Matthew Fox Suing Woman He Allegedly Punched In The Vagina

November 7th, 2011 // 31 Comments
Matthew Fox

“Alright, Island, I punched all those baby-makers like you said. Now gimme one of those kid-brides Horace got.”

Back in August, an epically shit-hammered Matthew Fox allegedly tried to crash a party bus only to find himself stuck in one of those classic jams where an uppercut to the ham wallet is the only way out. Except now he’s claiming his victim made the whole thing up, and it’s cost him acting work. TMZ reports:

Fox alleges in his countersuit … she’s just lying, and in reality he didn’t provoke her but she’s the one who physically attacked him.
Fox claims he’s lost work because TMZ and other media outlets have reported her lawsuit, and she has subjected him to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.”

In Matthew Fox’s defense, he’s now in the same boat as Michael “Hoof-In-Labia” Lohan, and that’s the kind of stink you can’t wash off. God knows Mike’s tried. You just end up running around trying to kick that one magical vagina with a genie in it so you can wish everything away, but he never shows up. He never shows up…

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  1. Cher X

    So…..suing someone HE punched in the boobs and va-jay-jay WILL help him get work?

    What a douche.

    • And there you have it “What a douche”. Don’t these women realize that all these Vagina punchers think they are actually helping out…since they are douches.

      • Schmidtler

        hey now, just because Michael Lohan punches vaginas and is a douche, you lump all vagina punchers in with him as douches too? your bigoted attitudes towards vagina punchers is just ignorant. Gandhi punched vaginas all the time, so did Einstein, JFK and MLK. maybe you’re just jealous nobody has ever punched you in the vagina?

  2. it had to be said

    The question is, did the police do a swab on his fist afterward? If it didn’t smell like trout, he ain’t gonna pay out.

  3. sid

    idiot actor

  4. Dan

    Eh, this sounds totally silly. This guy isn’t getting work because he punched a woman. He isn’t getting acting work because he isn’t that good of an actor and Lost’s ending sucked and we all stopped watching him.

    He should sue the Lost writers.

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Count me in as one of the plaintiffs.
      The worst part was that the show really did start out as one of the greatest showson tv. Then they started all that time-jumping shit and it was all over for me.

  5. Man, if I had a dime for every time I’ve punched a bus driver in the cunt…

  6. Richard McBeef

    Vaginas are known for their ability to take a pounding, so what’s up with all the negative stuff about punching and kicking them?

  7. Pippy Longcockings

    Matthew Fox from Lost? You know what’s interesting about him? Nothing!

  8. Pippy Longcockings

    Would you tell him he’s an asshole for me?

  9. Kaykay

    I still love you JACK!!!!!!

  10. Coca-cola pube

    Fox v. Beaver will undoubtably be a landmark legal decision.

  11. Frank Burns

    Can’t wait for the Matt “Clam Puncher” Fox versus Michael “Kooch Kicker” Lohan celebrity boxing match. They will probably both punk out without a single punch thrown, since they only know how to attack women.

    • it had to be said

      The key is to put lipstick on each mouth and make them grow goatees . . . That would turn into “smash mouth” boxing.

  12. SisterRay

    Ah, Matthew Fox acting like a dick and Josh Holloway being hot. I miss Lost…

  13. Roughing my way the top

    Were there any witnesses? How is he going to prove he did not upper the bus driver in the stink box? And why do I find this more exciting than the MJ verdict?

    • Roughing my way the top

      Great! Now only guys like Bert Sugar’ going to understand what I wrote. Perhaps the suer will understand and Milo of course but in fairness just because you play soccer is no indication you’ll be good at basketball or boxing for that matter.

  14. Broop

    I thought he wasn’t working because Matt Damon got all of the roles he went for? Just STFU Jack, you have a job protecting the island. Anyway *squeeeeeal* SAWYER! Where’ve you been in my life since 2010?

    • Cavalier

      Hopefully taking acting classes. Jacob knows that every time he so much tried to emote anything about Smarmy, he ended up looking in dire need of a colon cleanse. At least he wasn’t as bad as that Evangeline chick. But then again, nobody is.

      As for this guy, he was epically shitfaced, yes, but as several of the party bus gang eventually fessed up to the cops, he just wanted a ride home and ended up with 18 drunk guys and a 300 lbs. driver punching him in the face. She’s also known for piling on a few shots before a night behind the wheel, which I guess is not a big deal given her regular passengers. It wasn’t exactly shocking for anyone in the Flats that night that no charges were pressed against Fox since he was the one who got his ass battered.

  15. forrest gump

    he thought a boy was born with a vagina too?
    well, he uses his anus for those things.

  16. SpaceGeneral

    “We need to go back!”

  17. Holland

    Sawyer *sigh*

    They need to write him into True Blood, so he can be hot alongside Skarsgard. He has enough experience being pretty&shirtless

  18. Jinxy

    Obvs Fox is a retard, but did his PR agency and his manager really think suing the victim of Fox’s violent rage at not being allowed on a “Party Bus” and viciously Lohan like doing a full on pussy assault was going to make him remotely viable as an actor again?

    I think not sirs, the mad pussy pummeler has been voted off the Hollywood island. No work for you Fox, suing your victim or not you will remain a casting joke.

  19. Leila

    Since I am an attorney, I have to step and say that this counter-suit is SOLEY to keep other bottom-feeders from creating trumped up charges to try and get a quick settlement out of a deep pocket. Niether Fox nor his lawyers are actually thinking they are going to get a dime out of a party bus driver. Remember, this is a COUNTER suit. He is just hitting BACK [figuratively] and it’s purely legal maneuvering to keep other asshats from thinking they can sue and make money and not have to face any repercussions themselves. Remember, he was not arrested or even taken in–the police on scene thought it was bullshit too. And even if it’s his celebrity that got him off, he clearly is not suing for money–it’s to just knee-jerk lawyer bullshit that is necessary. So you all can just shut up now.

    • Schmidtler

      thanks for your legal opinion, counselor. Now, please go give yourself a good swift punch in the cooch.

  20. Ivy Silva

    awww….give him the benefit of the doubt. people sometimes target celebritites in hopes of winning the lottery the lazy way.

  21. Little Big Toad

    He should get the TV show Lost back on TV and get lost himself.

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