

  50. kitty

    I believe it was Malibu not Santa Monica

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