Matthew Fox Suing Woman He Allegedly Punched In The Vagina

“Alright, Island, I punched all those baby-makers like you said. Now gimme one of those kid-brides Horace got.”

Back in August, an epically shit-hammered Matthew Fox allegedly tried to crash a party bus only to find himself stuck in one of those classic jams where an uppercut to the ham wallet is the only way out. Except now he’s claiming his victim made the whole thing up, and it’s cost him acting work. TMZ reports:

Fox alleges in his countersuit … she’s just lying, and in reality he didn’t provoke her but she’s the one who physically attacked him.
Fox claims he’s lost work because TMZ and other media outlets have reported her lawsuit, and she has subjected him to “public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame.”

In Matthew Fox’s defense, he’s now in the same boat as Michael “Hoof-In-Labia” Lohan, and that’s the kind of stink you can’t wash off. God knows Mike’s tried. You just end up running around trying to kick that one magical vagina with a genie in it so you can wish everything away, but he never shows up. He never shows up…

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