Matthew Fox cheated on this? I don’t believe it.

Matthew Fox has allegedly been cheating on his wife with a stripper from Oregon, according to InTouch:

“I was dancing onstage, and I made eye contact with him immediately. I got so excited,” Stefani tells In Touch. Since she was a big Party of Five fan, she recognized him right away — but she soon found out he was much different from the clean-cut characters he plays. Matthew, Stefani says, started by buying her a drink, then paid for four private dances, each worth $20. “He asked me, ‘Why are you working in a place like this?’ I told him that I am a single mom and needed the money,” Stefani says. “He absolutely did not mention a wife or family, and I don’t remember him wearing a wedding ring.”
Despite the club’s strict rules about dating customers, Stefani left her 5-year-old son with a babysitter and claims she met Matthew later that night at the house he was staying in with his entourage. “We sat around and talked about his show. He complimented me and was saying how down-to-earth I am. He told me he was going to be in town for a couple of days,” she tells In Touch. Pretty soon, things heated up. “He didn’t tell me to keep it a secret or anything. He didn’t even use protection. He didn’t seem concerned at all,” says Stefani.

I love how these mistresses always come forward and act surprised the married man they had sex with didn’t use a condom. IT’S YOUR VAGINA. Clearly some sort of rationalization took place where letting the star of Lost bang you without a rubber outweighed the risk of getting knocked up or an itchy urethra. Otherwise, surprise, you got smoke monstered! (Or raped, whatever you want to call it.)

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